Lemur Playing an Accordian
Lemur Playing an Accordian
Lemur Playing an Accordian. Member reactions:
Most excellent. Just one nit-picking thing...make the fingers go under the holding strap.
Wonderful I love the worn look and feel to all of the elements including that "funky", well traveled suitcase, heh, heh The lighting FX are once again quite excellent. I agree with Doc, the strap should go across the back of the hand with the fingers near the keys. - High marks indeed.
Super.. mood work. Squeeze.. it must be Expanded instead. wonderful work here
Perfect composition for subject, lights, shadows, atmosphere...Love it
Congratulations on the Gold, Funkwood.. A wonderful work of art with the source pic..
Some Funky Grats are in order.
One fantastic picture, love it and congrats on the win.
Such a nice feel to this. Seems like a character from a children's book.
Gold congrats, Mr. Funkmeister. Well deserved, of course.
A total eye-candy for lemurs and humans alike. I'd put the holding strap over the hand too, but that is just a minor detail.
Thanks all. I have to admit I had a chuckle over the hand and strap thing..So many people mentioned it, I guess I should've fixed it...But even I get lazy sometimes .
If you'd fixed it, you might have gotten a better score. I guess you'll just have to settle for the paltry 9.827 that you got.

Funny Nicholas Sarkozy Playing the Accordian

Nicholas Sarkozy Playing the Accordian
A few lessons and he's now entertaining the people again.
Member reactions:
Excellent caricature and the nose is too funny great job to put him on the street with a musical instrument its really interesting and less stress full
The noses knows Mundo's a winner... congratulations this is a riot...
Congrats Mundo . I really love this one .

Funny Accordian Jazz Band

Accordian Jazz Band
Member reactions:
Lawrence Welk would have slapped a dress code on these boys.
Freaking awesome remake. Congrats on the wood.
Thanks for the compliments -- it's appreciated.
Congrats on woody.

Funny Barack Obama Playing the Accordian with an Elephant on the Street

Barack Obama Playing the Accordian with an Elephant on the Street
Member reactions:
Super, but it would be even better to darken the skin color of his hands.

Funny Harrison Ford Playing an Accordian

Harrison Ford Playing an Accordian

Funny Harry Reid Playing Accordian

Harry Reid Playing Accordian
Obviously there is lots to be sorry for here, but Harry is sorry for not following his passion for the accordion. Nancy, of course,always stole the show.
Member reactions:
Love it, but I'm a ... for retro. Good job--what a kick in the pants.
Love the concept. Part of the Reid's face is lost though, but it's natural for politicians

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