70 percent Taxed Auto
70 percent Taxed Auto
70 percent Taxed Auto.

Funny Danny DeVito the 70 Year Old Virgin

Danny DeVito the 70 Year Old Virgin

Funny Diana Ross Turns 70

Diana Ross Turns 70
Member reactions:
Now that is a different approach.. Cool, congrats on the woody Icy.
Congrats on the wood, Icy. Like that 70 pendant.

Funny Christopher Walken at 70

Christopher Walken at 70
Christopher Walken, relaxing in the manner of a Georgian gentleman. Reflecting on how it feels to be 70 years old.
Member reactions:
Looks so calm and relaxing... looks good to even turning 70
Walken looks quite noble here. Quality work, Christine

Funny Harrison Ford at 70 with Grey Eyebrows

Harrison Ford at 70 with Grey Eyebrows
Member reactions:
Beuuurk he doesn't look nice here by the way...good luck for u
Very well done nice face and funny nostrils good job

Funny Hillary Clinton Smoking Pot in the 70's

Hillary Clinton Smoking Pot in the 70's
Member reactions:
Mamasita. You make my pants feel funny...great chop. High marks.
Colorful act, neat and clean job, all the best
Thank you guys, I am glad you like it. And lool Geri...
Well it looks like in the 70s Hillary had one heck of a body. Or maybe it's just a weed effect. Great work. Love how you did the Rasta doggie.
Lol, I don't know Thank you so much Newsy.
Silver congrats, Sunshin3. Fine, fine work.
"OOPS. I didn't know you was a girl, Olive Oil." Congratulations-a fine chop.
Congrats...and she is really hot. Great stuff. This was really a great contest, a lot of fantastic work...and a giant dose of humor.
Many thanks Pcr, Bloood, Geri, Carl, Dnuciate yes indeed it was a tough contest and lots of good entries that's why I am so honored to be in the second place.

Funny Happy 70 Birthday Tina Turner

Happy 70 Birthday Tina Turner
Member reactions:
Jó jó,csak a lufi árnyéka rossz helyen van,mert azt a lufi alá kéne tenni...Meg a fűbe beleér,naa ha hazaérek azt hiszem tartok neked rajz órát xd hogy kell az árnyékokat rajzolni xddd // Good,only so much the problem that the shade of the balloon is on bad place. Anyway good technique.
Oh, the table and the kitty cat have shadow issues too. They cast shadows on the background which make them look like they are floating and pasted onto the background. Rest of chop looks good.
Example: Imagine how whould the shadow fall on the floor if the light come from the back. You don't need to use strong shadows. Play with the blur tool.
Fix the shadows (as per advices above), and it'll be even better
Despite the shadow issues, the colors & composition are nice.

Funny John Cleese the 70 Year Old Virgin

John Cleese the 70 Year Old Virgin
Member reactions:
With that face, I could see why.Good one.

Funny Will Smith at 70

Will Smith at 70
Member reactions:
Nice blending but you didn't capture Will at all. Looks like my neighbor Hose Sanchez.
Me likes jerry.

Funny Me as a Girl Guide in the 70's

Me as a Girl Guide in the 70's
Trust me, wasnt easy selling cookies door to door like this.
Member reactions:
I promised i would try to do a self portrait where i didnt come across as evil like usual, im not sure if i even achieved my goal
. You kind of look like a more demented version of Tom Green in this chop. . Those must be Chinese cookies you're selling. Meow.
, with girl guide uniform and kittens theres no way i can come across as evil anymore... i do have a tom green look and figure in this chop eh, pity im not as sane as him
by the way i took this picture 5 mins b4 the chop, purely for the chop... i havn't slept for over 2 days and havent shaved in a bit too, so thought im in perfect mode for a foto to girl guide up haha, hence the big moron grin too ... now for a nap and bath/shave
The photo was taken just b4 we milked them.
I have a gut feeling about the latter Kim hehe, although I seem to have a weird addiction to constantly stare at that cute lil girl with the beard
I also thought he looked a little Borat-ish
, was thinking of doing a self borat/aliG but thought most people would be thinking "so, wheres the chop." haha

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