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Funny Africa Pictures

Obama And Bush Meet In AfricaFunny Obama And Bush Meet In Africa
Member reactions:
Obama and Bush meet up in Tanzania
Great funny caricature done lovely meeting expressions
BingoFreaking idea Very well executed. Like it
Gold congrats, Doc. It is interesting to compare the two styles when they are next to each other
Congratulations Dr. 'C'. Mucho chuckles and artistic appreciation for your works.
Belated congratulations, pcrdds. I was out for two days.

Trip to South Africa Funny Trip to South Africa
Member reactions:

Congrats on the wood, HoHouse. Great show of photoshop skills here.

Member reactions:

* THK dear friend and CONGRATS'S for your double, triplex last awards...all the best...^v^
Congrats once again on the triple, tho you really did not need to cast such low votes for the others chops, they did not deserve that. Plus you hv no karma to speak of at all, so not like it affected the vote, just makes u look lame. I do like pretty much all of your wk awesome just not your voting style.

Once Upon A Time In AfricaFunny Once Upon A Time In Africa
Member reactions:

Use to be the movie"Once Upon A Time In America" with Robert De Niro as a gangster.
Great Chop Man.... like the story board and the Dogs really look like Hyenas
I thought they were too but, they're wild African dogs.
Super job, the wild dog looks bad to the bone
I wonder if they really get eaten. If so I hope the people eat old ones and get poisoned by Vitamin A.

Milla Jovovich In AfricaFunny Milla Jovovich In Africa
Member reactions:

based upon this source
... awesome pic mate...
Deeply-rooted in originality and subtlety; Good luck.
Congrats on Da gold Jeremix.. great chop
A true freaking work of art here. Created with so many sources to bri8ng them into such harmony - the whole thing feels like it belongs together. very creative.
Jere is very pleased. Getting back into the game should always start off like this. Luckely i had a lot of already cut out pictures still laying around that i could use, because i started with some six hours till closing..decided not to eat or go to the bathroom to get it done in time...glad it paid off. I did spot a lot of tiny masking issues just now, mainly in the smoke. Maybe one day i'll clean it up a bit more and add some more leafs and stuff. we'll see.
Excellent work and congrats on this amazing piece of work
annnnnnd look who got back on the track .. amazing come back jere, moody and definitely a piece of beauty, congrats on the gold mr. Netherlands
It's not just that the work here was superb, JJJ. It's that you take risks with your work and do things 'different' all of the time. Truly an artist are you.
Thanks alot Doxie. The fires are beginning to get a bit repetitious though, but i just like them too much.
Belated congrats, Jere. You da man. Glad you see you again, Flying Dutchman.

Africa Stories in a HouseFunny Africa Stories in a House
Member reactions:

What a charming composition. a real eye-candy.
Congrats on the win, rober. and welcome to Freaking News.

The Face of AfricaFunny The Face of Africa
Member reactions:

Each day 1,4 million Africans are AIDS/HIV-infected. Each year 34 million die (many children). Benedict XVI: ' distributing condoms is not the solution'. Here: AIDS virus & UnAids LOGO condom. Rest is sadly eloquent...
Disturbing but an effective social statement.
Where do your numbers come from. Difficult to believe. (Each day 1,4 million Africans are AIDS/HIV-infected. Each year 34 million die (many children). That would be 1.4 million x 365 times how ever many years. Are there enough un-infected people left to infect 1.4 million a day.

Will You Marry Me? AfricaFunny Will You Marry Me? Africa
Member reactions:

Germans, Aged 5 and 7, Try to Elope for Africa Wedding
Great blending. But what's the bright spot on the guy's hair.

Travel AfricaFunny Travel Africa
Member reactions:

I love the grainy effect and color. Nice job.

Meanwhile, back in AfricaFunny Meanwhile, back in Africa
Member reactions:

While visiting his relatives in Kenia, Barack could not resist visiting his favourite site.
the T-shirt. He's secretly registered under username "pegleg".

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