Angelina  Jolie Secret Agent
Angelina  Jolie Secret Agent
Angelina Jolie Secret Agent. Strange one even to me
Member reactions:
Caricatures were often seen with Rugged skin... But this one is exceptional... So smooth as silk... beauty at its best
I am ready to be shot and even love your face with no eye
Awesome. Just Phenomenon work done Masters job can be seen here Best of luck
Thanks. It is hard to make her look bad. Perfectum is the filter I amped up to get the soft tone on her face and hands.
Whod a thunk, Huh. First time trifecta. It ain't a real one unless you grab first though but I can live with it hahahah
Great style Hitspinner, I love your imagination congrats for the cups
Silver congrats Hitman. I see your skills did not get rusty during your absence.

Funny Agent 008 at Work

Agent 008 at Work
Member reactions:
Is she James Bond Girl .... great lighting flashes all over
Nice Selection of the character she quite suits to the title
Thank you again matey's...much appreciation...

Funny Secret Agent Mr Bean

Secret Agent Mr Bean
Member reactions:
Hummm, an other style ... Very good one Miss Sunshin .
Congratulations on the wood . . . nice work.
Boulpix, Pcr, Ivan, DD, Geri, Qtrmoonshop thanks a lot.

Funny Clay Aiken, T.S.A. Agent

Clay Aiken, T.S.A. Agent
Congressman Barney Frank prepares to go through airport screening.
Member reactions:
OMG he got it all there o_0 Excellently chopped.
Man, what an ARSEnal of screening tools. Excellent chopping.
Thanks, Newsy. "ARSEnal" Bwahahahah. Glad you liked it.
Congrats on the silver.. Great chop, everything is blended perfect
cool work and congrats on the silver mate
Silver congrats, pcrdds. P.S. Now I made you laugh for once
Thanks, RW, salis, Newsy, Kratos and Sunshin3.
Excellent as usual,Congrads on another trophy

Funny KGB Agent 0047

KGB Agent 0047
Member reactions:
that was great work GRm keep up top works
From Russia with ratatata. Excellent chop from Gar.

Funny Barcode Agent

Barcode Agent
The SOURCES Please view FULL SIZE Thank you.
Member reactions:
C001 but n0t th3 b37t.

Funny Russian Agents

Russian Agents
This is unfinished but will submit it anyway to make the deadline.
Member reactions:
You have some courtesy time to edit after you submit I noticed. I agree with Newsy, clever idea

Funny Oliver Twist Agent for American Express Wanting More Money

Oliver Twist Agent for American Express Wanting More Money
"Please, sir, may I have some more."

Funny Ice Agent 007

Ice Agent 007

Funny Flamingo FBI Agent Captures George Bush

Flamingo FBI Agent Captures George Bush
Flamingo Bureau of Incarceration
Member reactions:
Don't I wish. What's that right above his foot.

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