Late Again
Late Again
Late Again.

Funny Yeah, it's me again

Yeah, it's me again

Funny Slick Willie to Strike Again in 2015!

Slick Willie to Strike Again in 2015!
Some things, and some people, never change. Slick Willie goes to any length to share his time, efforts and appetites.
Member reactions:
What is her problem, I too will join soon
Where is the problem, melt some viagra pills in the water and Bill .....or anyone else.....
And congrats on the top 5. Bill is always fun to chop

Funny Home Alone Again

Home Alone Again
Member reactions:
Great except for the text work which isn't up to the rest of the image for me. But otherwise great.
Another sad Xmas.
Top 5 congrats. I thought it might be a winner but this contest had a lot of surprises.
Congrats on top 5, Marian. Excellent job, but why it looks like summer outside (the green tree without snow)

Funny The Ibis Strikes Again

The Ibis Strikes Again
Member reactions:
he used to be in white house instead of white snow

Funny Joey Biden Rides Again

Joey Biden Rides Again
Member reactions:
Great Thanksgiving humor. Thanks for the laughs.


Member reactions:
Like the scary water rush on the streets good one
Great idea. I looks like the ocean is rushing in.
Truly one of the best. Added to my faves.

Funny Romney Might Run For President Again

Romney Might Run For President Again
Mitt is thinking about running for president once again
Member reactions:
Clean as a whistle. I see Hillary is playing some Easter bunny.
I think he should run as VP with Rand if he still wants in. Wood congrats
Woody Congrats nice touch with bucktoothed Hillary and her hat made out of sod.

Funny Friends Once Again

Friends Once Again
At one time, Joan was banned from the "Tonight Show" because she started her own competing late night show.
Member reactions:
Great idea and flawless execution. Outstanding tribute
Nice looking chop, very well crafted. Congrats on the cup, Doc
You made her a caricature and she still looks pretty... Great job Pcrdds..
Good work. Only Carson banned Joan because Joan got higher ratings than he did on his own show. He used her getting a show on Fox as an excuse, when in fact the Tonight Show was not renewing her contract. Details. I loved her, feel the need to defend her I doubt they'd be friends. As one writer said "she's probably chasing him with a baseball bat in Heaven." CONGRATS on the silver.
Thanks, Andrew, Bob, it's420, G-Man, Billy Mac, Dutch and Icy.

Funny Together And Young Again

Together And Young Again
Robin Williams adored Jonathan Winters and said many times that Winters was his mentor. They spent a lot of time together. Both excelled at both Comedy and Drama.
Member reactions:
They were both living caricatures, pacovilla...constantly stretching and contorting their faces as they performed. Hence, I felt it was important to caricature them.
Good soul departed
Truly touching, Doc. Those two were peas in a pod. Bronze congrats

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