Achtung! Marxism Coming in United States!
Achtung! Marxism Coming in United States!
Achtung! Marxism Coming in United States!. Marxism Coming in United States.
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Nice job on the two wins wanderer...loving Bernie and the death star pumpkin

Funny Bono Achtung Baby Tribute

Bono Achtung Baby Tribute
List of U2 albums/ songs illustrated- Achtung Baby, Rattle and Hum, The Joshua Tree, War, Zooropa, How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb-- Who's Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses, Where the Streets Have No Name, In God's Country, Bullet the Blue Sky, Zoo Station, When I Look At The World
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love the small details, and am I trippin or is the cloud above bono a horse
Looks like all the clouds are horses. Awesome work & as said so many details.
Good work
Great Work. This really rattles and hums.
Looks like you didn't miss much-nice image.
Fantastic idea gathering and illustrating the U2 albums and songs.
As i said before, MOST EXCELLENT. KUDOS my friend.
Thanks again all for the great comments and votes. A U2 Fanatic indeed HiT, I'll be attending U2's 360 concert this summer
Thanks for the Fav add Funkwood and Kellie.
My pleasure, top notch quality work Xaos. Grats.

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