Daytona 500 Goat Nascar Cup Series
Daytona 500 Goat Nascar Cup Series
Daytona 500 Goat Nascar Cup Series.

Funny 500 Days of Winter Movie

500 Days of Winter Movie
Summer's OVER.. Original Poster
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Awesome way of creating Summer into winter and the luck seen in winter clothes too.... good turnover

Funny The 500 Meter Olympic Bull Run

The 500 Meter Olympic Bull Run
Old sport but new to the Olympics
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This would be easy to win the game at last need to run for life not for medal
This would definitely work. Olympic record in the making.

Funny Saddam Daytona 500 Racer

Saddam Daytona 500 Racer

Funny Daytona 500 Cartoon

Daytona 500 Cartoon
After NASCAR was bought out by Hanna-Barbera, the race was never the same...

Funny AirForce One on Daytona 500

AirForce One on Daytona 500
Bush is a big NASCAR fan. (can ya tell.)
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And with the money that I got for this, I can start my own off-shore business to take more american jobs. BUSH

Funny Champions Daytona 500

Champions Daytona 500
not a satire I know, but fun to do none-the-less.
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The apple never falls too far from the tree

Funny Daytona 500 Kiss

Daytona 500 Kiss
Come on Ben, kiss me like you did J-Lo.

Funny Daytona 500 Crash

Daytona 500 Crash

Funny Earnhardt on Daytona 500

Earnhardt on Daytona 500
#3 is never far behind
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You always have a Guardian Angel looking out for you.
The legacy lives on..Like father,like son...Winners.
It came from a photo taken at the Daytona 500 of the winner. And then I added his dead father, also a previous winner. And his father's car, replacing the phone he was holding in the original. Satire is "irony, derision or wit" Isn't it ironic that Jr. won the race his father wanted him to, but was dead so he couldnt see it. Irony... Babecat2000 - Are you American.

Funny Daytona 500

Daytona 500
Photoshop Daytona 500 to add satire to it.

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