James Weed 008
James Weed 008
James Weed 008. James Weed 008

Funny Christina Hendricks, new 008

Christina Hendricks, new 008

Funny Agent 008 at Work

Agent 008 at Work
Member reactions:
Is she James Bond Girl .... great lighting flashes all over
Nice Selection of the character she quite suits to the title
Thank you again matey's...much appreciation...

Funny Jane Bond 008

Jane Bond 008
I have been working with a photographer called Prophet8..Full credits to him for letting me use this model to accomplish this piece..Hope you like..
Member reactions:
this is really cool....man she could kick my a#$
The only thing that detracts is the left arm.
Fantastic background and this Killing Model WONDERFUL. cleaver light effects. Love this entry.
Great smoky effects imposed all over, Nice war scene and a lady with Fire is awesome
Just gave me the Bond feel,Balodiya..Thank you all for the positive comments..Is it the light on her arm, Bob..im not sure what it is, but you right when i look at it now..
Super job and great feeling to this Goat. Love the lense flare.

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