2008 Peakcock
2008 Peakcock
2008 Peakcock. Too bad this bird is not anywhere on the Chinese calendar.

Funny Birds 2008

Birds 2008

Funny 2008 Ice Cubes

2008 Ice Cubes

Funny Homer Simpson 2008

Homer Simpson 2008

Funny 2008 in Zebra Stripes

2008 in Zebra Stripes
just a simply 2008 number from the stripes of a zebra... here is the original: http://it.wikipedia.org/wiki/Immagine:Hartmann_zebra_hobatere_S.jpg
Member reactions:
Quality work, but I am not sure if frame was necessary.

Funny 2008 Tree Branches

2008 Tree Branches
This was more work than I had planned on. Here's how the image started

Funny Dog with 2008 Spots

Dog with 2008 Spots
He was born with these stains

Funny Rolling Rock 2008

Rolling Rock 2008
Happy New Year (please view full)
Member reactions:
. Awesome work. You could even use the two zeros as beer goggles for later in the party.
Congratulations, Katie - this was truly awesome. Let this year rock.
congrats katie. this one is hard to beat for sure.
Congratulations Katie, amazing, how do you do this. I need a six pack.

Funny 2008 Cards

2008 Cards
What does a pair of 0's beat.

Funny Lindsay Lohan Wearing 2008 Sunglasses

Lindsay Lohan Wearing 2008 Sunglasses

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