Russian aircraft carrier `Admiral Kuznetsov` for sale!
Russian aircraft carrier `Admiral Kuznetsov` for sale!
Russian aircraft carrier "Admiral Kuznetsov" for sale!. Putin: "Comrade Kim, buy ship, paint and attack America how you wanted."

Funny Admiral Macron

Admiral Macron

Funny William Shakespeare the Admiral

William Shakespeare the Admiral
Member reactions:
Thanks guys. I do appreciate it so much but am utterly perplexed at who and why a 3K judge gave this a 7. That is bad form. This is the second time recently and is really ticking me off. For those of you who did not give it a 7, bless you.
Top Chop, Hits. Trophy material for sure. I was surprised to it in 5th. If you look at the weighted score you tied for 4th. And you were only .134 out of 1st. Extremely tight race. Luck had to be in my corner this time.
Thanks SS. Don't think luck had much to do with it mate. You made a great chop. Yeah, there were some fine chops in the mix this time.

Funny Admiral Pulsonand the First Crimean Trophies

Admiral Pulsonand the First Crimean Trophies

Funny Michelle Obama for Admiral

Michelle Obama for Admiral
Navy has its first female four-star admiral

Funny Admiral Putin

Admiral Putin
Member reactions:
Clean work. Nice choice of the Putin's face souce

Funny Fat Admiral Joe Biden

Fat Admiral Joe Biden
Member reactions:
Biden looks funny on becoming fat.... His weight is the only reason for that big tide The Oyster and the Dog were his only companion to bear with him nice work on the Boat on the rough sea
Looks like he will lose some weight on this voyage.
Thought this one worthy of top three at least.

Funny Admiral Jamie Lee Curtis

Admiral Jamie Lee Curtis

Funny U.S. Admiral Barack Obama

U.S. Admiral Barack Obama

Funny Admiral Dolphin Official Military Photo

Admiral Dolphin Official Military Photo
Member reactions:
The dress is perfectly fitting him, great facial expression dolphins are always the happiest creatures in the world
Silver congrats, DAL. This admiral gets his salary in fish, hahaha.

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