`James Bond` Emancipation in action
`James Bond` Emancipation in action
"James Bond" Emancipation in action.

Funny Super Soccer Man in Action

Super Soccer Man in Action
made this in couple minutes, love the project, unlucky i didnt find this site earlier. :/
Member reactions:
Welcome to the site. Your chop had me in stitches...
Thanks guys, Still need to better myself, but i really appreciate your support.

Funny Action Heroes Against War

Action Heroes Against War
When these guys say, "Give Peace A Chance," you better listen.
Member reactions:
Thanks. I've been wanting to use the yelling pics for a while...couldn't figure out what to do with them until I thought of this.

Funny Action Hero Mr Bean

Action Hero Mr Bean
Action Hero Bean

Funny Fidel Castro Literally In Action

Fidel Castro Literally In Action
Member reactions:
Pike said it. and it seems Fidel means business this time. what's(who's) the cyclops creature on the right.
Thanks Rwpike & Newsmaster..look NM: Fidel hates USA..so USA is represented with the cyclop, his "enemy"
HeHe love the stogie gun. Dynamic chop.
Congrats DMC, reminds me of a video game art
haha...thanks you all..Rainman,some day ill win you a gold medal haha..thank you
Congrats on the bronze DMC, Very nice work.

Funny Daniel Craig Spinging Into Action

Daniel Craig Spinging Into Action
Member reactions:
Reminds me of Inspector Gadget

Funny Kim Jong Il in Action Movies

Kim Jong Il in Action Movies
Member reactions:
Okay I stretched the sport into film too, hope its okay
This is really nicely done. The only thing that I'd suggest is using a different face on the two photos of Kim Jong Il.
I did try two or three others this was the one that fitted best, I will have a look and see if there are any others out there though.
Maybe what lunaC means is change one so its not the same face in both pics. But I could be wrong. That would have been my sudjestion. Great Pic, Nice Job.
i SWAPPED OUT THE big face Pic with diff one I found.

Funny Wesley Snipes Action Figure

Wesley Snipes Action Figure
The jail break Wesley Snipes action figure. Limited edition. Check larger full version. Source Image here
Member reactions:
Full view is amazing. Terrific work here with many details. Love the "Jailbreak edition... he talks and walks" and "IRS certified" parts. "Free Mugshot included" is a hoot too. Oh, I got carried away describing , I almost forgot to say - congratulations on the silver.
Congrats Jest3r Mugshot on the bottom right cracks me up.

Funny Hannibal Action Figure

Hannibal Action Figure
Not recommended for vegetarians

Funny action picture

action picture

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