Albrecht Durer `Old Thief` 2014, Crimea
Albrecht Durer `Old Thief` 2014, Crimea
Albrecht Durer "Old Thief" 2014, Crimea. Face of Putin w/o Botox

Funny Brian Williams at the 2014 World Cup

Brian Williams at the 2014 World Cup
Member reactions:
Great one... smile matches to the victory

Funny John Lennon in 2014

John Lennon in 2014
Member reactions:
Very well done. Love the perspective on this.
I totally agree - great chop and the perspective angle here. Just not sure about the hat which makes him Asian rather than British
Fish eye lens or something. He looks a bit Spanish. That shirt is popular in Cuba and Miami. Must have a lot going for it as it has people talking about it And that sir, is the goal

Funny La Colere des Dieux 2014 by Magritte

La Colere des Dieux 2014 by Magritte
Member reactions:
Authentic looking style. Looks like Magritte would paint this if alive today.
Great chop. Congrats on your first cup...
Jazmonet Nice work very creative.. Congratsss...
So glad you won a trophy for this. We'll deserved.
Congrats on the bronze, Jazmonet. and on your first trophy with us. Here's to many more.

Funny Obama on Halloween 2014

Obama on Halloween 2014
Member reactions:
Excellent... Ebola is definately going to work as a scary item this Halloween good one
Cool beans Dressing up as Ebola patients seems to be the trend this Halloween

Funny 2014 A Bench Odyssey

2014 A Bench Odyssey
Member reactions:
I did chop and use the bench though

Funny Marilyn Monroe 2014

Marilyn Monroe 2014
Marilyn Monroe is the 6th biggest grossing dead celebrity in 2013, the actress "earned" $ 15 million .. Seeing this I decided to bring it to the current time and advertise your own perfume
Member reactions:
Extremely Well Done. In the background right side..think I would have swapped out Paris's name for Marilyn's. One letter P to M. but that's just me.

Funny Vladimir Putin and Escher in 2014

Vladimir Putin and Escher in 2014
Member reactions:
Putin's face don't match at all with body.
Great imagination at work, and a delightfully entertaining image..
Great artwork, though I would not have guessed it has anything to do with Escher if I saw this image outside of this contest. However, you deserve a lot of credit for creating your own art based simply on Escher ideas without using his sources. Still would be nice to use some of his sources to help viewers realize connection to Escher
I agree with Newsmaster -- I don't see what that woman with the curvaceous body has to do with any of this. Does that garner higher votes for the cheesecake factor. You have skillz and ideas plenty, so something more on theme would be incredible. But you won. what more is there to say but CONGRATS..
Great first cup. Congrats. I can see thematic references You could be a bit more blatant, that seems to be what is needed and wanted. It is a great chop. By the way, not all chops have to deal with a political figure or celebrity, young master, though I know we do a lot of political/celeb themes. Some choppers tend to chop within a limited number of recognizable sources but that is preference, not a rule.
I totally agree with Hitspinner. It seems that virtually all your chops have Obama or Putin in it, which gets a bit repetitive. It's fine to use Obama for instance but not as a rule - some themes he just does not fit easily and may even be confusing to viewers
I recognize the twins, but from what. I don't know. It's driving me nuts.

Funny Dali 2014

Dali 2014
Member reactions:
very well executed nice usage of the source
Dali's hair has some small white areas and the two black guys has white borders probably due to sharpening. Stairs, instead, are blurry.

Funny National Enquirer 2014

National Enquirer 2014
Member reactions:
Good job on the hairdos and other pranks here. Had to chuckle "we don't care what we print".
Nice image and perfect matching of Obama hairstyle
Congrads on the Woodie, wish I could get one.
Bwhahahaha Bohener. That is funny schitck. That handsome fellow in the blue cap looks like the probable winner in any pharting contest. But most stinky ... the guy in the middle for sure Congrats on another cup, sir.

Funny Magritte 2014

Magritte 2014
This Friday will be the 116th birthday of Belgian surrealist painter Rene Magritte. His surrealist paintings are more than just visually impressive; they are frequently thought-provoking. His "The Treachery of Images" series of paintings shows realistically drawn objects titled "Ceci n'est pas…" (French for "This is not…"). His famed image of a pipe is captioned "Ceci n'est pas une pipe" ("This is not a pipe"). As Magritte himself stated: "The famous pipe. How people reproached me for it. And yet, could you stuff my pipe? No, it's just a representation, is it not? So if I had written on my picture 'This is a pipe,' I'd have been lying!" Magritte got a job designing wallpaper at a wallpaper factory, and as a sideline designed posters and advertisements. His first one-man exhibition, in 1927 in Brussels, was a flop, the art critics hating all 61 pieces shown. Magritte gained real fame in 1960 (shortly before his death in 1967) when his paintings influenced pop art and culture. To celebrate the 116th birthday of Rene Magritte, photoshop any of his paintings. Some examples are: show how he would have created his works in the modern days, what people or objects he would choose, etc. (If you use any of his nude sources, please cover the models in bikini to make them safe for work). Many thanks to Xaos54 for the themepost.

Funny Degas 2014

Degas 2014
July 19 was the 180th birthday of one of the most famous French artists - Edgar Degas. He is regarded as one of the founders of Impressionism, even though he more preferred to be called a realist. Degas started painting seriously very early in his life. Obsessed with painting, he turned his room into an artist studio by the age of 18. His father - a wealthy French banker - was originally against Edgar's love for art and wanted him to become a lawyer instead. At the age of 21, Degas dropped out of Law school and went to Italy for three years where he copied the works of Michelangelo, Raphael and Titian. Degas talent flourished under the guidance of his first teacher Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres, whose first advice to Edgar was "draw lines, young man, many lines..." To mark the 180th birthday of Edgar Degas, show how his paintings would be different if he created them nowadays - e.g. including modern elements in his works, making them promote and endorse products and services, including celebrities and politicians in his art, hiring Degas to do movie posters, etc. Many thanks to pcrdds for the themepost.

Funny Rembrandt 2014

Rembrandt 2014
July 15 is the 408th birthday of Rembrandt van Rijn, one of the most famous painters in history and the most famous Dutch painter. After becoming famous, Rembrandt taught many artists in his Dutch studio for over 20 years - the period that historians call the Dutch Golden Age. During this period the Dutch style of painting was largely shaped by Rembrandt studio influenced the future generations of Dutch artists. Photoshop any Rembrandt art works any way you wish. Some examples are: show what Rembrandt art would be like if he created it nowadays. Would he be creating advertisements and movie posters? Would Rembrandt paint modern celebrities? Would he be using photoshop for his art? These are just some ideas. The themepost for today's contest was made by Chili who recently passed away. RIP Chili, this contest is in your honor.

Funny Escher 2014

Escher 2014
June 17 is the 116th birthday of Maurtis Cornelis Escher - one of the most famous and recognizable artists in history. Escher's unique vision of the world combined art, patterns, and mathematics to create some of the physically impossible yet realistically looking illustrations, like "Waterfall" and "Ascending and Descending". Quite like some of his famous predecessors, Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci, Escher was a left handed artist. In addition to many famous drawings which, Escher also illustrated books, designed tapestries, and even was hired by the Dutch government to design new Dutch money in the 50s (the banknotes were finally not approved for being too "twisted"). The total count of Escher's works during his lifetime is over 2000. To celebrate the 116th birthday of M. C. Escher at Freaking News, photoshop any of his works any way you wish. Some examples are: show what his works would be like if he created them nowadays, merge his works and any other famous works of art, give famous movie posters Escher's style and theme, etc. Many thanks to nepaguy59 for the themepost.

Funny Soccer Mania - 2014 FIFA World Cup edition

Soccer Mania  - 2014 FIFA World Cup edition
Whether you're a true fan or just a soccer spectator, this summer's festival of footwork is sure to thrill fans across the globe as 32 teams compete for international stardom and soccer's highest honor -- the 2014 FIFA World Cup. Held once every four years, the World Cup is considered to be one of the globe's biggest and best sporting events. It started with the Opening Ceremony on June 12th, and will caps off on July 13 with the championship match. The football World Cup is already the biggest-ever betting event in Britain, bookmakers said Monday, with online gambling expected to help turnover hit more than one billion pounds. For the 2014 FIFA World Cup, create images of soccer ball(s) integrated into something (architecture, everyday items, haircuts, etc.), or give soccer theme to movies and paintings (e.g. add soccer balls and turn the (movie or paintings) characters into die-hard fans of their country teams). Alternatively, show soccer being played with some new objects (like in this example). Many thanks to lucianomorelly for the themepost.

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