Man ad Woman Watching Ship at Sea
Man ad Woman Watching Ship at Sea
Man ad Woman Watching Ship at Sea. Member reactions:
Nice image doxie, good job on the shadow.

Funny Napoleon Bonaparte French Mustard Ad

Napoleon Bonaparte French Mustard Ad
Translation: Happy Starts Here.
Member reactions:
Good chop, but the text is not proper French... You can write "La joie commence ici .' or "Le plaisir commence ici ." instead (for instance). 'La joie débute ici .' and 'Le plaisir débute ici .' are also correct, but do not sound as good as my other suggestions. Note also that there's usually a space before the exclamation mark in French.
Oh, by the way, French's mustard as nothing to do with France and is actually an American product. Doesn't taste like real French mustard at all.
I had a feeling you would grill me on that paul .. your worse then my 4th grade french teacher .. hope its to your liking now Monsieur Hisson ... and yes i knew it was an American company but its the best for the joke.
Lol. That's perfect now, Hidden Author. I also think that it's a good joke to use 'French's mustard' in your chop, but just wanted to explain to people who do not know it that it is not a product of France. By the way (and I've already said that several times), feel free to mention my numerous mistakes in English (especially in my own works) as I want to improve my skills and don't want to ruin a chop with language mistakes... Yours was very good... now it's great.
(Anonymus)-You have some mustard on your mustache. (Napoleon)-Ohh, s..t. (Anonymus)-Sorry, I thought it's mustard.
sorry for the joke

Funny Hummer Ad Shanghai

Hummer Ad Shanghai
for Western eyes, it's supposed to look a little different in terms of design

Funny Insurance Ad Billboard

Insurance Ad Billboard

Funny Michelangelo Pampers Ad

Michelangelo Pampers Ad
Pampers Ad

Funny Michelangelo Coke Ad

Michelangelo Coke Ad
Michelangelo Coca Cola Ad
Member reactions:
cool combination of different textures and nice composition.
Ahhh, refreshing work Mundo. great work. Congrats on the wood.
Mundo rocks...with wood even.. Great one my friend, as always.
Superb ad work. I could easily imagine this in magazine.

Funny Remmy Cognac Ad

Remmy Cognac Ad
Couldnt help but jump on the Remmy train..... I am a bartender and we indeed serve this fine drink, So, have a remmy, relax and chop away....
Member reactions:
"your beautiful, I have to paint you." - P Griffin
only killer mistake is that the bottle is not a champagne bottle. Change your text to 'Fine Brandy Photoshop'.
Somewhere Remmy and Ruebens are looking down in great confusion and shame. "This is what became of our work brother." ove it
Actually Dudley.... Remy martin is a champagne cognac. try some sometime..its smooth.
Great Job. I believe Remy Martin is cognac, made from Champagne grapes. That bottle is one of several varieties of the brand - nearer the top of the shelf in the scheme of Remy-ism. Looked for images last week. I was going to try to slip it into a chop. Great minds think alike.
I second preemiememe's OMG....Seriously funny....& very clever.
Remmy. ... y. that deserves another OMG all by itself. Nice concept.
Hmm, just realised this is a female Remmy.
Odd that a bartender woiuld not know the difference between Champagne and a brandy.cognac made from chapagne grapes. Clue, Champagne is bubbly, fine brandies(cognacs) are 'smooth'... and I have had a few smaplings of Remy's mid-grades, at $1500 a bottle I not tried their premium. but I am certain it isn't bubbly.
Its still a Champagne cognac Dudley. Jeeze.
Now this Remmy really works for me

Funny Vintage Budweiser Beer Ad

Vintage Budweiser Beer Ad
Member reactions:
I count 35 beer for 3 people, and one's of them isn't drinking. Jeeves is going to have a messy day tomorrow.
Yeah but he'll be a happy Jeeves. I feel sorry for Red though.
Love the vintage theme you have chosen. Excellently integrated too. Pogo is right.

Funny Helen Hunt Vintage Coca Cola Ad

Helen Hunt Vintage Coca Cola Ad
Member reactions:
I really like this, just not sure why you squished her face.
Have to agree with Dream. It's important when doing a tribute not to squeeze or stretch the face. Even when doing a caricature the dimensions should be right.
Congrats Luciano, a nice nostalgic poster
Love the vintage ad style here. Bronze congratulationz, Mr. Luciano.

Funny Budweiser Beer Ad on an Egg

Budweiser Beer Ad on an Egg
What do you want. Beer in your egg.

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