Barack Obama Mission Accomplished
Barack Obama Mission Accomplished
Barack Obama Mission Accomplished. Hindsight is 20/20 as they say. How long was it before we realized how utterly ridiculous this moment in history was. Maybe Obama would have seen it as it happened. Then again....

Funny Obamacare Mission Accomplished

Obamacare Mission Accomplished
The Website is fixed. Yea right. It's deja Vu all over again.
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"Tell us just what this freaking moron has done right since he has been president. " As I see it the only accomplishment he has made was in getting re-elected. Next year when he has them repeal the 2 term, term limit he may get re-elected for a 3rd term by all them Kool-Aid drinkers
That terrified look on the woman's face on the website kinda says it all
Yea She has accused us of cyber-bulling her by photoshoping her pic. She said she is getting death threats and everyone is blaming her for the mess. and They didn't even pay her to use the photo.

Funny Clown Mission Accomplished

Clown Mission Accomplished
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. She's giving out the red noses like there's no tomorrow.
these people have nooo idea whats about to happen to em.

Funny Mission Accomplished

Mission Accomplished
SURPRISE. No bid oil contracts awarded in Iraq
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So sad Thanks for the post cause I hadn't heard that but was ecpecting something of that nature sooner or later.
Cheney (who received a nice $39 million bonus from Halliburton) and his friends will muddle through the recession somehow. This war has been nothing but profitable for them. Bush said: "No WMD No Oil - No Contracts"
Fool me once ... shame on you ... Fool me ... um ... YOU CAN'T GET FOOLED AGAIN.
I started to comment last night but found I was too P,O,'ed about the whole business in Iraq, etc. I would ask the question, given the modern technology and medical knowledge, if the ratio of wounded survivors severely maimed and crippled and disfigured is greater than that of previous engagements. Viet Nam comes to mind given my age. It seems that the current crop of veterans and their families have been poorly treated throughout by my government. Think about supporting the DAV, they are going to need you more than ever.
You'll never know, Steve. They don't even allow footage of our wounded on the news. This is the most corrupt, heartless administration I've ever seen. Bush and Cheney are absolutely venal and have USED the well-intentioned soldiers who thought they were fighting for our country.
Now we know what the real reason for this insane war was. Those courageoun men and women who died, or were terribly wounded have been the victims of one of the biggest frauds ever to have been seen. The corruption of this administration is beyond words. We all have been duped by Bush,Cheney,Halliburton,big oil. We have been used and so have the dead, wounded, and countless Iraqi citizens....And are still being lied to... Thanks to all the brave troops in service everywhere.

Funny Mission Accomplished by Netanyahu

Mission Accomplished by Netanyahu
Netanyahu Not Welcome
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Clear commentary. That's what it's about.

Funny Obama Mission Accomplished

Obama Mission Accomplished
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because obama is defiantly the man that killed bin laden.

Funny Mission Impossible Accomplished

Mission Impossible Accomplished

Funny George Bush Mission Accomplished Postage Stamp

George Bush Mission Accomplished Postage Stamp
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Oh's actually just what I expected. After all, Republicans rule the house.

Funny Mission Accomplished

Mission Accomplished
Mission Accomplished.
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They did say anybody but Bush didn't they.

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