Welcome Aboard
Welcome Aboard
Welcome Aboard. Member reactions:
So this was you, hahahah I should have known. There was little doubt this would be low voted but it got a 10 from me for calling it right.

Funny Putin , Hollande and Merkel Aboard The Star Trek Enterprise

Putin , Hollande and Merkel Aboard The Star Trek Enterprise
Me thinks Vlad needs a new toupee. Looks like he should also lose that belly fat.
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Everyone is got the job. Very well placed
Oh no,,, Merkel has the red shirt. That means she will die before the episode is over.
Congrats on the gold, Paul - looks authentic.
I will share this one on facebook Congratz ... pcrdds
Thanks, Bob, Tim, Newsy and Armatien. And thanks for noticing the Klingon, Tim.

Funny Vladimir Putin Aboard the Russian Ship Mistral

Vladimir Putin Aboard the Russian Ship Mistral
Delivered French Mistral ship to Russia .
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I don't get the story, but chop is very funny.
Hahaha, great take on the Mistal conflict.

Funny All Aboard the Last Train to Clarksville

All Aboard the Last Train to Clarksville
Safe trip, buddy.
Member reactions:
Thank God I started a trend away from that stupid Pirates of the Caribbean movie and on to something that actually relates to Jones. All that, and I'm not even a huge fan (did it for a friend who is). I'm not usually keen on people scraping the meat off of my ideas, but in this case, I welcome it. Jack Nicholson directed the movie Head, which starred the Monkees, if anyone else needs an idea.
Guess a lot of the younger gen would relate more to chops using POTC 1/2 of them wouldn't hv a clue who DJ was. Nice tribute here, many good 1's in this contest.
Yes, nice tribute As for people using pirate movies, well, seems related to me eg "Davy Jone's Locker", oh, and this too
Cool I like this nice touch with the train in the clouds
The Last Train to Clarksville was written by the Monkees in 1967 so I don't understand how this could be you're idea.....I appears this chop is just your portrayal of someone else's idea
That was hilarious. Thank you macwithfries
Fantastic job done Background selection is also good..
So who ripped of your ideas. I did my chop before seeing any of the others on here. As so often happens, several people may hit on the same basic idea but they interpret it differently. As Disasterman said, how can a song written in 1967 be YOUR idea.
Great work with clouds and the train, nice to see him waving his hand and bidding farewell to everybody Your soul rest in peace
Lots of work seen here with flawless effort. The Monkees, The moon, The Cloud, The rail, The train and The Davy... Love this entry.
take it easy, if you're gettin p.ssy about my comment. I just thought the potc entries were silly and so i popped off in a comment...sheesh. it's the internet. people get hyperbolic occasionally. if you take it personally every time, you're gonna blow an aneurism.
Well, i ain't never seen those, and i ain't got no brushes, but even without seeing those, i was under no allusions that mt pic was super original. it is what it is. i don't know what i could have done, and because my train curves, and because of the open back, I think mine is better than what you linked to. but, it's not that great...you're right about that. still, as mediocre as it is, it will be my best finisher here...all the good stuff gets ignored...this is what the people like.
This is a good job, good concept. Concept is very important to me when I'm voting, but it is also a Photoshop contest. To be fair, I have seen "winners" that show nothing to do with the "rules" of the contest if that is the point you were making hidden.
I don't make points. It takes up too much energy when you simply have you, but if you don't have one and have to make one...that's just more than I got time for. And since no one ever gives me a point, I choose to not make one simply for the sake of having one. (note - the above gibberish contains an important, hidden point.)
I'm not usually keen on people scraping the meat off of my ideas, but in this case, I welcome it. So what did you actually mean.
PSMandrake ...that third link is killer pic.. Really like it. ...Malcomxy. Your pic is really cool, I would have made Davey and train rear larger, it's hard to see... Good chop.
same thing I always mean when making an arrogant statement like that on an internet forum/whatever when I know absolutely no one who will receive the message - absolutely nothing. (it was a diss, of sorts, to the people making the Davy Jones/POTC posts that have zero to do with this David Jones...after I posted mine, people started making posts that actually had something to do with him, and if I contributed to the reversing of that trend in even a small way, then I'm glad. If not, I'm still glad that people who either knew of Jones, or took the time to look him up, are the ones who dominated the entries in this contest...basically, what I was saying, is have some respect for the dead - some real respect.)
Well if you want to be arrogant etc in your comments related to your own chops...go for it... But when you "diss" others ideas for being "stupid" and allude to members who made similar themed chops that came after yours as "scraping the meat off your ideas" then you can probably expect people reading your comment to...well....want to slap you about the head a few times Yes, it's "the internet"....but in this little section of the internet....we try to be friendly and helpful and give constructive critiques without trying to belittle other people's ideas or entries in general
whatevs. that link you posted was still hilarious

Funny Mahmoud Ahmadinejad Aboard The Space Station

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad Aboard The Space Station
Member reactions:
hahahaha-aha-hahahahaha Beauty of a chop.
you can flush it but you can't ever be fully rid of the waste.
Elevating, levitating and hair-raising chop. Hilarious stuff.
i think Nejad Cursed the moment he did this facial Expression in front of the Cam . congrats on the Double Mr. P
Bronze for Paul too, way to go. and if you chop within the next 20 minutes we'll send you a free super plus pack of diapers.
Thanks, salis. Thanks, Newsy...pretty soon I just might need those diapers.

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