Rembrandt Beer Ad
Rembrandt Beer Ad
Rembrandt Beer Ad.

Funny Denture Glue Ad by Van Gogh

Denture Glue Ad by Van Gogh
Member reactions:
I think you mean to use the word: Lose-not loose. ..

Funny Paris Hilton and Michelangelo in Apple Ad

Paris Hilton and Michelangelo in Apple Ad
Member reactions:
I can think different, good artistic work inside the Computer, well placed graphic with good work on shadows
Likewise the title the work is also different Well done hidden

Funny Michelangelo Nahshon's Motorola Ad

Michelangelo Nahshon's Motorola Ad
Whatever did they do before Cell Phones.
Member reactions:
Nice to see Droid
Great placement, both the brands were perfectly matched to the texture of the original
Me loves it, but Motorola logo could use better blending

Funny Statue of David at the Beach Sunscreen Ad

Statue of David at the Beach Sunscreen Ad
Member reactions:
Ha ha ha... very funny work. Pure White (With experimentium 5..)
Experimentium 5 - it's a by-product of boswellox
Nice chop, the ice-cream cone is perfectly placed over his hand and good concept of this ad with this image
Experimentium 5 by Puromycin. Do I sense a pharmacist in our midst.
Congrats on the wood Puromycin ...

Funny Barack Obama Ad on

Barack Obama Ad on
Member reactions:
I guess your turn-offs disqualifies me...
... I laughed so hard, my stomach hearts look at Obama's face
Thanks folks. salis....... take two aspirin and call me in the morning.
So simple but very imaginary Fantastic work on hand mold and ears are so funny, Obama looks so freaky here. Like it. And lastly Your Profile on "" OMG Super..its perfect pudding.
Obama as a Kid is very funny to see him., it's too hilarious to see the cat and the ears stretched
Great 'shopping work and the text had me .

Funny Clint Eastwood in Halftime Ad

Clint Eastwood in Halftime Ad
Member reactions:
Good gun fire and Obama looks nice. Wonderful background Mirror on Car is Awesome Like it.
Great blurry image on the back with the birds flying giving a ghostly matches the front man with a Zombie type face and Flash gun-- all are terrific impressions
Nice job oldman . . . love the Pee-Wee suit on Obama ;D
Me likey

Funny Russian Car Ad

Russian Car Ad
Member reactions:
I think this is actually his car, Disasterman.
the wooden chair for a seat.
Thanks, Newsy. I'm glad SOMEONE noticed it.
I thought they all came with wooden seats.
D-Man: Yup, I own just one like this. Hahaha
I think we need a pic of Newsy and his car.

Funny Per Adua Ad Astra

Per Adua Ad Astra
"A tribute to Stanley Kubrick's Classic Movie
Member reactions:
Perfect poster work. Ever if we take the title out, it still works as a cool sci-fi poster
for what it's worth, I prefer this to the winners.

Funny No Adult Ads in Craigslist

No Adult Ads in Craigslist
large Craig's List Deep Sixes Adult Ads News
Member reactions:
Not too bad a composition, do u have a news story for this as per contest directions.
Sorry Kellie, I was having some difficult color and contrast issues on the upload and was running behind
Nice rich colors,suddenly recognized the background source...Great chop.
When I read this news on Drudgereport I though, hey, will someone chop this on FN. You chopped this news piece nicely. Hiooker's island map is a good touch.
Thank you Newsey. Rather than go full ... o I thougth "subtle" was best The source image was from a movie clip and as you choppers know, those suck. So I spent 90% of the time trying too resurrect a hopeless image into something that was clear enough to use. In the end I gave it a light frosting of Perfectum to give it a hazy glow then ran out of time to nit pick. Just glad I was able to get the story in, in time. I have no beef with people connecting on online services but Craigs list was getting out of hand with the wack-os. No pun intended
haha omg. poor girls cant make a buck.

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