Barack Obama Abducted by Aliens
Barack Obama Abducted by Aliens
Barack Obama Abducted by Aliens. Member reactions:
No such luck - they dropped him off here back in Roswell, why would they take him back.
Clever composition. The people (except Obama) seem vertically stretched though

Funny Abducted Woman

Abducted Woman
Member reactions:
And then she wonders why she's always late for work.

Funny Eagle Abducting a Man

Eagle Abducting a Man

Funny Aliens Abducting a Car

Aliens Abducting a Car
Member reactions:
Would make a great poster. by the way do you know the allowed upload size has been increased to 500KB.
Nicely assembled Hidden. The reflections were handled masterfully.
Thanks. You want me to upload larger pictures, Newsy.
I just want you to know you are not limited by 350KB any more
Excellent....I could see one of the car companies using this as an ad.
Precision work with the sources, well done.
500k is super cool, I m feeling lucky. now expecting all of your HD work here . good job
Congratz Jere, Could have easily taken gold. One great idea, materialized Xtremely well.
You pulled off something pretty cool, Jere. You got two realistic style chops to garner cups over a pretty meaty fantasy chop in the A+++ class. That friggin impresses me and doesn't happen very often. Congrats my friend. KUTGW
Congratulations for the Bronze J-Mix. Very Impressive Work..
What this "Renault" car is doing here ...

Funny Alien Ship Abducting a Car

Alien Ship Abducting a Car
Member reactions:
This is our Newsy's car taken away by the aliens

Funny Alien Spaceship Abducts a Dog

Alien Spaceship Abducts a Dog
Member reactions:
Lets just hope they don't figure out that we are made out of meat too.

Funny Car Abducted by Spaceship

Car Abducted by Spaceship
You asked for it. No goofy cartoonish art, fat heads, slop or fluff. Just a basic chop showing what you can do with an old phone. Enjoy
Member reactions:
I like the cartoons fatheads slop & fluff if they done well ...but I also like this very much too. Really well presented. you mean to tell me that the Aliens build Spacecraft out of or old phones. Crafty little boogers aren't they. Maybe we should vote for Amnesty. Nice Chop Hidden.
No, "I" build spacecraft out of old phones. Aliens build them out of used anal probes I like the cartoons too, Kellie. I just recently had an experience where I felt a bobblehead chop was disrespected in spite of its AAA+ quality. Thank you
Awesome way of lifting up of our Car by the aliens great job done
My favorite Photoshop images are the simple "conceptual" ones that make you think--or smile--or agree--or even say, "That is just so wrong." That's not to say that I don't appreciate the slapstick big head cartoons. But sometimes I feel that voters at FN appreciate detail and complexity over compelling concepts delivered with unique and innovative style--even if they use fewer source images. For me, communication trumps complexity. I vote highest for cool concepts, delivered cleanly. (Like this one). Well done Hidden.
, thanks LunaC, Then you'll love the next one hahaha. Me, I love chops that make me say, "Dang, wish I thought of that." Detail is important too and being a card carying member of the bobbleheads, it takes a New Jersey of a lot to impress me. Chops that take two - three hours doesn't cut it. Pike level toons are what I respect where every highlight is meticulously placed, not just dusted on to suggest one. Passion for detail, that is what impresses me. But, like you communication trumps complexity though I have been rocked by technical expertise, alone. It's all so confusing hahahahah Speaking of technical, News1st developed a cool program, he has it posted in forums section under Tuts, well worth checking out.
Nicely conceptualized with Opposite to gravity particles floating on air and the complete thrilling situation.. nice work
Congratulations Hitman. The Full Size Version just blows me away. Very Nice. Ah..Yes I can see how an anal probe used in the proper manner may indeed assist an alien in achieving ascension.
Congrats on the wood Hitspinner ... Very creative and well executed ... Variety spices things up, for sure ... can you hear me now.
Creative, clever work, Tim. Congrats on the wood.

Funny Alien Ship Abducting People in Budapest

Alien Ship Abducting People in Budapest
Original Picture:
Member reactions:
Looks like a science fiction movie scene wonderful to see the alien space ship and the aliens descending down good job done
These two entries should have placed much higher. I'm not sure the newer people have read the criteria for voting. I've seen some mediocre chops placing for score, and really good ones shuffled back lately.

Funny UFO Abducting a Cow

UFO Abducting a Cow
Member reactions:
poor cows .

Funny Cheech and Chong Abducted by Aliens

Cheech and Chong Abducted by Aliens
Member reactions:
hahahaha, love it Ho House...brilliant...

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