'Your Accessory Ma'am'
'Your Accessory Ma'am'
'Your Accessory Ma'am'. Member reactions:
Thanks Craftlord well pleased. Good turn out.
Congratulations on your gold win. Awesome chop
Great Chop, out of the box, Gold Congrads
Thanks robin, HoHouse and Gummy appreciated
Entertaining quality work, PShyst. Gold Congrats.
Good pic, very well done, Congrats on your win.

Funny Wonderful accessories!

Wonderful accessories!
Member reactions:
Atleast it will protect her back good idea

Funny Woman and Her Bag Accessory

Woman and Her Bag Accessory
Seems like all the other ideas were taken...
Member reactions:
She is so funny. Good merge of Lamp pole and cow's horns-Ladies hand. Good work

Funny Scissor Hair Accessory

Scissor Hair Accessory
Member reactions:
an office prank waiting to happen, cool idea

Funny Auto Accessories

Auto Accessories
No "Open Container" tickets here.
Member reactions:
The angles, line up and perspectives are very good.
Yeah, but she only gets about 12 miles per keg.
Very Nice. (Just don't drink and drive.)
Here's the challenge - put some labels on those taps so that I know what I'm drinking (but do I really care what I'm drinking.).
No "open container" tickets, but if those taps dispense anything stronger than root beer you'll get your license suspended.
...and the seat of this new car model is a soft toilet which will make your rides more comfortable...
Yes, but there is nothing to put it in. I suppose you just put your head under the tap..
LMFSOL Mashby my friend this is you, what a classic.

Funny Cat PC Accessory

Cat PC Accessory
A random bit of cute
Member reactions:
ha ha kitten is also included in the accessories

Funny Sausages Hair Accessory

Sausages Hair Accessory

Funny Lindsay Lohan's Jail Accessories

Lindsay Lohan's Jail Accessories
Member reactions:
Clean work and great choice of the sources. Looks like Lindsay will literally have a ball in prison.

Funny Chinese Volvo With Accessories

Chinese Volvo With Accessories
Including the Panda. They really want you to buy their cars.
Member reactions:
Bringing up the rear this time, Hit. Oh well. Back to the drawing board.
Pandas and Doxies driving Volvo... what could possibly go wrong.

Funny iServe Waiter Accessory

iServe Waiter Accessory
Greed . Shareholders . My wallet .

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