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    • Are there any guidelines for participating in this site?
      Yes. You can find them all here
      Last updated: 3/25/2003 6:11:51 PM by NewsMaster

    • What is the general atmosphere here like?
      We're a friendly, yet competitive bunch. For new people this is an atmosphere of learning. You will find some incredible talent here and would be surprised how quickly they will offer tips.

      The learning and fun come first.

      The competition and winning come second. As such we strongly frown on negative comments on other peoples' entries.
      Last updated: 3/25/2003 8:22:00 PM by NewsMaster

    • What are the clans?
      The clans consist of Democrats, Independents, and Republicans. There are team stats pages for each one.

      You may ask, why do I have to choose a clan? The answer varies. You may identify to one of these American political organizations. Or you may just randomly select one. Your entries will accumulate accordingly with the rest of the clan members on the pages above. Beyond that, clans are merely a way to organize members into three categories.
      Last updated: 12/12/2006 8:19:19 PM by mashby

    • Who are the site admins, and what do they do?
      Their job is to remove offensive, off topic, or mistakenly uploaded images and comments when NewsMaster is not available to do so, offer help to new users, and to monitor the contests and forums from time to time to make sure everything is worksafe. They are not paid employees, but volunteers - handpicked users of the site who do not nessesarily always represent the views of Freaking News.

      Below is the contact list for the active site admins:

      Last updated: 2/1/2008 5:18:45 PM by katiekate

    • What does some of the slang I see on the site mean?
      Here's our up-to-date "Freakisms" list:

      • BANHAMMER - What will strike you if you break the rules, resulting in a ban.
      • CLICHE - overused entry.
      • CNP - See CUT AND PASTE.
      • COLLECTIVE VOTING / FRIEND VOTING - having friends rate yours and only your image, or groups of friends who vote on each other only.
      • CRAPSLAPPED - Being found guilty of attempting to limbo under 'the bar' with a poor quality entry. (In other words, disqualification).
      • CUT AND PASTE - a poor entry that looks like it had maybe all of 5 seconds invested in it.
      • FILTER - A feature of the site that changes certain keywords to other words. Quite fun when it happens to you. See this list.
      • FIXER FREAK - Those who claim that a contest is fixed (based on the 'proof' that their poor entry didn't score as high as actual good entries).
      • FLAG-BAIT - Any entry which is potentially NSFW, OT, offensive etc... In short, it'll probably be flagged in the next fifteen minutes.
      • FLAGGING - clicking the white flag on a comment or image (or clicking "alert mods") to bring it to the moderator's attention.
      • HALL OF FAME - The vaunted area of the site, where the best players are listed, based on their stats.
      • HERD VOTING - the act of only voting for images that are already at the top of the leader board. Frowned upon.
      • JUNKIE - What you are going to be once you start playing on this site.
      • JUROR - A special hand-picked player on this site whose voting power counts for twice the average player, and have the ability to award out JUROR PICKS for outstanding entries.
      • JUROR PICKS - A special nod that says "this entry was pretty good." Only JUROR PICKED entries appear in the galleries area.
      • LEADER TICKER - the listings of all entries by order of highest score. It updates in real time and displays ranking changes.
      • LOSATAR - The avatar awarded by the winner of a Head-to-Head match to the loser of the match (animated humiliation).
      • MODERATOR / ADMINISTRATOR - The nice guy/gal with the BAN-HAMMER.
      • NEW JERSEY - The filtered form of the word "He11." The most infamous and prevalent of the conversions by the FILTER.
      • NOT SAFE FOR WORK - Any entry that would get someone fired if the boss walked by while they were viewing it. Posting it is a sure way to get banned.
      • PHOTOSHOPPING - the act of editing an image, even if you don't use the namesake Adobe product to do it.
      • PICTURE OF THE DAY - A fantastic daily image selected from our archives. It can be found here.
      • SLIDER - This is the nickname for the product preview box that appears on contest and gallery pages, because of the way it slides with you as you scroll down the page.
      • SUICIDE NOTE - Posting "I quit" in the forums. Usually because a user's entry was removed or didn't score as high as they claimed it should in their VANITY POST. We deactivate these accounts since apparently they won't be needing them anymore.
      • THEMEPOST - It's either the example image used to kick off a contest or it's the image that is edited during b2b contests.
      • TP - See Themepost.
      • OFF-THEME - An entry that has nothing do with the contest theme.
      • OT - See Off-theme.
      • VANITY POST - Posting in the forums about how good you are and talented you are. It usually concludes in a whine about how your entry didn't score as well as it deserved. Frowned upon, obviously.
      • VOTE HISTORY - A listing that shows the voters vote history pattern over for a single contest. It's linked on any contest page.
      • FN - Short for Freaking News. For all you really lazy types.
      • FREAKINGNEWS - Not the brightest bulb, are you?
      • FREAKISMS - Slang terms / made-up FreakingNews terminology that appear on the site.

      Last updated: 10/24/2003 12:40:56 PM by NewsMaster

    • Will I stumble across any unsafe material on this site?
      No. This site is completely safe for work and is family friendly.
      Last updated: 3/30/2003 1:03:14 AM by NewsMaster

    • How can I get one of those groovy FreakingNews.com tshirts?
      We here at FreakingNews.com are pleased to announce the official Freaking News tshirts! Many thanks to V1nc3nt for using the original designs of NewsMaster and Hygglobert to make one heck of a tshirt. And special thanks to midian for getting the first batch printed. He is taking on the orders. You can start the ordering process at this link (which will soon also be available in the site navigation somewhere).

      Please note that the male model included on the ordering page is not included.
      Last updated: 8/25/2006 6:43:29 PM by mashby


    • What cannot be used in an entry?

      Last updated: 4/30/2007 10:33:59 PM by Keb

    • Submission guidelines
      Before you start

      Take a look at the submissions in any previous contests at Freaking News. You will see that all the best ones, especially the top three or four, have a number of things in common:

      • they are based on strong ideas;
      • they use clear, high-resolution images;
      • they have been carefully altered to make the finished image as believable as possible.

      Notice that the first two of these three characteristics have been looked after before these contest winners have even opened up their Photoshop software (or PaintShop, or Gimp, or MS Paint … whatever they are using). If you have a chance of winning, you need to understand what the past winners of Freaking News contests have been doing so well. Let’s deal with them in order.

      The Idea

      Most likely, the first idea you have is the same first idea that a half dozen other Photoshoppers have when they decide to enter a contest. Unless you want your entry to be similar to others, you need to be a little more imaginative. And if you have really looked at the entries to past contests, you will see that the same handful of celebrities and politicians keep turning up in many of the non-winning entries. With six billion people on this planet, surely Michael Jackson and George Bush aren’t the only two who have ever had their pictures taken. Over-used celebrities are another clue that the idea wasn’t given a lot of thought before the Photoshopping started.

      Why go to all that work if the idea is weak? Think about how you want to separate your entry from the others. Not every idea has to be original to be successful, but you have to believe that it’s a good enough idea for you to spend the next few hours of your life coming up with a creation that will make you proud. The best way to do this is to resist the temptation to start chopping right away, even though you think you have a killer idea. Sit on it for a while. Most times, you have up to three days to work on your submission, and just about the best way you can spend most of that time is deciding what you want your submission to look like, without actually Photoshopping.

      And when you finally have a plan, make sure it conforms to the contest rules (I added this suggestion at the last minute, for a very good reason. Don’t ask.).

      The Images

      Freaking News contest entries will be resized to 750 pixels wide and 1000 pixels high if either of the dimensions of your entry is larger. As you browse through previous Freaking News contest submissions, see if you can find a winning entry that is less than 300 pixels wide. I doubt that you can, because they look skimpy and cheap against the larger images. But with the luxury of at least 500 pixels comes the challenge of finding images that fill all that space, and are high enough resolution to look great when you’re finished.

      Set some high standards for yourself. If you are searching for source images in Google, for instance, choose Advanced Image Searches and select Wallpaper-sized images as your first choice. If you can’t find what you want, go to Very Large images, but no smaller. Your final image needs to be 300 pixels wide to have any chance of winning, based on its original resolution. Not to put too fine a point on it, but a picture that was 200 px to start with and has been resized to 300 to meet the minimum will look terrible. Don’t waste your time.

      And finally, the images you select need to have common characteristics. You need to consider, for instance, how someone’s face will look if you replace it with someone else’s. Are the angles right? The shadows? Was the new face photographed in bright sunlight, while the face you’re replacing was photographed indoors? Will you be able to erase the white background behind someone’s hair in order to make it match a new dark background? Searching for the right images can save you a lot of time trying to eliminate shadows, or add them, or correct angles, etc.

      The Photoshopping

      Freaking News thrives on Photoshopped parody. Most of the submissions involve combining two or more images, especially faces on bodies, to produce a third image that interprets the News within the rules of the current contest. Do yourself a favor. Before you open your software, read our tutorials and learn how the experts do it:


      The rest is up to you. Google for “Photoshop Tutorials” (or “PaintShop Tutorials”, etc.) and you will find that there are dozens of people out there who are willing to share their knowledge with you for free. Teach yourself to use the software, but regardless of what else you learn, be absolutely certain that you learn how to use levels and masking. They will save your life.

      When your image is complete, save it in its native format (psd for Potoshop, psp for paintShop Pro, etc.) so you preserve all the layers, and you can do more editing if it’s needed. Check the submission deadline to see how much time you have left, then use that time trying to be objective and critical of your submission, to the point of being picky. Get others to look at it as well, and listen to their advice. Set it as your wallpaper, so you see it constantly. View it on another monitor if you can. Be prepared to spend even more time getting it right, even though your brain is trying to tell you that it’s finished.

      Once you are satisfied with the way it looks, save it in jpg format and get it to under 350KB.

      Then, submit it before the deadline. Your major objective should be a Top Three finish, and at the very least, a Jury Pick (gold star).

      ~~written by FreakingNews Juror TiddlyCove, December 2003
      Last updated: 10/23/2006 8:16:39 PM by mashby

    • Where can I find material for my entries?
      Google’s image search is a good place to begin.
      Last updated: 12/20/2003 1:32:03 AM by NewsMaster

    • How do I submit an entry to the contests?
      If the contest is still active (the contest will indicate how much time is remaining to submit) then you will have a link that says “SUBMIT ENTRY” in the Contest options box on the upper left hand side of the contest page.

      Click it.

      Follow the on-screen instructions.
      Last updated: 3/25/2003 6:11:51 PM by NewsMaster

    • What are credits anyway?
      Credits are the reward points on the site. 1 credit is worth $0.05 USD. As registered users win photoshop contests they get credits, which are redeemable for real cash at the end of every month and are paid on the first week of the next month to member's paypal account, once a request for payment is made. (Members need to email us with a request for payment providing their paypal email to be paid to.

      Those who cannot use paypal will be paid by bank wire transfers (and will receive the instructions on what info they need to provide me for it, once they make a request for payment), but because of the wire fees you will need to accumulate at least $50 worth of credits if you want to be paid by wire.

      Current conversion rate is
      100 credits = $5

      As the site grows and we get more advertising income, we will try to increase the rate, but it will never go below $5 per 100 credits rate.

      To gain credits on this site, there are multiple ways:

      • 1 credit for a voting star if you also voted on every entry
      • 1 credit per caption submitted to any entry in an active contest
      • 1 credit per entry, no matter whether it wins any trophies. (If it does win any of the trophies it gets respective jackpot credit winnings added too)
      • 40 credits for third place in any contest
      • 60 credits for second place in any contest
      • 100 credits for first place in any contest

      Last updated: 12/29/2006 1:33:16 PM by Keb

    • What is the timing of any given contest?
      A new contest starts each day at 6:00 am EST. Submissions end the next day at 6:00 pm EST. Voting ends the next day at 6:00 am EST and the trophies are doled out after the first juror star is awarded.
      Last updated: 2/11/2006 9:55:35 AM by mashby

    • Can I submit entries after the submit deadline passed?
      Last updated: 10/23/2003 12:29:02 PM by NewsMaster

    • Do I have to find somewhere else to host and store my entries?
      No. We host everything for you.

      We even give you an on-site media folder to store files for other sites!
      Last updated: 3/25/2003 6:11:51 PM by NewsMaster

    • What size should entries be to fit on your page?
      Don’t worry about it. Freaking News will resize your images for you to best fit our site. Any entries over 500 pixels wide or 1,000 pixels high will automatically be sized to fit the contest view and registered users can still view the full size by clicking the view full link below each entry. Try to keep your images under 256,000 bytes in file size though.
      Last updated: 10/23/2006 8:22:33 PM by mashby

    • What happens if my entry is disqualified?
      The moderators will e-mail you with an explanation why.

      We have the huge headache of sorting through entries and many of them simply don't follow the rules because the creator didn't read them carefully. Please don't take it personally if we remove one of your images. To keep your stats clean, we completely remove disqualified images from the site rather than giving you a red flag on your stats page. You are free to to make changes and upload a new version at any time before the submit period ends for a particular contest.
      Last updated: 12/6/2003 11:30:15 PM by DakotaBoy88

    • What are the Apprentice Contests?
      Apprentice Contests are for those up and coming choppers who need a place to sharpen their teeth and hone their skills while competing with others doing the same thing.

      Anyone with less than 5 gold trophies of any type on their desk are welcome to participate.
      We will have many different type contests in the Apprentice area so be sure to read the contest directions carefully. You will normally have 3 days to submit your entry unless otherwise stated in the directions. Submitting it early will give you plenty of time to read the critique comments and edit your image accordingly. Typical Freaking News entry guidelines also apply. You can find them here.
      Last updated: 12/29/2006 1:38:45 PM by Keb


    • How does voting work at this site?
      Each registered member on the site has the ability to rate an image on a scale of 1 - 10. The better the image, the higher the number you should award. Giving a score that is highly deviant from the images' average score (i.e. giving a friends' poor image a 10 and it's competitors 1s) is considered deceptive practice and will reduce your karma - the impact your vote has on an image's average score in the future - considerably.
      Last updated: 3/25/2003 6:11:51 PM by NewsMaster

    • What is "voting karma" and how does it affect me?
      Karma is, in a nutshell, your voting power. Your karma is what determines how much weight your vote will carry toward the overall weighted average of the images you have rated. Karma bottoms out at 0 and tops out at 175. (If you have 100 karma and rate an image a 6, it's as if 100 people have rated that image a 6).

      • New users are at 1 karma, which means, basically, that when they vote a ten, it counts as 1 person rated the image a 10 toward the image's overall average.
      • The level of karma you have is automatically determined by your personal voting habits. It drops when you deliberately give an image what you don't think it deserves. It raises when you rate all the images in a contest fairly. Fair voters will quickly achieve karma of 175.
      • Jurors/admins are at 300 karma, which means that when they vote a ten, it counts as 300 tens towards the image's overall average.
      • To counteract lowballing during contests, we updated our voting karma reward/penalty system so that extremely low votes, which highly deviate from the mean vote, will be penalized with a conversely high karma loss. This system will protect all users who participate and vote in contests here at Freaking News.

      Last updated: 1/31/2006 6:12:36 PM by NewsMaster

    • What is "deviation", and how does it affect me?
      Deviation is one of the ways we determine your individual karma, or voting power. Your deviation score is a measure of just how far from each image's total weighted average score your rating is. It is not how far your rating deviates from an average rating of 5.

      In general, any overall deviation below 1.0 is good (i.e. realistically, your rating was within +-3 points of an images' average).
      If your deviation is below 1.0, then the following may apply to you:

      If you rate 100% of the entries in a contest with 20 or more rateable entries then you will receive +3 karma
      If you rate 90% of the entries in a contest with 20 or more rateable entries then you will receive +2 karma
      If you rate 75% of the entries in a contest with 20 or more rateable entries then you will receive +1 karma
      If you rate less then 75% you will not advance your karma at all.

      If your deviation is above a 1 then your karma will be deducted by your deviation * 10.

      How we determine deviation
      The premise behind this is that all voters who are voting fairly will fall into a range of +-3 of the average weighted score of that entry.

      (i.e. if an entry's average score is a 7.4, then anyone who votes within 4.4-10) is probably voting fairly.

      The further you are on the outside of that range, the higher your deviation will spring. Once you pass that range your deviation will skyrocket, as each new digit out of the range will be multiplied exponentially by the previous digit. Your deviation for each entry that you rated is then averaged out by the total number of entries in that contest to reach your final average result, which if you did everything fairly should result in a deviation of less than 1.

      Please note: this is not a system of punishment and reward, nor is it a judgement of your personal tastes. It's merely a way to measure your ability to discern actual image quality, and allows plenty of room for your individual tastes to come into play without damaging your karma. It maximizes the effects that consistantly fair and observant voters have on an entry's average, and minimizes the effects that "quirky" or downright dishonest voters can have.

      Trust us. It works.
      Last updated: 7/19/2003 10:26:06 PM by NewsMaster

    • What guidelines should I take into account when rating an entry?
      Please note that the following guidelines are mandatory.

      Using the available scale of 1 - 10 (one being the lowest and 10 being the highest):

      1. Before you rate any entry a 1, you should really flag it and not waste time voting it as a 1. If it's so bad as to deserve a 1, it shouldn't be on Freaking News. We don't need to list examples. You'll know them when you see them.
      2. Any entry that is horrible. It should also be flagged.

        EXAMPLE: Photoshop - Brutal blending and jagged layer edges.

      3. An entry that is below average. Definitely needs that extra hour of work or thought. Easy things have been ignored.
      4. An entry that could have been good, but is missing that extra 15 minutes of work or thought behind it.
      5. It's average. Not great, not bad.
      6. It's better than average.
      7. It's much better than average. Great idea and execution.
      8. Terrific idea and terrific execution makes this entry more than "just being great".
      9. This is almost perfect and looks like professionally done image you'd see in magazines and media.
      10. This is professionally done and is PERFECT in every possible way. There is not a single flaw in the image and the idea behind it is brilliant. This is one of the most amazing entries I have ever seen on the site.

      Last updated: 2/16/2006 10:04:26 AM by NewsMaster

    • Do I have to vote on each image?
      Ideally, yes, but we recognize it’s not always possible. It is considered good citizenship to rate all of the entries in any contest that you have entered. The new voting system at Freaking News will increase the impact your vote has (your karma) if you rate as many of the entries in a contest as possible. If you do not rate the entries in a contest that you yourself have entered, your stats page will show a no-vote for each image you had entered in that particular contest. Although no-votes don't harm you, not having them is a sign of good citizenship.
      Last updated: 12/6/2003 11:37:28 PM by DakotaBoy88

    • Do others know who made my entry during voting?
      No, your identity remains hidden until the contest has ended. Voters will not know whose image they are seeing when they are voting. Some people may choose to put signatures on their images, but aside from that there are no indications as to the author until the contest has ended. Keep in mind that while the system is really only intended to be pseudo-anonymous, since you are allowed to reveal yourself as the author if you choose, you are *not* allowed to post another author's name revealing his or her entry while the contest is active. In other words, if you know who did what, that's fine, but keep it to yourself, please.
      Last updated: 10/23/2003 1:05:12 PM by NewsMaster

    • Is there a way to vote on multiple entries simultaneously?
      Yes, using the contest cache page you can vote on 20 entries at once (or all entries at once - though that is not recommended in contests with more than 30 entries as your page may timeout during peak traffic hours). You can also comment on all images at the same time. It’s much more efficient and is strongly recommended to vote this way.
      Last updated: 3/30/2003 10:42:52 AM by NewsMaster

    • Am I allowed to use two different accounts?
      No. Never. Under no circumstances. Don't. You need special administrative permission to switch to a new account once you have opened one up (and then both accounts will not be allowed to be simultaneously active).
      Last updated: 3/25/2003 6:11:51 PM by NewsMaster

    • What is a No-Vote? What are the ramifications for getting one?
      A No-Vote is a demerit received by a user who enters an image in a contest and then doesn't vote in said contest. The ramifications may include a smack in the face and possibly having all of their love notes burned in an attempt to promote global warming. To stress this point, no-votes don't necessarily harm you, but NOT having them is a sign of good citizenship and may lead to the success of Al Gore.
      Last updated: 7/24/2007 10:18:33 PM by mashby

    • What is the Jury?
      It's made up of a rotating staff of site users who have a voting karma of 300, twice that of a normal user. They are there to ensure that anyone who is cheating by having friends vote for only them will be balanced out with the jury's weighted votes. Jurors and other staff are not affected by deviation for this reason.

      They also award stars to the best images in the contest, regardless of the images' scores.

      To be eligible for the jury you must have a 175 karma, and the administration will handle each application for jury duty on an individual basis-- it's not an automated "status" thing, you must be chosen for jury duty based on your overall citizenship, attitude and participation which includes but is not limited to your karma.
      Last updated: 1/31/2006 6:13:37 PM by NewsMaster


    • Why do some words change automatically?
      You’ve just met Freaking News’ infamous word filter . Here is a probably not up-to-date list of translated words currently in the filter.
      Last updated: 10/23/2003 1:13:47 PM by NewsMaster

    • What is inappropriate behavior in the forums?
      Acting badly. We’ll keep this description vague because we trust you are grown up enough to recognize when you are acting disruptive or counterproductive to someone else's enjoyment of the site. Some specific details are displayed in the site guidelines. You can also find some useful tips and specifics in the chatguidelines, all of which pretty much apply to the forums, too.

      Please note that database space isn't cheap and isn't infinite. Posting incoherent nonsense just for the heck of it not only annoys the other users but also wastes our space. While we encourage you to voice your opinions, note that we're hypersensitive to people deliberately posting comments that are wasteful or have the potential to start a flame war, which is possibly the most blatant waste of space there is.

      In addition, you should be aware that posting a suicide note (any post stating that you intend to leave the site because you are unhappy with our policies/administration; ie, "You guys are mean, I'm taking my ball and going home") will result in your immediate banning. We assume that since you are leaving, you will no longer need access to your account anyway. If you should happen to change your mind, you'll need to contact the admins directly to explain and/or apologize before you can be reinstated.
      Last updated: 10/23/2003 1:15:51 PM by NewsMaster

    • What kind of feedback is forbidden on entries?
      Purely negative feedback is inappropriate and will not be tolerated. Users here like advice as long as they have requested it, and if they have, you can post constructive advice, but only if it is polite and clearly not antagonistic. If there is a critic in you just dying to come out, submit amazing works of art of your own, and in time folks will realize your talent and personally request your advice.

      Accusations of "stealing" an idea and/or an image from another website, links to a similar image, or any other slur are also inappropriate comments that should be *privately* directed to the moderators via email, or by flagging the entry, rather than posted to the entry in question.
      Last updated: 12/6/2003 11:44:36 PM by DakotaBoy88

    • Can I can be notified of replies to comments?
      Yes. You can check off this option in your User Profile.
      Last updated: 10/23/2003 1:17:22 PM by NewsMaster

    • How do I set up a forum signature and a picture?
      You can add these options in your User Profile. Please keep all avatars under 100KB regardless of where they are stored.
      Last updated: 6/12/2006 10:34:52 AM by mashby

    • How do I include formatting in my comments and text entries?
      Internet Explorer users can use the shortcut bar. Users can also use the following code:

      • BOLD - [B] word [/B]
      • ITALICS - [I] word [/I]
      • IMAGE - [IMAGE]http://www.freakingnews.com/image.gif[/IMAGE]
      • WEB ADDRESS - [URL="http://www.freakingnews.com"] text goes here [/URL]
      • LIST - [LI] text1 goes here
        [LI] text2 goes here
        [LI] etc...
        To make a numbered list enclose the above list tags in between [OL] and [/OL] tags. To make a bulleted list enclose the above LI tags in between [UL] and [/UL] tags.
      • QUOTE - [REPLY] text goes here [/REPLY] or [QUOTE] text goes here [/QUOTE]
      • SARCASM - [SARCASM] text goes here [/SARCASM]
      • SPOILER - [SPOILER] text goes here [/SPOILER]
      • - :)
      • - ;)
      • - :D
      • - :P
      • - 8)
      • - :(

      Last updated: 12/24/2003 2:52:24 PM by RealMeert

    • How do I contact other users off-site?
      Click on the message link. E-mail addresses are never displayed on the site so as to prevent SPAM filters from picking them up.
      Last updated: 10/23/2006 7:29:09 PM by mashby

    • What does my forum status mean?
      It is a list of political offices in no certain order and some other silly things added for the fun of it.
      It changes based on your site rank ( number of contest entries + (messages posted *10) ).

      For now though here is the list of levels:

      1. Burger Flipper (all nubile young things start here)
      2. Wal Mart Greeter
      3. Government Cheese
      4. Flori-duh Voter
      5. Student Council
      6. Hall Monitor
      7. Teacher's Pet
      8. Student Body President
      9. Party Chairman
      10. Union Hack
      11. Alderman
      12. City Council Representative
      13. Joe Taxpayer
      14. Speech Writer
      15. Jimbo Rocks
      16. Governor
      17. UN Ambassador
      18. Chief Justice
      19. White House Intern
      20. Political Science Professor
      21. O'Reilly's Rebel
      22. Swing Voter
      23. Director of the FBI
      24. Assistant District Attorney
      25. Senator
      26. National Security Advisor
      27. Secretary of Health & Human Services
      28. Secretary of Homeland Security
      29. Secretary of Housing and Urban Development
      30. Secretary of Interior
      31. Secretary of Labor
      32. Secretary of State
      33. Secretary of Transportation
      34. Secretary of Treasury
      35. Secretary of Veteran Affairs
      36. Attorney General
      37. Director of National Drug Control Policy
      38. Presidential Chief of Staff
      39. Director of the CIA
      40. Vice President
      41. President
      42. Commander in Chief

      Last updated: 12/4/2003 6:51:05 AM by RealMeert





    • Who are the Jurors at Freaking News?
      There are three clans of jurors:
      Democrat Jurors
      Independent Jurors
      Republican Jurors

      Last updated: 12/4/2006 8:36:20 PM by mashby

    • What can a member of the jury do?
      Jury members have the power to award 1 - 10 points per entry.

      Jurors have a fixed karma (voting power) of 300 which never decreases.

      Jurors can flag/unflag/delete the entries which don't follow the submission or contest standards, as well as any offensive comments or forum postings.

      Jurors have access to live help channel, and can act as live help representatives responding to live help requests from other members.

      After the contest has ended each juror have the right to choose images from the contest that they felt stood out from the others, even if they did not win the contest. These entries will appear on a separate screen called "Jury's Pick."
      Last updated: 1/31/2006 6:15:46 PM by NewsMaster

    • What does being a juror require of me?
      Helping the site whenever you happen to be on Freaking News. It does not mean we require that you spend gazillions of hours on the site, but whenever you do visit, and see the flashing flag symbols (on the top of the menu bar), don't hesitate to click on it and use your jury power to resolve the issue. Clicking on a flashing sign of flagged entry or posting/comment will take you to the image queue or text queue respectively. Once you reach the queue, you will have a choice of whether to delete, disqualify or unflag the flagged entry, as well as leave comments to other jurors on the reasons of taking any of the above actions. You will also have an option to anomymously send a warning to the author of the flagged entry (it will be signed and sent from "site admin") explaining why the entry was inappropriate (if so). Because of the nature of our site - news - we have to publish in real time, with real time c.e.n.s.o.r.i.n.g too. So all the entries are published first, but those which don't follow submission/contest standards should be promptly flagged and removed by jurors.

      If you happen to see a flashing live help symbol - , please use your jury power to respond to live help requests by one of the site members who is experiencing technical difficulty or needs a question answered.

      Jurors are expected to vote on as many entries as possible. Needless to say, it also requires fairness and equality.
      Last updated: 8/29/2006 4:30:12 PM by mashby

    • What benefit do I receive from doing this?
      Crucial cardiovascular finger/wrist workouts. But more importantly being one of the leaders of your clan, and the whole community of Freaking News. You will see that you put an extra effort into the site, but you get trust and respect from the site members and other jurors/admins, and become a true leader in the elite community.
      Last updated: 10/25/2003 4:24:04 PM by NewsMaster

    • Where do I sign up?
      Message me with your interest. You must have a karma of 175 and been an active member of the site for at least three months before you can be considered though.
      Last updated: 5/5/2005 11:56:22 PM by NewsMaster


    • How do I upload a photo?
      1. Click on browse and a menu will pop up with all the files on your computer. Find the photo you would like to upload from your hard drive, and hit "Open," Select File" or whatever the equivalent of 'Choose this file' is.
      2. Give the image a short name that is descriptive. (i.e. Call a photo of an ambulance: Ambulance).
      3. Choose an appropriate category from the drop-down menu.
      4. Enter six keywords that describe the image: a keyword is a word or phrase that is entered by a user who is searching for a photo. So a keyword can actually be more than two words (i.e. if you enter in "Hillary Clinton" as a single keyword, then a user who only searches for Hillary will turn up no results.) Therefore it's a good idea if you are entering more than one word in a keyword field (usually when entering someone's name), you should enter it in as follow:

        Keyword 1: Hillary Clinton
        Keyword 2: Hillary
        Keyword 3: Clinton

        etc.....you should also enter in some keywords that describe your photo:

        Keyword 4: First Lady
        Keyword 5: senator
        Keyword 6: democrat

        Enter any additional info and hit submit. If you are uploading multiple files of the same topic you may wish to check off the "Memorize info" checkbox so that you do not need to keep entering information for each photo you upload.

      Last updated: 3/25/2003 9:14:24 PM by NewsMaster

    • How do I download a photo?
      Search by category: Choose a category from the drop down menu, and then choose a sub category from the new drop down menu that appears. (i.e. If you're looking for a photo of Hillary Clinton Look under the category "People" and subcategory "Politicians").

      Search by Keyword: Enter in a keyword or phrase that describes the image you are looking for and hit Search. Pretty simple. For the record, we tried to make this process as simple as possible, therefore query searches using conjunction words or symbols (i.e. Hillary AND Clinton or "Hillary Clinton") is not a requirement when searching. Just do it the simple way. Type in: Hillary Clinton.
      Last updated: 3/25/2003 9:15:12 PM by NewsMaster

    • Can I keep track of my uploads?
      Yes, through the User Gallery link on your stats pages. This allows you to keep track of what you have uploaded to the site.
      Last updated: 3/25/2003 10:26:40 PM by NewsMaster

    • What types of files can I upload? Photoshop files?
      In general we prefer high resolution files with the JPG file extensions as they are most common and easy to work with. Photoshop files are not supported as web browsers can not display photoshop files.

      Try to upload as sharp and large an image as possible, but make sure it does not go higher than 256,000 bytes. We have placed this limitation to keep the server from being inundated with ridiculously large file sizes.
      Last updated: 10/23/2006 7:31:53 PM by mashby

    • Are there any rules about what can be uploaded?
      Please review the site guidelines for the list of what cannot be uploaded.
      Last updated: 3/25/2003 10:29:19 PM by NewsMaster




    • What are the user comments?
      User comments are registered users' comments on this specific entry. You can message users privately, reply to their comments (by clicking reply) or alert moderators to any innapropriate comments by clicking the "alert mods" link.
      Last updated: 1/5/2004 6:38:27 AM by RealMeert

    • How do I vote?
      You must be logged in to vote (and comment).

      Read this section; it should answer this question.
      Last updated: 12/6/2006 11:38:18 PM by mashby

    • What do the entry stats mean?
      Score: The total accumulated number of points awarded from registered users.
      Avg Rating: The average rating awarded.
      # of Votes: The total number of voters to rate the image.
      Rank: The placement of your entry out of the other entries.
      Grade: Your percentile ranking translated into a letter grade.
      Views: The total number of times your image has been viewed.
      Comments: The total number of comments on your image.
      Emails: The total number of times your entry has been e-mailed to others.
      Favorites: The total number of times someone has added the image to their favorites.
      Last updated: 3/25/2003 6:11:51 PM by NewsMaster

    • What does the entry info contain?
      It contains the timestamp the entry was entered into our system. It also contains the entry type, whether it's an edited image, animation, text entry, photograph, illustration or other type of contest entry.

      Additionally, entry creators and moderators can edit the entry following the EDIT ENTRY link. Users can also alert moderators about the image using the ALERT MODS link.
      Last updated: 3/25/2003 6:11:51 PM by NewsMaster

    • What are the vote stats?
      The Vote Stats appear differently depending on whether or not the contest is active or ended.

      If the contest is ended it will show a graphic breakdown of how many of each number were awarded for each entry.
      Last updated: 12/6/2006 11:41:42 PM by mashby

    • How do I post a comment?
      First off, remember than criticism (even constructive!) is not allowed to be posted on an image unless you are a juror or the creator specifically requests it in their author comments.

      Simply fill out the form with any relevant comments you would like to make on this image and hit submit.

      Also, note that if you are the creator and you choose to respond to a comment on your image prior to the contests' ending, you will be revealing your identity.
      Last updated: 3/25/2003 6:11:51 PM by NewsMaster

    • What do the user comments do?
      The user comments display comments from registered members on that specific entry.

      You can message users privately, respond to posted comments publicly (by clicking REPLY), or alert moderators to any innapropriate comments by clicking the icon.
      Last updated: 3/25/2003 6:11:51 PM by NewsMaster


    • What does the Site News tell me?
      The site news links take you to recent administrative announcements that are important for all members to read. Additionally, you can reply to the announcements (either to ask questions about the announcements or to make additional suggestions regarding the announcements).

      It's very important that you check the site news often as it's a busy site and new announcements are posted almost every day.
      Last updated: 3/25/2003 6:11:51 PM by NewsMaster

    • What does the poll do?
      The poll lets us get feedback from you via an informal (non-scientific) poll. The polls run for a specified time limit, after which the options no longer appear.

      Additionally, it should be noted that you can only vote once on a poll. If you try to vote twice, your vote won't count.
      Last updated: 3/25/2003 6:11:51 PM by NewsMaster

    • What is the Picture of the Day?
      The picture of the day (or POTD) is a fantastic image selected from our archives by a site moderator each day. They are usually terrific representations of the talent available in Freaking News' galleries and well worth the daily viewing.

      They appear on the site each night at midnight EST.
      Last updated: 10/23/2003 3:24:36 PM by NewsMaster

    • What are the active contests?
      Active contests are contest in which either voting, submission (or both) are still ongoing. In other words, it's any contest in which you can still sway the outcome somehow.

      If the header above the contest says "Submit Entries!" then you can still make an entry for that contest (before the time, indicated in red below the header, runs out).

      If the header says "Vote Now!" then you can still vote for all the entries in that contest (before the time, indicated in red below the header, runs out). In some cases, it is also possible to still submit.

      Underneath each contest you have some of the following options:

      • Vote - Vote and browse the current entries.
      • Get info - Get the contest rules for this specific contest.
      • Submit - Submit an entry to the contest.

      Last updated: 12/9/2003 9:18:37 AM by NewsMaster

    • What are the ended contests?
      Ended contests are all contests of the same type (i.e. Advanced photoshop) that have ended.

      Next to the contest title you can see the dates the contest ran from. Below that you will see a brief description of the contest gallery.

      You will also have the option of "Browsing All" and "Browsing the Best" entries. "All" shows you every single entry that was listed in the contest by the end. "Best" shows you only those entries that were awarded jury picks (which takes place after the contest has ended).

      The last 10 ended contests are listed. The first ended contest in the list also displays the top 3 winning entries from that contest, along with the trophies the players won (gold, silver and bronze).
      Last updated: 3/25/2003 6:11:51 PM by NewsMaster

    • What are the articles?
      Articles are user submitted articles that can range from photoshop tutorials to reviews of software. Feel free to submit your own!
      Last updated: 3/25/2003 6:11:51 PM by NewsMaster


    • How do I log in to the site and what does that mean?
      Logging in allows the system to identify and track your account for you. If you do not log in, you cannot post comments or upload entries because the system will not know where the information is coming from.

      You can login here.

      Please note that you must enable cookies in order to login to Freaking News.
      Last updated: 10/23/2003 2:23:46 PM by NewsMaster

    • What do I do if I have problems logging in?
      There are 4 possibilities:
      1. You made a typo somewhere. You will get a red error message box saying it couldn't find your information in the database if so.
      2. You have not confirmed your e-mail account. You will get a red error message box telling you if that's the case. It will also provide you with the link to retrieve the confirmation e-mail. If the e-mail doesn't arrive, pop into LiveHelp and a Freaking News staff member will help activate it for you.
      3. You never registered in the first place.You will get a red error message box saying it couldn't find your information in the database if so.
      4. The final possibility is the most common: You do not have cookies enabled. You must have cookies enabled for the Freaking News site in order to login! Internet Explorer users can take the following steps to enable cookies for Freaking News:
        • On the browser window's menu bar, go to Tools ] Internet Options.
        • You will see a bunch of tabs on the top.
        • Click on the Privacy tab.
        • Find where it says "Web sites: To override cookie handling... etc.." and click the Edit button.
        • Now enter the following addresses one by one and click "Allow" each time


        • When you are done, hit OK and close the menu.
          now close off all open browser windows.
          open the login page:


          enter your username and password (log in)

      Last updated: 10/23/2003 2:37:02 PM by NewsMaster


    • How can I participate in chat?
      Chat is a fun way to meet your fellow users and get to know the community here, and we encourage all new users to drop in and say hi. The admins all hang out there too, and are available to answer any questions or help you out with any problems you may have encountered on the site. Let us welcome you!

      FreakingNews has three chatrooms, one for all members, and two for staff only. All are accessible through the chat applet on the site, or you can connect to them via an irc client such as mIRC or Trillian (Snak or ircLE for mac users) on irc2.darkmyst.org.

      #freakingnews- our main channel, which acts as a help desk for the site and a place for new users to meet the admins and their fellow users in a friendly, sedate, moderated environment.
      Last updated: 8/15/2006 7:37:49 AM by mashby

    • What are the rules for participating in chat?
      The general rules for chat apply to all channels. Personal, social, or random topics are fine in #freakingnews as are site or photoshop specific discussions, but the basic rules will still apply.

      The most important rule here is the golden rule- treat others as you wish to be treated- with respect. Use common sense. If an admin, a channel operator (anyone with an in front of their name), or a more experienced user tells you that you are out of line, accept it gracefully and adjust your behaviour accordingly. If you are asked by an op (channel operator) to leave any room, do so immediately, or you will be kicked, and probably banned.

      Last updated: 8/15/2006 7:39:19 AM by mashby

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