Absent-minded Tea Making
Absent-minded Tea Making
Absent-minded Tea Making. Member reactions:
This one is a hoot, I absolutely love it.
Funny stuff and a good imagination. Now we know where Thing is working from the Addam's family...hehe I would probably darken those light areas on the edge of handle a little, since there's no light coming from the back of the kettle.
To me, it looks to be floating over the burner instead of sitting on it. There is some pesky masking debris or a hard edge at the bottom too. Notice the silver pot behind it. See the lighting effect it has. The Kettle should have the same effect. Also maybe add a little gaussian blur to the kettle to match the sharpness of the whole image.

Funny God was absent minded

God was absent minded

Funny Absent Minded Gold Prospector

Absent Minded Gold Prospector
Joining California's new Gold Rush

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