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Funny Aguilera Pictures

Power Christina AguileraFunny Power Christina Aguilera
Member reactions:

Love the composition and the motion effect. Makes you feel how she's juggling this car with her legs

Christina Aguilera with Nose EyesFunny Christina Aguilera with Nose Eyes
Member reactions:

Christina Aguilera Manga InvertedFunny Christina Aguilera Manga Inverted
Member reactions:

Aging Christina AguileraFunny Aging Christina Aguilera
Member reactions:

Somewhat blurry at the nose parts, but overall very decent work.

Christina Aguilera + Paris HiltonFunny Christina Aguilera + Paris Hilton
Member reactions:

Quality blending and excellent choice of "victims".

Christina AguileraFunny Christina Aguilera
Member reactions:

i hope you like it -->original
Christ,Tina...what have you DONE to yourself..
That's what happens when you spend too much time in that bottle.

Christina Aguilera anorexiaFunny Christina Aguilera anorexia
Member reactions:

I bet this "genie" could actually fit into a bottle now
This Genie wouldn't even touch the sides of the bottle

AguileraFunny Aguilera
Member reactions:

ONE HOT CHICK. Please View Full.
Nice blending of the real picture with your additions. Well done.

Christina Aguilera Vampire MakeupFunny Christina Aguilera Vampire Makeup
Member reactions:

Christina Aguilera in her vampire makeup
Great work. I'm sleeping with my crucifix and garlic tonight.
I agree with Valefar, the blood looks great.
Beautiful first entry. I look forward to seeing more of your work... Your blood is incredible.

Christina Aguilera BotFunny Christina Aguilera Bot
Member reactions:

You'd better not lick, she can be a real shocker, if not unplugged
its so sexy....but she is shocking.....can any body help to unplug her....cooool entry....
thanks guys. just new here and feeling my way around.

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