Back from 60th
Back from 60th
Back from 60th. Back from 60th

Funny Back to the 60th

Back to the 60th
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Rocks. There is a whole lot of work in this. One technical point,sharpen the joint and burn the coal with overlay of bright yellow and tat will put this out of the park.
Very nice work Wanderer,congrats on Gold.
7 entries in one entry. Cudo's. great job. Ginger dreads 😂
I had a feline. Great chop and congrats on the gold....

Funny Bruce Springsteen 60th Birthday

Bruce Springsteen 60th Birthday
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Decent work. Interesting idea about the huge golden 60 lock being open.

Funny National Health Service 60th Anniverary

National Health Service 60th Anniverary
Many lives have been saved by the wonderful British NHS NHS Flag changed
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I believe the flag that you are using is of the Great Britain but if you want to depict the United Kingdom then you will need to add the red cross of Ireland for St. Patrick. Try using the same size ellipse for each of your cameos and position them at equal distances against your background. You may try wrapping the commemorative text around the perimeter of each cameo for a better effect. Also, watch your spelling of 'Anniversary'.
Oops will do sorrections. It is Red Rose of England, Thistle for Scotland, Daffodil for Wales, Shamrock for Northern Ireland. I measured the elipses, will check them and sort the spelling of anniversary. Thank you for taking an interest cOOper
Those are the recognised flowers for the respective countries but in terms of flag design it is the the red cross of St. George's (England), the white saltire on a blue background of St. Andrew's (Scotland), and the red saltire cross of St. Patrick's (Ireland). The current flag in your background would represent Great Britain from 1606 but not the United Kingdom as it is missing the red saltire.
Well spotted c00per ,flag does need editing
I must be going senile, I misread cross in your first post as rose. time i went to an optician .

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