Caravaggio iPhone eBook Ad
Caravaggio iPhone eBook Ad
Caravaggio iPhone eBook Ad.

Funny Hillary Clinton ad Bernie Sanders Clowns on a Tightrope

Hillary Clinton ad Bernie Sanders Clowns on a Tightrope
Member reactions:
I really like this one UncleChamp,should have scored higher in my opinion
Thank you Debbie. I appreciate your kindness.

Funny Hillary Clinton 2016 Campaign Ad

Hillary Clinton 2016 Campaign Ad
Member reactions:
the stars on her knees she's a thief in law.

Funny Ronald Reagan Cigarette Ad

Ronald Reagan Cigarette Ad
Ronnie's secret weapon
Member reactions:
I beg to differ Luciano. The cigarettes ARE the weapon.
Found the original source here as I was wondering :$daE2N3K4ZzOUsqbU5sYvcdCFB_BMZHBxg5zp$IhObWCsjLu883Ygn4B49Lvm9bPe2QeMKQdVeZmXF$9l$4uCZ8QDXhaHEp3rvzXRJFdy0KqPHLoMevcTLo3h8xh70Y6N_U_CryOsw6FTOdKL_jpQ-&CONTENTTYPE=image/jpeg
Nice retro angle, though I wish there were more editing to the source.The remade text is hilarious.
It didn't need a lot of changing. Could have overworked it--but why.

Funny Things Go Better with Ebola Ad

Things Go Better with Ebola Ad
"You can really taste the virus." Coming soon: Diet Coca-Ebola Cola
Member reactions:
Clever poster and play on words. "badder".
Hilarious Ad... Get some Ebola inside the cola.... a must ad to watch by Pepsico

Funny Barack Obama President Replacement Ad

Barack Obama President Replacement Ad
Member reactions:
Awesome job Recruit Add INSPIRING TO APPLY Great caricature and excellent composition
Pretty cool. I would change the first line in the advert to "Do you want to be the next president."
GOLDEN congrats, Elegary. I see a nice blue soccer player/avatar in your team.

Funny Freudian Slip Prozac Ad

Freudian Slip Prozac Ad
What they really think about us
Member reactions:
Quality work, but I would stay away from wall-eye - it looks a tad too freaky.
I am impressed Newsey. You really are Anglicized. Most English speaking people don't even know what Wall eye is. However your definition is not quite right as "Wall Eye" means (one eye turned, as in towards the wall) and is commonly mistaken. The correct term is "Corneal hydrops, or fog eye". I just use it in chops when I want the guy to look evil Since I have had some nasty run-ins with psychiatrists... well... I paint em like I see em hahahaha. I really disagree with their methods and lack of results. That aside, what is the objection foundation. It's just gross. Or some editorial point I am missing. We've done this in the past without objection so I am honestly curious as to what changed. Anyway, thanks for commenting and thanks to balodiya, pixjockey and all the rest that voted it up. happy holidays all, whatever you happen to celebrate.
Hey, Hits, Thanks for the insights into the English grammar. Points taken, will remember... fog eye it is. It's not forbidden to chop fog eye(s), I just feel it takes away from the chop adding the unneeded cliche and yuck factor, just like cross-eyes, or missing teeth. Just my opinion though, not sure how others feel about this.
Ahhh Okay. I wasn't sure if there was something I missed. Thanks. You know me, corny and cliché spinner Yeah, I guess it is a taste thing. Stuff get's overused. I remember when you could not look at a contest without a Mr. Bean Chop It did get old... And thanks HH. Yep, close. You have been in the pocket quite a lot. Not seeing near as much distortion and your color/contrast treatments have been simply terrific...

Funny Honest Xbox Surveillance Ad

Honest Xbox Surveillance Ad
Member reactions:
Super clean industrial style.. Really snaps too. congrats.

Funny Quit Smoking Today Ad

Quit Smoking Today Ad
It takes far too many from this world.....
Member reactions:
Clever composition and I like the message here.

Funny Craigslist Degas Ad

Craigslist Degas Ad
Member reactions:
Nice inclusion of the painting in the Craig List Awesome idea

Funny Honest Job Ads

Honest Job Ads
The Labor Day weekend is just three days away. Even though some of us will be working on Labor Day, we should still be thankful for our jobs. Labor Day is meant to honor labor and jobs of American people who work hard and contribute to well-being and prosperity of the nation. Sadly, average standard annual leave in the US is just 12 days which is one of the lowest in the world. In most European countries annual leave is more than twice as long (e.g. 33 days in Sweden, 32 days in the Netherlands, 29 days in Germany). In this contest you are asked to create a satirical "honest" advertisement for any job in the world (good, bad, or absolutely worst). Advertisement can be in any printed format - newspaper, magazine, billboard, or even a printed sheet of paper glued to a street pole. The job advertisement can include what normal job adverts include - job title, description, hours, pay, benefits, requirements, and contact information. Advertised job positions can be real, or made up, but your advert has to include a satire in it, and should be more than just a text advert. Please note that you may need to pause any ad-blockers in order to view all entries in this contest (because most ad blockers will block any images which have variations of the word "advertisement" in their titles). Many thanks to lucianomorelli for the themepost.

Funny Honest Ads

Honest Ads
Tomorrow is Black Friday, and online and offline retailers will bombard us with "deal" ads, while manufacturers will make their best pitches why their brand is special and beats other brands. Let's stop and think for a second, what if some ads were honest for a change? Photoshop "honest ads" for any brand or product, as in the examples above. Please note that if you have any ad-blocking plugins in your browser, some or all entry images in this contest may not be visible to you, simply because the entry titles will likely contain the word "advertisement" which will make the ad blocking plugin think that such images are ads and thus block them. To rectify this, either temporarily disable the plugin, or use some other browser without this plugin installed.

Funny Absolut Ads

Absolut Ads
World-famous vodka maker Absolut released Absolut Chicago on Monday, capturing the Windy City in a bottle. Absolut Chicago comes with the essence of olive and rosemary, and sports the city skyline on the bottle. This is the seventh city inspired edition for Absolut since 2007, the previous ones were dedicated to New Orleans, Los Angeles, Boston, Brooklyn, San Francisco, and Miami. All the previous "city editions" turned out really popular among local residents - such Absoluts were bought not just for drinking, but also by collectors, and even as souvenirs by the tourists. Create new ad posters for Absolut. Here are some "official" examples.

Funny Retro Ads

Retro Ads
Modern advertising industry went through a lot of changes, restrictions and regulations - nowadays they can't use certain concepts and create misleading associations, they have to print warnings, and their ads have to be politically correct. But vintage ad wizards from 60-70 years ago practically stopped at nothing to sell their products. Photoshop modern products (and services) into retro ads. Alternatively, put modern celebrities and politicians into retro ads. You can even do both.

Funny Ron Paul Ads

Ron Paul Ads
Revolution PAC, a pro-Ron Paul super PAC, has announced a "Ron Paul Powercast" in order to raise $1 million to run ads in key election states in the days leading up to Super Tuesday. Congressman Paul (R-TX), has racked up second place finishes in New Hampshire, Minnesota and Maine, but has struggled to break out of the back of the pack at the national level, with his campaign budget nearly depleted. The "Million Dollar Marathon" will allow Ron Paul to make another cash injection in much needed ads for Super Tuesday. Photoshop campaign ads for Ron Paul that may or may not increase his ratings.

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