Abandoned Condos By a Lake
Abandoned Condos By a Lake
Abandoned Condos By a Lake. Member reactions:
Oh my, what a beauty. You've exceeded my expectations on what could be done with this source.
Newsy "oh My" were my 1st 2 words when coming upon this. I agree totally, fantastic change.
Oh my. reminds me of a recurring dream of mine. nice reflection work, overall fantastic chop, congrats in advance.
Very Nice, reminds me of those Dreamy World wallpapers and this would make a good one too
I demand Daliwood can only play when i am not, for winning purposes 'n all. Great one once again.
This is too cool. Put in some windows and I'm moving in. I love the wagon wheel, it is a fine detail that starts you off into a fantastic chop world, Would love to see the other sources.
Mixed with your beautiful dream ...very good
The reflection and water look great. So does the rest of it
Still, i think you did something with the sky that you shouldn't have done. The light and dark is off somehow. That my objection. Could have been better i think. Now it's only an 8 while it could have been perfect, cause the imagination is awesome. The colors are great. The wagonwheel is a touch of brilliance, You just had to fix the lighting.
Great overall pic FW. Nice job on the condo building and reflections. congrats.
Pirates hide gold in abandoned houses. Congrats, funkster.
Congrat's Funk, a hotel could be the edge of a lake, a case is the fourth book of the third floor for me to enjoy the sunset, beautiful image. Cheers.. Mandrak
Ahhh such tranquility I wanna make reservations. Any fish in that little pond worth catching. Another great chop worthy of gold.
funkwood congratulations... wonderful image (((GOLD)))
Thanks for all your votes and great comments everyone. I love these type of contests. Here's the other sources for you Keeper. sources
AMAZING WORK my friend I know that was you from the first time ( from the green color ) congratulations on the best design and in the best place my friend
Thanks for posting the sources. , I would have given this pic a 12 if I saw those sources before voting. Great work Funkwood. I think it's almost time for you to quit your day job amd start your own Funky Gallery

Funny Abandoned House with a Ghost

Abandoned House with a Ghost
Member reactions:
Very creative, love how you played with colors and light here

Funny Abandoned House on Fire

Abandoned House on Fire
One way of getting rid of a sore eye..
Member reactions:
Great fire work Mundo, I like the look of this, very authentic.

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Abandoned House with Ghost For Sale
Previous Owners just left.. Sources

Funny Abandoned Children

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Roman police find sewer children Source Images

Funny Bride Abandoned at a Hotel

Bride Abandoned at a Hotel
Member reactions:
Excellent composition - would make a great poster

Funny Abandoned Car in a Forest

Abandoned Car in a Forest
view full image
Member reactions:
very kool work dude, especially on Lighting
Beautiful picture with the sun coming in. A nice photo.

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Abandoned Office

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Fly Geyser and the Abandoned Paint

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Abandoned Weapons
Story of Abandoned Weapons

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