Absolut Palcahol
Absolut Palcahol
Absolut Palcahol. Ah, Vodka...now in convenient shakers.
Member reactions:
Great promotion. "A little dash'll do ya." .

Funny Absolut Gay Vodka

Absolut Gay Vodka
There is a wiseass in every crowd
Member reactions:
Excellent. I would bet my fortune on just this type of 'New' product to hit the market in the future. Then 'Illegal-Alien Brew' bottled Beer and...etc.
Thank you Geriatric, Nanny, Newsmaster, Toledoeagle, Disasterman.
Its the way of Creativity turns into an awesome AD. This is really marvelous chop with well illuminated and shading given so perfectly good work over all
Have to smile every time I see this, great job.
....This is amazing chop and color combination very good
Congrats on the gold, this is a good one.
Thank you Doc, Hobbit, Eric, Rajesh. One might say this one definitely steps out on a dry branch
and you are that wiesass... nice job & congrats hitspinner.
So I guess this goes good with tequila (ha). Congrats on the Gold.
. What an impressive chop. Love the reflections on the shoulder of the bottle. Great job.
Thanks Geri, Bob, Anton, Eagle and NM. I guess it does, Bob
Absolut Gold.. Congratz HitMan, Love the Aztec look of the feathers, great job..
Looks great. What about the taste. Congrats, Hitspinner.

Funny Magritte Painting an Absolut Bottle

Magritte Painting an Absolut Bottle
"Attempting the 'ABSOLUTely' Impossible". (NOT the painting, but balancing his glass between sips.)
Member reactions:
Love the composition. I wish masking was more accurate though - jagged edges of the bottle take away from this chop
Love alternative reality themes like this.

Funny Absolut Mace

Absolut Mace
Member reactions:
HA. Isn't this child abuse. I'm utterly shocked. Not really but, I'm laughing. Nice work. HIDDEN.
The Absolut tries to way off wild animals..... but here the child is getting into the trouble Nice freaky expression on her face
I knew this was yours...another chuckle from HoHouse.

Funny Charlie Sheen Drinking Absolut in Jail

Charlie Sheen Drinking Absolut in Jail
Member reactions:
I love this Vodka.... good use of Jail and inmates here
I think this poster would sell - perfect spokesman chosen. Inmates choice, . Congrats on the wood, DD.
Definitely subject appropriate hahaah Congrats on the cup
Woody Congrats, D.D. Great snapshot to the ending of a typical Charlie's nite out

Funny ABSOLUT Creative Bottle

ABSOLUT Creative Bottle
This is dedicated to everyone who's artwork has appeared on Freaking News.
Member reactions:
Good complements given to FN well done love this chop
Thank you Nanny. This reminds me of the European style advertising of the 60s where the billboards were in the shap of common objects and the interior filled with ads. Very cool

Funny Absolut-ely The Best Vodka

Absolut-ely The Best Vodka
You don't need the rest when you have the Absolut-e best.
Member reactions:
Nice homogenous liquid turned into Vodka and its Absolutely delicious well done
Very nice work.... Congrats on the silver
Quality poster work. Congrats on the silver, hobbit.
It's a Hit, Hobbit, love the view of beach grass thru the bottle. Silver Congrats

Funny Cookie Monster with Absolut Flame Vodka

Cookie Monster with Absolut Flame Vodka
Member reactions:
Careful usage of Absolut makes the kitchen safe.... good work on the chop using the fire and the fireman at work and the bunny enjoying the smoky Vodka

Funny Absolut Vodka Spray

Absolut Vodka Spray
Member reactions:
Like the Gun Shaped trigger Vodka... drink carefully

Funny Absolut Machine Gun Bottle

Absolut Machine Gun Bottle
Member reactions:
Nice Outcome and lovely rose attached to it like it
Cool. I remember way back in '73 when a whiskey (I don't remember which one) had a special edition bottle that was shaped like an old long rifle (flintlock). They sold out quick.
Hey, really nice glasswork conversion to the Thompson.

Funny Absolut Ads

Absolut Ads
World-famous vodka maker Absolut released Absolut Chicago on Monday, capturing the Windy City in a bottle. Absolut Chicago comes with the essence of olive and rosemary, and sports the city skyline on the bottle. This is the seventh city inspired edition for Absolut since 2007, the previous ones were dedicated to New Orleans, Los Angeles, Boston, Brooklyn, San Francisco, and Miami. All the previous "city editions" turned out really popular among local residents - such Absoluts were bought not just for drinking, but also by collectors, and even as souvenirs by the tourists. Create new ad posters for Absolut. Here are some "official" examples.

Funny Absolut

The Sweden's government is auctioning its "Absolut" vodka brand and the state-held company that produces this world famous drink. I was quite surprised to know Absolut is (was) actually state-owned. Let's hope it gets into the "good hands" now. The Absolut's world-wide sales increased another 8% last year. The expected sale price of the company is about $5 billion. We all know the famous advertisements for "Absolute" brand. Photoshop "Absolut" world any way you like. Create new advertisements for the Absolute brand, turn any product or painting into Absolute poster, give Absolute vodka shape to any object. These are just some ideas. In your entries, please include the titles for your Absolute theme, e.g. Absolute Corruption, etc.

Funny Absolut Ads

Absolut Ads
Design a new advertisement for Absolut. Connection with art and paintings is a plus.

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