Fishing accident photo was not passed to press
Fishing accident photo was not passed to press
Fishing accident photo was not passed to press.

Funny Unsolved mysteries traffic accident

Unsolved mysteries traffic accident

Funny Bike Accident with Camel

Bike Accident with Camel
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Member reactions:
I heard it in the news today, switching through channels and thought it was about Jim Carrey

Funny Chewbacca Car Accident

Chewbacca Car Accident
Google It

Funny Harry Reid Has An Exercise Accident

Harry Reid Has An Exercise Accident
Harry Reid hurts himself while exercising. I hate to laugh at misfortune, but this story is really funny. Harry Reid was exercising with an elastic band when it snapped - hitting him in the face - which knocked him against some other equipment, causing him to break bones in his face - then he fell onto the floor, causing him to break some ribs.
Member reactions:
His mojo has been destroyed Woody congrats
Harry is very creative when it comes to getting in trouble. Congrats on the wood, too, Paul.

Funny Angela Merkel Skiing Accident

Angela Merkel Skiing Accident

Funny Medium Accident

Medium Accident
Large please
Member reactions:
Cool seance chop... unresized view is truly impressive. I would only adjust the guy's face skin tone, as right now it differs from his arms and legs (warm face and cold hands and legs)
Thank you, Newsey, Evirio and ericnorthend. Actually the mans face is a mask from the movie, "Eyes Wide Shut" which explains the difference but I took your advice and blended the face to the collar and warmed up the legs.
Congrads on the cup, yes 14, was an effort in futility, which won't happen again.
Great Job thinking out the box , with levitating source. A fantastic chop as always, Hit Man Congratulations winning a cup.
TY very much Champ, Wanderer, HoHouse, Doc and Bob. HoHouse. I was thinking of just the opposite... reducing the quality and vastly increasing the number of entries. I was snagging first cup with 1-2 hour quickie chops and when I really increased quality, elements and poured many more hours into them... I fell back. Talk about confused
Looks fantastic. Love the wicked expressions and the out of the box atmosphere... congrats on the cup.
Congrats on the bronze, Hits. I didn't realize it was a mask on the guy, thus my comment
Yeah, I realize. My bad Newsey, I should have defined it more or softened the lines like I wound up doing per your comment. Thanks Vlad, Pat Jim

Funny After the Motorbike Accident

After the Motorbike Accident
Member reactions:
Looks real, excellent. That must have been some heavy shipment
He has done his duty so perfectly.... delivered the parcel without any damage.... rather he broken his bones... This is the spirit of workmanship good idea and it's looks so real

Funny Construction Accident

Construction Accident

Funny Strange Traffic Accident

Strange Traffic Accident

Funny Cycling Accident

Cycling Accident
This Friday we continue our freaking experiment with provided source images. While only 1% trips are taken by bicycles, your chances of getting a crash-related injury from traveling by a bike are much higher than if you drive a car. The reason? Not enough people who cycle use helmets and reflective clothing... the guy in the source photo did not. Photoshop this photo of the cycling accident any way you wish. Some examples are - show the stunts this cyclist could do, where else he may travel on his bicycle, etc. Many thanks to Brad Hammonds for providing the source photo.

Funny Celebrity Accidents

Celebrity Accidents
Create images of Celebrity accidents or show them already injured with broken bones, on crutches, doing things that might result in some sort of insurance claim - horseback riding, car accidents, and skiing. Alternatively, photoshop celebrity or politician insurance related images. Britney Spears accident can be considered too in this contest.

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