Abraham Lincoln
Abraham Lincoln
Abraham Lincoln . Member reactions:
Great Work, Hobbit . Congrats on the Gold.
Congrats on the Gold, Hobbit. Outstanding collection of flipped Abe's.
Nice work hobbit..loving the quality of the wrinkles and hair...perfectly flipped..👍

Funny Mr. & Mrs. Abraham Lincoln appointment in Tattoo Studio

Mr. & Mrs. Abraham Lincoln appointment in Tattoo Studio

Funny Abraham discovers virtual reality

Abraham discovers virtual reality

Funny Bill Clinton Shooting Abraham Lincoln

Bill Clinton Shooting Abraham Lincoln
Member reactions:
That's funny , but it probably be the other way around.
I thought this one was great Luciano,funny as it gets

Funny Abraham Lincoln the Astronaut

Abraham Lincoln the Astronaut
Member reactions:
Congrats, Luciano. Better to send another young president to space. He may stuck there.

Funny Abraham Lincoln Killed in Battle

Abraham Lincoln Killed in Battle

Funny Abraham Lincoln Playing Golf

Abraham Lincoln Playing Golf
Four Score Cards and Seven Beers Ago,,, I woke up with a New Jersey of a headache.

Funny Abraham Lincoln Ape

Abraham Lincoln Ape

Funny Abraham Lincoln the Model

Abraham Lincoln the Model
Member reactions:
Abe is one charismatic dude. Great image.
By my taste, best in show. Clean as a whistle and so contemporary in style. Well done on the wood.
Congrats On the Win, Hobbit. Super chopp'n. Could have easily taken the top spot.
As Hits said... Your work here is just perfect.

Funny Abraham Lincoln Cholafied

Abraham Lincoln Cholafied
Member reactions:
Looks like Ale would make a cool drag queen
hey what the new jersey are you doing down here in my territory.
Gummy, people think I win more than I do. Take a look at my stats in the last 5. Zip. But it is slumps like this when I tend to prompt me to raise the bar. Unlike most choppers, those winnings go to groceries and mamas getting hungry.
My favorite spinner, guess the crowd couldn't handle Lincoln. Lol
TY DD and HH. The ones that won deserved it. Ummmm, Are you referring to the 300k judge that gave it a 6, HH. Hahahahahah I got to admit my jaw went a little slack when I saw that but I won't let that spoil the fun. It was an enjoyable little distraction Like DD said, maybe Lincoln just wasn't their thing.

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