Band Advertising
Band Advertising
Band Advertising. Member reactions:
Clever and not very far from the truth... I mean look at the sports players jerseys - it's almost the same thing
Seems like a sign of the times. Well done

Funny Magritte Apple Advertising Mini I-Pad

Magritte Apple Advertising Mini I-Pad
Member reactions:
Hi Admin., this piece is not seen . , it is 335kb, is there problem.
The entry shows up fine, but you don't see it because you have an ad blocking software/plugin installed. The image title contains the word "advertising", thus it's mistakenly filtered as an ad. Turn off the ad-blocking plugin and you will see the image.
I had the same issue so I copied the link to another internet browser
Like the concept of modern apple and ancient apple mix good ad

Funny Alien Advertising Crest Toothpaste

Alien Advertising Crest Toothpaste
What a great ad this would make in a galaxy far far away.
Member reactions:
Great job. I do not want to ever meet such a guy

Funny Advertising T-Mobile To Old Fashioned Woman

Advertising T-Mobile To Old Fashioned Woman
Member reactions:
Excellent use of modern gadgets and putting them together in this chop is really amazing good one...

Funny Conan O'Brien Advertising Alka Seltzer

Conan O'Brien Advertising Alka Seltzer

Funny Camel on a Catwalk Advertising Cigarettes

Camel on a Catwalk Advertising Cigarettes
Member reactions:
She is show stopper... fantastic work on the lips with red lip stick and the smoky surroundings make others fall prey to her...

Funny Kirsten Dunst Street Advertising

Kirsten Dunst Street Advertising
Member reactions:
interesting .... well placement of Kristen all over the city's skyscrapers

Funny Lux Soap Flake Advertising

Lux Soap Flake Advertising
Member reactions:
I remember those Lux ads. Very appropriate and good chopping.
I can see the TV commercial, now, on that old Setchell-Carlson B&W TV.Looks good-good luck.

Funny Bone Alone Book Advertising

Bone Alone Book Advertising
"Bone Alone" is the running joke on Craig's show - it is their name for his book, record, etc etc. Dog's name is Bone (my addition). Geoff's Wikipedia page.

Funny Advertising on a Turtle

Advertising on a Turtle
If turtles ruled..."Buy American" would be the first rule.
Member reactions:
Cool. Even FN is a sponsor

Funny Deceptive Advertising

Deceptive Advertising
The Governor's Office of Consumer Affairs in Georgia is suing one of the biggest local automotive dealers Bill Heard Enterprises Inc. for the deceptive advertising campaign to Georgian residents. Over 10,000 sent ad fliers were designed to look like General Motors recall notices, asking to bring their vehicles to Bill Heard dealership to check whether they qualify for a free service recall. The advertising scheme was designed to get more customers, but was not authorized by General Motors. If the court rules against the automotive dealer, it will have to pay a total fine of $50 million ($5,000 per each of 10,000 violations). Bill Heard companies have been fined for deceptive advertisements twice in the last four years. Design advertising that is deceptive in one way or another. Some examples are: "Beer is Healthy", "We care about food quality. Chinese Food Association." Your advertisement can be in any form - fliers, billboards, posters, magazine ads, etc.

Funny Advertising on Eggs

Advertising on Eggs
Japanese supermarkets started selling eggs with advertisements on egg shells. Apparently, the ads which people hold in their hands before using the product work most effectively. The same marketing geniuses started placing Valentine's Day text adverts on latex of condoms. Unfortunately, in Japan women were able to read only the first letters of the advertisement messages. In this contest you are asked to create any advertisements on eggs by giving eggs paintjobs with ads. Examples can be simple company logos, or the whole graphical and text advertisements on eggs.

Funny Celebrities in Advertising

Celebrities in Advertising
Create advertising with politicians or celebrities which they certainly wouldn't approve of.

Funny Advertising on Body

Advertising on Body
What an idea - advertising on body! Pick celebrities, politicians or any other well-known people and place advertising on their bodies - does not have to be placed on "skin", clothing is acceptable.

Funny Advertising

It's time to turn the experts loose on this sort of advertising. That's right, you are the experts I am talking about. It is your turn to create advertising that promotes a specific industry (such as beef, or orange juice, or any other industry... no specific product or brand names will be accepted such as Pepsi or Coke advertisements). Contest entries can be serious or humor filled images, entirely up to you. Have at it!

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