Acrobat Tries to Cat a Pigeon
Acrobat Tries to Cat a Pigeon
Acrobat Tries to Cat a Pigeon. Member reactions:
Catching the ball which the pegion drop like this

Funny Acrobat At the Circus

Acrobat At the Circus
Member reactions:
A freaking beauty. Looks totally authentic.
this has a charm like a norman rockwell painting to it.

Funny Michelle Kwan Acrobat

Michelle Kwan Acrobat
colors are compressed, please view full
Member reactions:
I like how you chose all various sources for the ice-skater, without cloning any single one.
Didn't realize Nancy could be so versatile, Jer.

Funny Acrobats Coming out of Hummer

Acrobats Coming out of Hummer

Funny Acrobat in a Mug of Beer

Acrobat in a Mug of Beer
Member reactions:
Luv the comedy of this entry. You've got a twisted mind, Hidden Author. (In a good way)
Something about this image is wierding me out
Somewhat creepy, but very clever. I love your caricature.
This one is freaky and reminds me one of those scary but very interesting fairy tales I used to read when I was a kid. Love how you added the scuba glasses and the bubbles.
Excellent job... especially admiring your skills at light and color play.
Reminded me of a Hitspinner entry... congrats on silver.
Congrats KIR Gives new meaning to the phrase "strange brew".
This one really cracked me up, excellent job KIR.... Congrats..
congratssss keeppppitreal)))) wonderful work
Thanks all. My alternate title was "Beer Goggles & the Perv" but apparently it was sufficiently creepy already It is my first acrobat in beer chop. After finishing it I thought it needed some pow, and what could be better than a weird & scary doll to make things interesting.
Lolcomment (it's my first acrobat in beer chop) I should think so. . Is he holding his breath or taking a big gulp. Great chop Keeper & congrats.

Funny Acrobat with Mime Performers

Acrobat with Mime Performers
Member reactions:
Looks photo-authentic. Love how the acrobat is holding his mask

Funny Acrobat Dream

Acrobat Dream
Multiple sources including Sarino Brewer's squirrel sculpture. Link to Brewer.
Member reactions:
Nice job with multiple sources. You may want to move the book over his hand to hide his cut off finger.
Okay- Thanks I corrected it. I thought I had covered the fingers before... but you are right.
I really like the zipper effect with the masonry stones. Well done.
Fantastic composition. Love how you made the boy work as a zipper
It was done faintly in your manner - you know how to do colors so well...... this was just a chop job not art (like yours).... but thanks for commenting..

Funny Acrobat at Finish Line

Acrobat at Finish Line
Member reactions:
Clever concept, Clean blending, and I like how you did the motion effect on his legs

Funny Adobe Acrobat New Box Art

Adobe Acrobat New Box Art

Funny Obama the Acrobat

Obama the Acrobat

Funny Acrobat

This Thursday we continue our freaking experiment with provided source images. Photoshop this acrobat image (click to download) any way you wish. Some examples are: making this acrobat perform some stunts, designing a poster with this acrobat, putting the acrobat in some new environment, movies, paintings, etc. These are just some ideas. Many thanks to Dave Tuepah and Stock Exchange for providing the source photo.

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