2008 attack
2008 attack
2008 attack. Apple now "encourages" antivirus use for Mac OS X

Funny Golconda 2008

Golconda 2008
Member reactions:
Excellent conceptual theme - Right on the money
How timely. This applies to a lot more than just Wall Street...Guess greed isn't so good after all.
That's why the economy is failing - Everyone's just hangin' out. Masterfully Done.
Very timely and clever Magritte based satire here. Congratulations, TGA. I only wish the image was bigger in full view. Remember that the site automatically resizes your image to 500 pixels in normal view, but full view can be much bigger.
Congrats TGA I predict mass emailing. Should be a hit.
Nice one TGA. Great idea and well done. Congrats on the silver

Funny October 2008

October 2008
Member reactions:
Awesome work in many regards. I really love how you did the bronze texture of the bear. I'd make the bear a bit fatter though (especially the arm facing the viewer). As of now the bear resembles the werewolf a bit (perhaps intentionally.)
The bear is hungry . . . and he's going to feed.
You obviously know your bears, Newsy. Thanx for the advice. I fattened him up some. He looks more ferocious now. I noticed that accidental werewolf thing too. PS: If he looks like he's humping that bull, well, that works too.
You mean he wasn't humping the bull. Guess that says a lot about how I see things.
Love the edit. Did not think about humping till I read the discussion. Looked more like wresting to me. But now I see I missed the obvious Peg.
Just exactly what is happening right now. The smoking skyline is a perfect touch. Great all around..
real cool chop ps. NewsMaster needs glasses.
By the way, here's the source pic for the bear: Google "bear" "statue"
Congrats on the Golden Chop. Great work Ray.
Congrtas ray, great work.. Amazing transformation from the source pic.....but i have to admit, i thought the same as pegleg when i first looked at it.. None the less, Great job.
I must still be stuck on the whole "humping" issue, thought I said congrats already, but guess I didn't... so CONGRATS.
Thanx all. Yes, the critter does look like he's humping, but he is attacking from the side.
Ray RoXX. Congratulations on the gold (statue).

Funny McPalin 2008

McPalin 2008
. . . because America needs more lipstick.
Member reactions:
This is a freaking' beauty. A hockey veteran.
this is superb, where the hair/foreheas meet looks like a completely unique way of blending, i really like your inginuity... im going to steal that style for a future transplant competition, it really makes the two people distinguished whilst the lower half shows your great blending skills wd
the clothes the face... love it... it made me smile look how the hair hangs over .
like the his and her hair solution. Congrats.
Congrats Ray Nice match up and inventive clothing.
Congratulations on the gold, Ray. My absolute favorite out of all your chops.
Thanx all. Your tastes are obviously more subtle than mine. I liked my "Pitbull Sarah" better.
Wonderful image & timely also for POTD...beautiful choppage Ray

Funny Palin 2008

Palin 2008
Conservatives find the girl of their dreams In the hearts of many, Sarah Palin is now at the top of the ticket. Note: Full view kills color scarring in the blue/white.
Member reactions:
I really like this. Except it looks as if McCain may have the body of a little girl
Congrats on the gold Mid. Good to see you on the podium again.
Congratulations. Great work - nice to see you again, Sir
Congrats on an outstanding chop Midian. Excellent work.

Funny Obama Election Illusion 2008

Obama Election Illusion 2008
Member reactions:
Congrats illstr8r on your first gold Not sure how a rose got in the middle of all that tongue twisting though..hehe
Congratulations on the first gold illstr8r. Love the "election 2008: we all lose" sign.
Congratulations , this is done so well the idea ,plus the artwork.
An interesting composition. Congrats on your first win at FN. Please attempt to judge other entries fairly though on the basis of what they submit as I was unable to find the FIVE entries in this contest which you decided that a vote of '1' was warranted. Refer to the Voting guidelines to make sure that you know what is expected of FN members as a vote of '1' means the entry should not be on FN and should be Flagged and that is slap in the face to the individual who took the time to create and enter their work.
Hopefully Newsmater will have informed illstr8r of the rules. When I was noobie and voted all over the place, I got an e-mail about it.
Thanks for all of the kind remarks and suggestions. I have reread the guidelines and thought I was voting fairly... in the future I will give my votes more due diligence. Again thanks.

Funny 2008 Beijing Olympic Medals

2008 Beijing Olympic Medals
Member reactions:
Cool. A bigger full view would be better.
Silver Medal goes to Canvas these Olympics. Congratulations.
Careful With your silver Medal, It may contain lead as well... Good thinking.
The lead-laden medals will only be given to American athletes who place in the top three - and Mattel will apologize to China.

Funny 2008 Beijing Olympic Crossbones

2008 Beijing Olympic Crossbones
Had to do it.
Member reactions:
Shadow placement could be better, otherwise interesting and different.
China finally decides to openly admit piracy issues...
Nice. I like the little accessories, ie. headband and voodoo doll, but I can't tell what the left earring is. (also good that the flames are not mirrored.)

Funny Beijing 2008 Olympic Poster

Beijing 2008 Olympic Poster
This was what the poster should have looked like before being cen-sored. here is the version we get to see
Member reactions:
Very much like the China country outline with the sewn mouth. Very much.

Funny Runnint Along Barbed Wire at the 2008 Beijing Olympics

Runnint Along Barbed Wire at the 2008 Beijing Olympics
Member reactions:
I came across the source image online. Good integration behind the existing barbed wire.
Brilliant and origianal, rather stark but I think this adds impact
. This one is GOOD. Hats off.(ps. nice sepia tones)
Congratulations on the (Olympic) gold, dexter.
congrats dexter...this job was really the best in this contest. Deserved...

Funny 2008 in Pictures

2008 in Pictures
Every weekend we have a Freaking News of the Week (Week in Pictures) contest. But this week it's time for the grand yearly contest where we ask you to create images of anything that happened in the news during the year 2008. You can pick the notable events, or any other interesting news which others may or may not have heard. This year will be remembered by American presidential election, bank crunch with mortgage defaults and Fed's numerous attempts to save America from financial crisis. Here's to good news in 2009 - let it bring health, prosperity, and lots of blessings to you and your families. Happy New Year! In the Creator's Comments, it is mandatory to link to a news story. You should use this format to make a link: [URL="http://www.SomeNewsLink.com"] news title [/URL] Keep the BLACK as is, replace GREEN with the link, and replace the RED with the news story title.

Funny Obama Clinton 2008

Obama Clinton 2008
Hillary Clinton ended her bid for the White House, while Obama sealed the nomination. The tables turned, and just 2 months later after Clinton was offering a VP seat to Obama, she now openly stated she'll be happy to be Obama's running mate, if he puts her on VP ticket. Let's go one step ahead of media sources and announce that Hillary Clinton will be Obama's running mate in 2008 presidential elections. Photoshop Hillary Clinton as Obama's puppet. Here's a similar example (done with Al Gore and Howard Dean). You can simply photoshop "master Obama and puppet Clinton" together, or use this puppet theme in Obama Clinton 2008 election posters, demotivational posters, movies, and paintings.

Funny Eurovision 2008

Eurovision 2008
2008 Eurovision Song Contest finished Saturday evening. This year it was held in Belgrade, Serbia. Russia's Dima Bilan won the contest with his song "Believe", while Ukraine's Ani Lorak got the silver, and Greece's Kalomira got the bronze. Eurovision is the biggest yearly music event in Europe, where each European country sends its contestant. The 25 countries that get into the final perform in the Eurovision contest, while all 45 European countries vote on these performances. By the rules, the Eurovision 2009 contest will be held in the winner's country - Russia. Photoshop anything related to 2008 Eurovision contest. Some examples are: photoshop contestants, their performances, place them performing in unusual environment, etc. High resolution photos of the participants can be found on Eurovision download site. Note that this is a quick contest: only 24 hours for submission and 12 additional hours for voting.

Funny 2008 Beijing Olympic Games

2008 Beijing Olympic Games
Given the current riots in Tibet, China, 2008 Beijing Olympic Games are under big question. They will either be held with big restrictions, or canceled altogether if most countries boycott the games in the light of the violent actions from Chinese government to stop the Tibet riots. China's Communist Party warned that it will censor and ban any mass media from broadcasting the Olympic Games if any negative facts about China - including the recent riots - are broadcasted along the footage of the Olympic Games. Photoshop anything connected to 2008 Beijing Olympic Games in the light of the recent events. Some examples are: designing a logo or poster for 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, show how magazine articles and TV footage will be censored, photoshop games controlled by Chinese troops, etc.

Funny Oscars 2008

Oscars 2008
The 80th Academy Awards night is this Sunday. There was a lot of tension and uncertainty about the upcoming Oscar night because of the Hollywood writers strike. Luckily the strike ended soon enough to still arrange Oscars in full glory, so we can expect a wonderful show. Photoshop anything related to the Academy Awards (Oscars). Some examples are - photoshopping any of the Oscar nominee movies (think of even combining any of these movies), showing where Oscar show could be held alternatively (because of writers strike, etc.), showing who could surprisingly receive Oscars (non-actors, politicians, etc).

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