Mitt Romney and Bruno for 2012
Mitt Romney and Bruno for 2012
Mitt Romney and Bruno for 2012.

Funny 2012 Election and End of World Circus

2012 Election and End of World Circus
the face i used for the flash is suppose to be marty feldman, i guess its not that noticeable when hes got the face mask on. I hope the rest are recognizable.
Member reactions:
This is just bloody great , twisted , & i agree with Paul , lots of work & detail . Thumbs up ...
Fantastic merge and every chop has great effort itself, like it
Lot of hard work seen, every image has done so perfectly great lighting effects good work seen on the face and skull chopped inside the mouth is amazing and good work on smoke all the best for the trophy
Congrats, on winning the Silver.....nice work.
Silver Congrats Robin
Wild flight of imagination and choppery. Congrats on the silver, robin.

Funny Me Broke in 2012

Me Broke in 2012
My instant reply to his crazy "RICHARD IN 1977 ... MY HAPPY DAYS" for this contest 18 PICS MERGED TOGETHER... (please REFRESH SCREEN to view the latest version) ORIGINAL RICKY'S FACE
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Hey, here in the U.S. we all may need signs like that for money.Gas going up,hrs cut at work,food prices soaring, yep I need a sign. As always, love it. Oh, I won't need the hookers,i'll send them your way.{just kidding}.
Way cool
Looks like you had a lot of fun back then, nice work
Excellent... What a freaky look over his eyes with a cigar on the mouth beeping smoke all over. Great work on the Bottle filled the half beer. All the best Hidden

Funny Brainstorm 2012 Digital Art

Brainstorm 2012 Digital Art
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Brain behind the destruction and the brain behind the civilization were completely different. Brain Storm nice message
all Thanks a lot

Funny GOP'S GONE WILD in 2012

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Quality political satire, but the can peeing part is close to being Not Safe For Work. I'd also add the shadows to the front two figures.

Funny 2012 on the Moon

2012 on the Moon

Funny Grassy 2012

Grassy 2012
Wish you a happy 2012 to all.
Member reactions:
great image,congrats on the wood, I think you deserved a better position.
Congrats on the wood, creative work. A great new year.
Wooden Congrats PSM . . . really nice . . . different style, I never would have guessed it was you

Funny frozen 2012

frozen 2012

Funny 2012 Special Delivery

2012 Special Delivery
This artwork is copyrighted by me and can be used at Freaking News.

Funny Obama the Gardener in 2012

Obama the Gardener in 2012
Member reactions:
wwww , get be a doctor , i'm laughing too hard ...... Love it
Thanks, Disasterman...thanks, Chili...thanks, Kellie...thanks, Newsy...thanks, Sunshin3. Appreciate the great comments, people.
great image pcrdds, congrats on the silver and happy new year
Thanks rajeshstar...thanks, Ivan and same to you.
Thanks, pree. Thanks, Mme BOULPIX. Thanks, Lady Sunshin3.
Silver Congrats Paul . . . love the man-meaty goodness -eyes and Bo looks like "Triumph"

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