Age is not a hindrance
Age is not a hindrance
Age is not a hindrance . Member reactions:
both have some game to play after retirement

Funny The Day After Tomorrow Ice Age

The Day After Tomorrow Ice Age

Funny Monet Painting in the Nuclear Age

Monet Painting in the Nuclear Age

Funny Chris Christie and Barack Obama in the Dark Ages

Chris Christie and Barack Obama in the Dark Ages
Member reactions:
Who knows, maybe this relationship will work
Crankin' them out for this contest-eh. Another fine chop.

Funny William & Kate in Their Old Age

William & Kate in Their Old Age
Member reactions:
A great chop Kadath, and i think if you would have added a background you could have easily placed

Funny Stone Age Apple Computer

Stone Age Apple Computer
Stone Age Machine done all with paint brushes, hope it came out okay..
Member reactions:
Nice expressions on the Stone Age man... This device still a new modern gadget for him confused to operate
This is full of mystery to him, Might be he forgot the password
I reckon excellent, painting aint that easy, u did well

Funny Nemo 2013 Ice Age

Nemo 2013 Ice Age
Out of a blizzard came a city ready to embrace the new ice age.

Funny Space Age Fish

Space Age Fish
Member reactions:
Most excellent. Would make a gr8 wallpaper.
Congrats on the Wood drlowry ... Nice work.
Thank you very much. I enjoyed doing this one.

Funny Michelle Obama aged

Michelle Obama aged
A look into the future
Member reactions:
Incredible chop, like the way her hands and face were wrinkled great job done in making her look so old

Funny Tom Cruise in Rock of Ages Caricature

Tom Cruise in Rock of Ages Caricature
Tom Cruise new movie
Member reactions:
Great action pose and that hair movement is excellent.
It's not even his hair, I didn't like his, so I patched in new hair.
Excellent done, well caricatured amazing look given to the whole body

Funny Partial Aging

Partial Aging
Scientists discovered why some aging brains stay sharp. When aging process naturally worsens the memory, brains concentrate more, which provides daily brain exercise necessary to keep it sharp. The study finds that people with poor memory in their older years are normally sharper than their peers. Keeping brain young slows the aging process for a whole body and helps to stay young. Brain is divided into two hemispheres - right and left. Most people have one brain hemisphere more active and dominating the other one. Depending on which brain side is dominant, determines many character traits - e.g. almost all "right-brainers" are left handed. In the light of the above study, exercising brains helps to slow aging, but most people have one brain hemisphere dominant over the other. Can we thus expect that aging process may go unevenly in right and left parts of one's body? Take the same celebrity (or politician, or otherwise a famous character - from history, movie, paintings, etc.) and VERTICALLY merge left and right parts of the face THE SAME PERSON at different ages - old and young. A good example would be merging right half of Al Pacino's face when he was young (or even a kid) with left half of his current face, or even with his old face in the future. You are welcome to choose either the real photos from younger and older years of your celebrity (then vertically merge the face halves), OR use one face (photo) and make one (vertical) half older or younger. This contest is a spin-off of our popular Partial Face Transplants contest, which has been published in many magazines including People, Daily Mail, etc.

Funny Aging Celebrities

Aging Celebrities
It's time to age celebrities or politicians from around the world and show them as old people. What will the famous people we know today look like in their old age, for example Meg Ryan.

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