Funny iPhone 8 Rumors Abound

iPhone 8 Rumors Abound
This year marks the 10th anniversary of the iPhone, so if you're anticipating the usual annual upgrades to the iPhone there might be a big surprise in store. Some believe due to manufacturing and design delays the unveiling normally set for September of 2017 could be moved to a November date. Either way, anything related to Apple and the new iPhone is a hot topic. You're on the Apple iPhone 8 design team in this contest. Create YOUR version of the next generation iPhone. Will it incorporate older features like an old flip phone or keyboards-will it have an oversized display? Maybe it will even have features found on other Consumer Electronic products such as Drone flying capabilities! Try to create the most realistically looking image as possible! Good luck! Now, let's get chopping! For more background on the new iPhone 8 Visit This Story to learn more. Want to see how realistic a concept iPhone can look? Click Here for Industrial Designer Moe Slah's amazing rendition of what he thinks the new iPhone 8 will look like.

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