Mustang ADP : Advanced Driving Position
Mustang ADP : Advanced Driving Position
Mustang ADP : Advanced Driving Position. Source

Funny Mahmoud Ahmadinejad Advanced Technology Tester

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad Advanced Technology Tester
Member reactions:
Excellent job done Nice to see the usage of technology
Congrads on the cup,on a roll. good going
Very artistic and clever. Congrats on the wood, Jay.

Funny Advanced Clothing Spy Kit

Advanced Clothing Spy Kit
Spy Kit with a heavy duty bullet proof vest
Member reactions:
So we can hide in the wall wearing this jacket and fire with shoes good spying gadgets
Nice work...but I was expecting Spy gadget instead blowing gadget of 007 Cool shoe how it work
Thank you everyone for your nice comments ..
Congratulations, Penaplonk. I will use shoes from your picture for John Kerry.
Makes me think of some good ole James Bond movies. Congrats on the bronze, penaplonk.

Funny Advanced Photoshop Magazine 2011

Advanced Photoshop Magazine 2011
Member reactions:
LoL Funny chop PixJ: he said guaranteed votes, not guaranteed wins win u need GOOD votes, everyone gets votes
hahahahaha...Fight, Fight, Fight... Karma is everything here..
Didn't think it would start a fist fight.
Brilliant.. And yeah, Bean chops have won quite a bit around here in past years. I even broke down and did one just to fit in hahahahahaah
I make this sworn promise on this 30th day of December 2010 to never use Bean. Will substitute with Carrot top.
, love this article "1s, 2s, 3s - are they really necessary." the Bean piece got me giggling too.

Funny Advanced Photoshop

Advanced Photoshop
Tribute to the GREATEST
Member reactions:
Too much. Funny to be sure. 'Last.' Never happen.
I hope so geriatric
Who the heck is Funkwood... (April Fools remark)
... if you wanna pick my brain though just ask, that hurts.
It must be lonely at the top glad your not mad at me
good work
Huge Thanks to FUNKWOOD couldn't of done it with out you ....... some how this feels wrong
Nice Doc, moving on up to the big time, Congrads.
doc comment, it feels wrong with a pick axe in my skull too, but congrats anyway. once I came in second to last, at worth1000 when I first started it's not too far fetched, heheh.
It's funny and well done and that is mission acomplished. Some great chops in this contest.

Funny The Stun Gameboy Advance

The Stun Gameboy Advance
Defence/Offence Whatever strikes your fancy.
Member reactions:
Does it come with a cell phone attachment. I love it.....
I unforently would of wanted one when I was in school.

Funny Advanced Door Breaking

Advanced Door Breaking
Member reactions:
ryan lochete (hope im spelling his name right) and his buds kicked in a bathroom door during a drunk night out in rio.

Funny Advanced Math Book by Maccauley Culkin

Advanced Math Book by Maccauley Culkin
For freshmen.
Member reactions:
He has that meth face started from the look of it.

Funny Advanced Snow Shoes

Advanced Snow Shoes
Snow Shoes (, They work Great by themselves, without you in them)

Funny Advance Slim

Advance Slim
You would have to be desperate to take these. Please view full
Member reactions:
If it doesn't kill you first, you would certainly lose weight fast.
Your text/background color combinations make it difficult to read.
It is ok when viewed full
good work your caption is awesome and i think the color of the font is fine when viewed full

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