Conchita Wurst's Liverwurst Advertisement
Conchita Wurst's Liverwurst Advertisement
Conchita Wurst's Liverwurst Advertisement. Member reactions:
Devil is in the details and this one is very cleanly detailed. No pun intended

Funny Degas Coka Cola and Smoke Advertisement

Degas Coka Cola and Smoke Advertisement
Member reactions:
Very well balance in this chop good idea and nice job done to make the look feel real
Love this so much, I looked up the original. Well done ...

Funny Barbie Doll Advertisement

Barbie Doll Advertisement
Member reactions:
I'm guessing probably not who you think...but we'll see.
So clean and smooth, excellent chop... Nice barbie look and good try to place the doll over the Pink Chair. really wonderful job done here
Perfect Excellent job done with the doll and the baby........ Clean and flawless job done
One of the best chops in the contest. I like how you made the chair pretty pink too

Funny Leonardo's iPod Advertisement

Leonardo's iPod Advertisement
Based on Leonardo's Babe in the Womb

Funny Marilyn Monroe Sneaker Advertisement

Marilyn Monroe Sneaker Advertisement

Funny Uncle Sam Marijuana Advertisement

Uncle Sam Marijuana Advertisement
Member reactions:
Congrats. As long as Uncle Sam gets his cut-o'-the-action then everything be cool. Great work.
Getting warmer, I can almost taste the gold.

Funny Leonardo Da Vinci Hair Advertisement

Leonardo Da Vinci Hair Advertisement

Funny Jewelry Advertisement

Jewelry Advertisement
Member reactions:
Thank you all. Feels good to win, I could get used to this.

Funny Marijuana Vintage Advertisement

Marijuana Vintage Advertisement
Member reactions:
Love it. It looks like you did a quality colorization work too
Glen Miller Band playing in the background.

Funny Funeral Advertisement on a Hot Air Balloon

Funeral Advertisement on a Hot Air Balloon
Plz view full

Funny Advertisements

Create a public service advertisement or billboard using any well-known personality to "jolt" the public into making a decision about a cause, product or change in their behavior.

Funny Presidential Advertisements

Presidential Advertisements
Imagine you had all the money in the world to run a single political advertisement in this year's US Presidential campaign, without any restrictions on what you could promise or deliver to the voter. Create advertisements using those guidelines.

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