Serial: American Jockeys, Seasons: 2012-2016
Serial: American Jockeys, Seasons: 2012-2016
Serial: American Jockeys, Seasons: 2012-2016. . Member reactions:
Four years "soap opera" serial from Democrats.
Sparkling Skillful
Great job done... good idea of the picture behind the replacement of Obama as a Jockey good one
Poo ha ha ha cant stop my laugh
Congrats on the Wood, Wanderer. … nice choppin' … do they call you the wanderer because you roam around, and around, and around.
Thank you, UncleChamp.Thank you, Paul.Thank you, Qtrmoonshop.
Dear Qtrmoonshop,It's my dog drives me.Sincerely,Wanderer.

Funny Costa Concordia 2012 Painting

Costa Concordia 2012 Painting
. Member reactions:
His art now comes to life good work on the ship merging inside the water well done
Mindblowing concpet Remind the movie Titanic Superb

Funny God particle - Top Science Find of 2012

God particle - Top Science Find of 2012
Higgs Boson Named Top Science Find of 2012 Peter Higgs: honour for physicist who proposed particle Higgs Boson tops journal Science's top 10 of 2012. Member reactions:
Hey Steve. Thank you kindly....Very happy to see you.
Nice Godly particle created her excellent beam of rays interacted..... with focus of light
Thank you so much my buddy. Rajesh✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰.A bright prospect. for a new year my friend.I wish you a good 2013.
Nice Effects Great view excellent work done here
Thank you very much my friend Balodiya. Love for science. and FX. I wish you a good 2013.
Great invention and so the Caricature.. Truly justification to him by this HD Quality PS
Thank you very much my buddy Eric.I am very happy to note the quality of the sources, in particular, each source, the handpiece individually creating new pixels for a higher resolution, then I put everything in a large format at 300dpi 2400x4800 pixels,and start to peel ..
Just f#*king gourgeous always.
Hi... my friend Oldman. thank you very much for the Splendid compliment.And very happy to see you.
… grande amore fantastico di caricatura… I la griglia a spirale, buona fortuna.fantastic ... great caricature ... I love the spiral grid, good luck.
Thanks my buddy Billy. very happy that you like it.Happy new year. a wonderful year.
Thank you sooooooooo much Mr. Paul....And best wishes for a happy new year.
Great caricature PSM, congrtas on the silver.
Thank you very much my buddy Billy. Thank you very much Funkwood. a wonderful contest.....
Very very well done... great job on face... caricature... congrats PSM.
Hello Jim. thank you very much. splendid compliment.Thank you so much my friend Geriatric.  and happy new year.I am very happy to be here with all of you.
Impressive work, PSM.Congrats on the silver.
Hi Newsy. thank you kindly. Compliment fabulous.The Higgs has inspired me a lot.

Funny 2012 greatest hits

2012 greatest hits
Donna Summer, queen of disco, dies at 63 Singer Whitney Houston dies at 48 Etta James Dead at 73'Perhaps the most beautiful male voice ever': Tributes to Andy Williams, singer of Moon River, after he dies aged 84 after cancer battle. Member reactions:
Great legends of Music Industry Nice tribute paid to them by putting a beautiful clouds and musical instruments stair case lovely job done


Obama takes key battlegrounds to win re-election. Member reactions:
Great job nicely presented the Elephant and the Donkey good one and Obama as a winner showing it a watermark image on the back is awesome
Fantastic, Elephant is amazing placement and Background is perfect for the concept

Funny Magrrite 2012 Paintings

Magrrite 2012 Paintings
. Member reactions:
O man, he will be having a big time headache after sometime
The Iron Man of 2012 in Magritte 2012 Pictures contest Well done in putting him in that background
Cool concept, Congrats on the silver Black.
Wild stuff, Mr. Black.Congrats on the silver.

Funny 2012: A Mars Odyssey

2012:  A Mars Odyssey
Odyssey: a long wandering or voyage usually marked by many changes of fortune; an intellectual or spiritual wandering or quest.

Funny Zobama 2012

Zobama 2012
Running on the, "more brains" platform.. Member reactions:
yaaaa.. see his eye...... all worms eating the stuff.. and the cut ear and the broken teeth makes him a perfect Zombie Very Well done by making him zombie
Ear cut is crazy..Wormi inside is Yiikkk... good rotten

Funny Presidential Debate 2012

Presidential Debate 2012
. Member reactions:
nice answer
Big heads doesn;t mean that you have big brains , I like this idea

Funny First 2012 Presidential Debate

First 2012 Presidential Debate
Tough reviews for Jim Lehrer as debate moderator. Member reactions:
All three looks cute as a child Elections is not a child game... Jim Lehrer has to act hard on it and decide the fate...

Funny 2012 Year in Pictures

2012 Year in Pictures
Every weekend we have a Freaking News of the Week (Week in Pictures) contest. But this week it's time for the grand yearly contest where we ask you to create images of anything that happened in the news during the year 2012. You can pick the notable events, or any other interesting news which others may or may not have heard. Here's to good news in 2013 - let it bring health, prosperity, and lots of blessings to you and your families! Year in Pictures contest has double jackpots: 1st place: $10, 2nd place: $6, 3rd place: $4, 4th place: $2. In the Creator's Comments, it is mandatory to link to a news story. You should use this format to make a link: [URL=""]news title[/URL] Keep the BLACK as is, replace GREEN with the link, and replace the RED with the news story title.

Funny 2012 Time Person of the Year

2012 Time Person of the Year
The editors of Time magazine will officially name the magazine's "Person of the Year" on December 19 on the Today show. However, before the magazine's pick is announced, Time ran a poll among its readers and found that the majority (over 5 million voters) chose Kim Jong Un as "Person of the Year". While the readers' choice is not an official magazine's pick, it does speak volumes when they pick a dictator who did not make a public appearance till 2010, and hardly has any accomplishments under his belt except "inheriting" the country from his father, and trying hard to rule like him. The poll was conducted online, so anyone in the world with an internet access could cast their vote. One thing is for sure - over 5 million of Time readers think that "dictators are cool". Perhaps it's "time" for the magazine to rethink why their content attracts such audience. Choose your own (worthy or unworthy) person and Photoshop him/her on the TIME magazine cover as 2012 Person of the Year. Real or fictional celebrities (from movies, cartoons, paintings) are all welcome.

Funny Vermeer 2012

Vermeer 2012
October 31 is famous not just as Halloween day, it is also the birthday of Jan Vermeer - one of the greatest artists of the Dutch Golden Age - the author of "Girl with a Pearl Earring", "Milkmaid", "A Lady Writing a Letter", "The Astronomer", and numerous paintings of domestic ordinary life. Sadly, great fame came to Vermeer's paintings long after his death. Today is Vermeer's 380th birthday. In this contest you are asked to show how works by Jan Vermeer would look if he created them these days. Show his modernized work created simply for art (celebrity portraits, etc.), or for commercial purposes (advertising, political campaigns, etc.). These are just some ideas.

Funny Warhol 2012

Warhol 2012
This Monday is the 84th birthday of the "father of pop-art" Andy Warhol. Andrew Warhola (his real name) was an American with Slovak roots and worked as advertisement illustrator for Vogue and other magazines, before becoming famous. Andy coined the phrase "15 minutes of fame", but there's a rumor that he was dyslexic and he really meant 51 minutes :) To celebrate the 84th birthday of Andy Warhol, take any photo or art work (painting, sketch, illustration), and turn it into Warhol-like pop art. Alternatively, blend any art work with Warhol's art.

Funny Freaking Olympics 2012

Freaking Olympics 2012
The 2012 Summer Olympic games in London are opening this Friday. Though the first Olympic events (soccer qualifying games) will already be held Wednesday and Thursday. Officially, there are 26 medal sports on the Olympic program for the 2012 London Games, with 39 associated disciplines. Following the 2008 Beijing Games, two sports - softball and baseball - were cut from the Olympic program. Notable new events include women's boxing (three weight classes), mixed doubles in tennis and Omnium racing in track cycling. To celebrate the opening of 2012 Summer Olympics in London, take any Olympic sports and change it any way you wish. Some examples are: changing sports rules, merging two sports, changing sports equipment, tools, playgrounds, environment, etc.

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