Happy 4TH Of July
Happy 4TH Of July
Happy 4TH Of July. Happy 4th to all my Freaking News friends, have a safe one....
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Thanks CraftyOne, hope you're having a good 4th.
Congrads Hobbit, good to have you around, you make MAGA, thanks for your support.

Funny Donocchio Breaks the 4th Wall

Donocchio Breaks the 4th Wall
I'm used to breaking walls. But now we wanna build a wall. It's gonna be great. And Mexico's gonna pay for it, I promise. Oh, my teeth are the best teeth. Everybody says so. They're the best teeth a human can have. And so expensive. Real wood. From the best forests in Russia. So exclusive ...
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Great photoshopping Icy. should have went higher.

Funny Abe Lincoln & the 4th of July

Abe Lincoln & the 4th of July
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That guy behind Lincoln isn't proportioned right, one leg is too far from the other.

Funny The First 4th July Celebration!

The First 4th July Celebration!
Time Machine. George Washington invited guests for the first celebration 4th of July from the future. Source
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Very cute, you have them all here, old Bill is going to land on the grill, that wont be his first Hot Thing.
Thank you, guys.

Funny Obama and Bush celebrate 4th of July

Obama and Bush celebrate 4th of July
we all make this country beautiful no matter where we come from or how we come here.. no one is better then anyone... there is bad people in every raise and good people too..discrimination is also evil just like killing stealing raping and other crimes done by any raise CAN'T WE ALL JUST GET ALONG.. it doesn't matter if yur black white brown green short tall fat skinny or with a disabilty we are all human we all come and go the same way.. GOD BLESS EVERYONE NO MATTER WHERE YOU COME FROM OR HOW YOU LOOK
Member reactions:
Looks like they share a common dislike for Donald
a great way to say " CAN"T WE ALL GET ALONG "

Funny Barack Obama Strapped to a 4th of July Rocket

Barack Obama Strapped to a 4th of July Rocket
Hope everybody had a great 4th of July
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That's the cover of Elton's John's "Rocket Man" single, .
I call this a darn good start Well done and top 5 congrats
Thank you all for the nice compliments :0)

Funny The Pope Celebrating the 4th of July

The Pope Celebrating the 4th of July
Member reactions:
Excellent composition. Some shadows are needed though - from the hat, from the hair, from the beard (and possibly from the football onto the robe, not sure about this one - will have to try and see)

Funny Obama Watching July 4th Fireworks in Washington

Obama Watching July 4th Fireworks in Washington
Member reactions:
Interesting chop. Some shadows are needed from the Obama's hands onto the tablet

Funny Shaun White Finishes 4th in Halfpipe

Shaun White Finishes 4th in Halfpipe
Shaun Earns a Woody The Ubiquitous T-Shirt Model Distributes 4th place award just in time (sorry couldn't resist)
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Nicely done hidden. Artefacts seem to remain of your masking around the "model".
Thanx Evirio...at first I thought you were thinking of all the airborne snow...but there was quite a lot in the background that I didn't blend too well. Ooopsie
Added to fav's. Thank you for great picture.
like the snowboard skate game with his freaky looks towards the 4th Wooden... like the trophy Hopefully you get gold in FN
Lol...not so sure about That rajeshstar...but thank you for the thought
Could be a suggestion for next games (world,olympics or whatever)
Lol...the FN equivalent to the Olympic 4th place...appropriate.
Actually, I'm going to go out on a limb and say that I feel this should have easily placed.
Thanks. Honestly I didn't think it would rank as high as it did...there are always such great submissions to these contests
Love it, az. The FN woody theme is very cleverly plaid here. Giving it a Picture Of The Day award.

Funny 4th July Motorcycle Parade

4th July Motorcycle Parade
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The superheros on the super bikes rode to save our country Awesome look of carrying Flag for 4th of July
A topaz bomb chop. Cool. That is one cool filter, Looks like copious amounts of liquefy and smudge too. Pretty cool FX
I did that pretty fast with "G'MIC" a plug-in made by a french university for Gimp, it is a compilation of filters and effects that improve Gimp a lot . The harder was to deep-etch Captain America in 20 minutes with a layer mask before the bar .

Funny 4th of July

4th of July
This Friday, 4th of July, America celebrates its Independence Day. 238 years ago the Declaration of Independence was signed by the country's fathers, declaring independence from Great Britain. To celebrate the 4th of July, photoshop anything related to the American Independence Day. Show us patriotic images, fireworks, barbeques, parades, celebrations of this holiday by politicians and celebrities, or anything else you have in mind.

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