The Abduction of Ganymede
The Abduction of Ganymede
The Abduction of Ganymede.

Funny Abduction

Member reactions:
Col. Only nit-pick is that from the perspective of the boat, we wouldn't see that left oar reflection (it would be blocked by the boat).
Super work, Vincent. Congrats on the Wood.
Thanks Bob yes technically I think your observation is correct I did keep moving the elements around and wanted the shadow to be clear and sacrificed exactness to see it touching the tip. Thanks Crafty the space ships were engineered from a lava lamp 😂. Thanks hobbit, Wanderer and Gummy 😎👍🏼

Funny Abduction

Member reactions:
Beautiful. I love seeing cows get abducted

Funny The Abduction Of Hillary by a Monster

The Abduction Of Hillary by a Monster
Please View Using Original.

Funny Alien Windmiss Abduction in Holland

Alien Windmiss Abduction in Holland

Funny X-Files - Cow Abduction

X-Files - Cow Abduction
Member reactions:
very good, could have done without the lens flare though
sorry bout the lens flare, i dont know how to get rid of it...It happened when i took the photo....o
Great idea like what u tried with the cow
Thanks mate..but on the lens flare, after studying with and without it, the lens flare makes it more i kept it..

Funny Obama's Alien Abduction

Obama's Alien Abduction
Member reactions:
I Really like the mode of this Piece WTG hidden
simply and nice, i love it amazing work, one of the best
, and Obama looks so peaceful in the process.
Hitspinner the ufo is made from a shower head yes Obama looks peacefull because he said in his mind: don't worry citizens I will come back with extraterrestrial high technology to help America get out from crisis
shower head .... I mean ... ain't that smart or what... nice work sunshin
beautiful work sunshin...i love the color and ambiance too

Funny Barack Obama Alien Abduction

Barack Obama Alien Abduction
Obama faces calmly to an alien ship. They have destroyed everything in its path. Obama has a secret that they seek and save our world.
Member reactions:
Congrats on the bronze TaitaViracocha, outstanding chop.
Really loved the feeling of this piece. very spooky.
Great chop but, 'O' isn't going to save anybody.
TaitaViracocha congrats... nice work i like....

Funny Helicopter Alien Abduction

Helicopter Alien Abduction
Member reactions:
Unique concept. I think Funkwood is driving the flying saucer.

Funny Alien Abduction

Alien Abduction
Combination painting on separate backgrounds...hope it's alright.

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