Alexis Tsipras Playing Accordion to Raise Money for Greece
Alexis Tsipras Playing Accordion to Raise Money for Greece
Alexis Tsipras Playing Accordion to Raise Money for Greece. Member reactions:
Good idea to raise funds. The little animal looks very cute too.
Excellent caricature and nicely done and funny monkey is also helping him to raise funds
Very cool political satire. Is that Sirtaki dance in the background.
Yes, that's the Sirtaki (Zorba) dance, Newsy. Can't fool you.
Congrats, Paul. Who has to save Greece if they do not want to save ourselves.

Funny Stray Cat Playing an Accordion

Stray Cat Playing an Accordion
Member reactions:
Cat serenade in the moonlight. Lovely done.
Dramatic, Very well done, Icy. Don't be afraid to lean hard on the "overlay" brush for tweaking highlights and shadows. It is the most useful brush in my arsenal. Nice work as always

Funny Bear Playing the Accordion on the Toilet

Bear Playing the Accordion on the Toilet
Member reactions:
Awesome.... the bear practices in the bathroom like the boots and his stuff and the Paper roll Carrier
Lots a fun stuff to look at. Congrats Shorty.
Congratulations Paul. funny stuff A copy of PlayBear... Where can I get one.
Thanks, Splat. You can get one at your local newstand. Thanks, Bob.
Always great humor in your chops. Well done. Congrats
Always hilariousCongrats on the bronze, Doc.
Thanks, Tim. Thanks, hobbit. Thanks, Mr. X.

Funny Penguin Family Accordion Band

Penguin Family Accordion Band
Member reactions:
What a crew LoL Bet they make good music
They specialize in Polka music. Thanks, Kellie.
, I like how the big pengs are from different countries. The lil pengs are my fave here though - they are sooo freaking cute.
they rock, i saw them at a stones concert
Long live Frankie Yankovic. Very nice work 'Doc'.

Funny Bruce Willis Playing the Accordion

Bruce Willis Playing the Accordion
Member reactions:
I love that still life in front of Bruce. Awesome work FW.
I was sure this was his image, very nice, i like it
, a semi departure for you, D, and I like it... Great gold..
congrats for the gold it's a fantastic chop...i love the mood and all of little details...
that's awesome work FunkGOLD love the whole work here , congrats on the gold and keep going ...
Gongrats on the win Mr.D... awesome as Usual Will u give it a break a bit
Nice work and congrats, Funkster. Sing us a song, you’re the polka man. Sing us a song tonight. Well, we’re all in the mood for a melody and the beer has got us feelin’ alright...
Congrats on the gold Funkwood. Great work...
Thanks guys. Now that you mention it AZ, Billy Joel would've been a great candidate for this chop also.
Whatever subject matter you so choose- will/would be be a guaranteed visual delight. Congratulations.

Funny Weird Al Yankovic with Accordion

Weird Al Yankovic with Accordion
Most Sources
Member reactions:
Excellent composition. Combining all the sources in a way that it the final composition looks so natural. Hats off.
Silver congrats, Kratos. Great to see you back.
kratosssss..congaatssssssss... great image i love it...
thanks for all friends glad all you like this simple work , it's was my second attempt Destroy the world in your birthday Al Yankovic

Funny Accordion Hero Seniors Playstation Game

Accordion Hero Seniors Playstation Game
Member reactions:
Clean work. Now I hear music playing in my head
Bronze melody for Sid. Congratulations, bud.
Got a good laugh out of this one....Congrats
Congrats sid. I've already got the prerelease of accordion hero and is expert tough.
awesome job.. cant beleive it got beat by that really ordinary mario kart one
u know its my privilege to get beat by rdy made sources... i tried, but i think slix is great so im not bothered the slightest
everyone has a different taste and i thought "senile hill" would get around the top 5 and this a hopeful close

Funny Accordion Computer Keyboard

Accordion Computer Keyboard
Member reactions:
the source of light should blend with the two images to make it look as one object.

Funny A Vintage Accordion

A Vintage Accordion
Member reactions:
Play the accordion and listen to the radio at the same time. SWEET. Whoever invented this must be a like a Harvard Graduate Gazillionaire.
Wonderful. Makes me (almost) want to polka.

Funny Camera Accordion

Camera Accordion
Member reactions:
Congratulations on your first gold and big welcome to Freaking news.

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