Ben Affleck the New Batman
Ben Affleck the New Batman
Ben Affleck the New Batman. Will Ben Afleck make it work.
Member reactions:
Holy Crapfleck Batman. It works Hidden, Fantastic.
i think you should get rid of the wire. otherwise a great freaking chop.
Huh. But the tangled wire is the silliest part of the gag. Thanks Jeremix TY and Uncle Champ and Disasterman
Great . If his face was red could be one of the Incredibles.
Love the chop, but I would keep the original Afleck's hairstyle, though he is still recognizable.
Congratulations on the gold Hit-man. I really like everything about it. Well except the fact it finished one spot ahead of mine...grrrrr
Thank you guys. Imagine my surprise when the 2 hour chop whooped my 8 hour chop Hahahah. Skull lady was the superchop.... I am cracking up. I have no clue other than humor goes a long way. Bob,SplatShot, NM, Jere, Eric, Luciano, Balodiya and Sulli, thanks for the votes and comments. I'll try to do more "Funny" for you guys
Congratulations. This was worth a '10' from me. Here's yer' Buddy's playmate:
Hahahaha Pat, "Hey Mathew, how you loose that eye." "Ahhh, it was a pesky flying monkey. How come you have an ice-pack on your junk." "Same thing, never even saw it coming." (Thanks for the 10 )
Congratulations on another Gold Hits. And the Hits just keep on coming
Congrats Hits. Really great work and i wish the skull lady could be up here with Ben so they could celebrate together.

Funny Ben Affleck Arrested at Blackjack Table

Ben Affleck Arrested at Blackjack Table
Ben Affleck Reportedly Banned from Blackjack Table at Las Vegas Casino
Member reactions:
Apparently Affleck used money and/or chips on the table to keep track of car counting in the several card decks. Well they banned him for life
Luciano, you are a pro. Hidden cards are funny and 5 aces, yep, that will get you thrown out of any card game

Funny Ben Affleck with Short Legs

Ben Affleck with Short Legs
He only looks taller in the movies.
Member reactions:
His baby seems to grow much taller than him good one

Funny The Evil Werewolf with Ben Affleck

The Evil Werewolf with Ben Affleck
After winning the 2013 Oscars, the stars set out to really make a name for themselves.

Funny George Clooney and Ben Affleck with an Oscar

George Clooney and Ben Affleck with an Oscar
Member reactions:
Thanks, sometimes the simple ones work out. I really didn't have much hope for this one. Further proof there is a god Hahahha
Gold congrats Hitspinner, the gold oscar goes to you

Funny Ben Affleck Oscar

Ben Affleck Oscar
Member reactions:
Great chop... Nice merge with good color balance and wonderful sparkling effects
Amazing color balance and starry look with fancy merge..very interesting chop

Funny Ben Affleck and Andy Dick Get Married

Ben Affleck and Andy Dick Get Married

Funny Matt Damon and Ben Affleck Happy Family

Matt Damon and Ben Affleck Happy Family
Member reactions:
very well done, but i don't like the face of the woman and the face of the baby too
Ahhh hem, you have every right to express your opinion, Bob, but, not to be rude or at least seem as rude as the above comment.... "I don't like" comments aren't constructive at all and since they are generally, technically non-speciffic they do not offer the artist any solution for correction. Maybe I don't like the idea that the hot dog does not have saurkraut on it but I ain't going to say that... err.. maybe I did... well, you get then idea. It's a swell chop, hidden, IMO no need to change anything. Great reality based work.
Well said Hitspinner. And thank you for the positive input.
I Knew it would do well. You're welcome, Matthew. I am sure Bob didn't mean anything. I tend to exercize a bit more tact than some of the other guys so figured I'd jump on the ooopse before anyone else. You don't need WWIII turning up in your comment area It's great to see this place high.
Grats ML. Clean work and well deserved trophy.
agree with Jeremix here.. congrats on the trophy mate
congrats for the trophy , sorry for the comment,but i don't speak english very well, for me it's an amazing pictures, i wanted to say that I do not like the hair on the woman's face
congrats matthewlynn on the bronze...good job and baby matt is so cute.
Thank you everyone, and Bob no worries i appreciate the input.
Pretty cool. Congrats on the bronze, Matt.

Funny Big Ben with Ben Affleck

Big Ben with Ben Affleck
Member reactions:
Great composition and play on words, but the contrast levels seem to be overdone.

Funny Ben Affleck Egghead

Ben Affleck Egghead
Member reactions:
Very nice That egg timer must of been set to a 21 day hatch...
Very good....only one thing. maybe the forehead area could've been blended a bit more...
Congrats Premie He hatched a bronze trophy.
i feel better. i was feeling down,, no time to do what i love to do ty rain
Congrats on the bronze Pree. Maybe I was a little hard on you, I really do like it, and great colors too. I guess the area that stood out to me was near his left temple, ear and eyebrow. No biggy, great chop.
Looks great, a true work of art. Congrads Pre
its ok funk i need to learn,, i think i tend to use techniques like i use my oils,,, it doesn't always work..i respect everyones opinions and input hitss thanks
I'm still learning too Pree. I didn't know you painted . Me too, but I doubt I'll ever pick up the bushes again since I discovered PS. . I've been chopping for almost 2 years now... My best chopping tips have been from Rainman... Drop him a line if you want the same tips he gave me.
im doing it around 2 years too maybe 3 ,, i used to only remove ,my wrinkles,,ol .. now i remove my whole head....
Quality work. Love the cracks and the timer.
ll... I admire your talent for removing wrinkles. However, you don't neeed to, after triplets and living in New York, your entitled to a few.
living in ny ,, dogs and cats ,,living together..
Congrats on bronze this was so nice work

Funny Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck
Looks like Ben Affleck days as a hot Hollywood commodity have come to an end. Create images of how Ben Affleck will make a living now that nobody will want him in the movies.

Funny Ben Affleck Playing Pocker

Ben Affleck Playing Pocker
Ben Affleck emerges as poker king? Photoshop Affleck playing at poker tournament. Showing what really helped him win the event is a plus.

Funny Jennifer Lopez & Ben Affleck

Jennifer Lopez & Ben Affleck
Photoshop the real reason why Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck broke up.

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