Nancy Pelosi Photoshop Account
Nancy Pelosi Photoshop Account
Nancy Pelosi Photoshop Account. Nancy Pelosi Defends Photoshopped Picture Of Congresswomen Full view to read text.
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Nice Stats.... Karma is -199 and only one entry good representation of the stats page of her love this entry.... well tried
Made me laugh. my welcoming quote for Madam Speaker

Funny Mitt Romney Visiting His Offshore Accounts

Mitt Romney Visiting His Offshore Accounts
In the murky world of offshore finance, there are loopholes that allow the very wealthy to skirt tax laws. Mitt Romney’s fortune (with $30 million in Bain Capital funds in the Cayman Islands alone.) looks pretty strange for a presidential candidate.
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Great job. Is that pilot someone I know. How about putting some spin on the propeller.
That Pilot has been around a few times Paul , ....
Glad you caught the propeller shutting down & not spinning so i winded it up & put a spin effect to it ......
Thx Paul , you always give very useful advise my man ....
All Secrets are now revealed so where is the secret.... we can see lots of money bags, currency and Obama is keeping a close watch on him very funny to him half buried inside the sand keep a watch on him
Thank you Geriatric , Goat & Rajeshstar for the nice comments ....
I yearn for juicy scandal on a small island...
Won't be much of a scandal because he paid U.S. taxes on the money in those off shore accounts.
Thx Craftyone & Gummy but we'll see the truth when the story hits the Newpapers .... Thx Guys
Best part for me is the way he keeps money on his Belt
Wood congrats, Chili. Great work, I like it

Funny Empty Bank Account Nightmare

Empty Bank Account Nightmare
There is a song to stay in your mind all day. You're Welcome

Funny Reuters Photoshopping Account

Reuters Photoshopping Account
Reuters admits altering Beirut photo
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Full View for full Reuters effect.
Great Reuters Story. Photoshopped images, who'd of thought it was possible. -->=-)
what are ya'll doing over here, freaking news.
Haha... Very funny & very clean chop. Maybe that reporter from Reuter's will join Freaking News.
very well done, i especially like the broken table

Funny Julian Assange Closed Bank Account

Julian Assange Closed Bank Account
Assange Swiss bank account closed
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good work and nice selection of news. shame on US govt for blocking paypal account of Wikileaks ..
Nice chop. Please don't use the asterisk sign * next to URL closing bracket - it messes up the link code. Asterisk is not needed there
You should correct the spelling of "WikiLeaks" on the attache case...unless this was intentional, of course.

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