Freak Show
17 entries - contest ended 7/23/2014

It's the Freak Show time of the week... Get your whips ready and get the freaking circus started! In this contest you can photoshop and exhibit anything you wish (standard site rules still apply). This is basically a weekly exhibition of your creative works with no "contest restrictions". Many thanks to Rickytrek1 for the themepost.

Historical Figures Nowadays
37 entries - contest ended 7/22/2014

British history channel Yesterday hired several digital artists for three months, under close supervision of the esteemed historians, to create a series of pictures showing how famous historical figures may would look today. The chops look interesting, but at the same time you can see some blending flaws and missing shadows... With all die respect to Yesterday channel, the artists have created only five "chops" in three months.... seriously? So our very own Icy suggested that we show them how many quality chops we can create in 3 days, instead of 3 months. Watch this, Yesterday channel!
Take any famous historical figures from the old paintings and show how they would look these days - give them some modern clothes and put them into any modern environment, like taxman Napoleon in the themepost by Hitspinner.

News in Pictures, July 14 - 20
12 entries - contest ended 7/21/2014

Create images of something that happened in the news during July 14 - 20, 2014.
The submission span for this weekly "News in pictures" contest are open for the whole 7 days - Monday through Sunday, followed by a day for voting (next Monday). Now you can chop and submit news as soon as it happens, without waiting for a weekend.
News in Pictures contest now has double jackpots: 1st place: $10, 2nd place: $6, 3rd place: $4, 4th place: $2.
In the Creator's Comments, it is mandatory to link to a news story. You should use this format to make a link: [URL=""] news title[/URL]
Keep the BLACK as is, replace GREEN with the link, and replace the RED with the news story title.
( Themepost image credit: Reuters )

Swinging Gorilla
24 entries - contest ended 7/20/2014

This Friday we continue our freaking experiment with provided source images. Gorillas are the largest primates by physical size. They are ground-dwelling and live mostly in the South African forests and eat ground plants and tree leafs. Thanks to their long arms gorillas can swing on tree branches and move from tree to tree at speeds of about 5 miles an hour. They use trees not only as a source of food, but also to hide from the ground predators. The gorilla's DNA is 95% the same as human's.
Photoshop this photo of a baby swinging gorilla any way you wish.

Rembrandt 2014
27 entries - contest ended 7/19/2014

July 15 is the 408th birthday of Rembrandt van Rijn, one of the most famous painters in history and the most famous Dutch painter. After becoming famous, Rembrandt taught many artists in his Dutch studio for over 20 years - the period that historians call the Dutch Golden Age. During this period the Dutch style of painting was largely shaped by Rembrandt studio influenced the future generations of Dutch artists.
Photoshop any Rembrandt art works any way you wish. Some examples are: show what Rembrandt art would be like if he created it nowadays. Would he be creating advertisements and movie posters? Would Rembrandt paint modern celebrities? Would he be using photoshop for his art? These are just some ideas. The themepost for today's contest was made by Chili who recently passed away. RIP Chili, this contest is in your honor.

Lionel Messi
22 entries - contest ended 7/18/2014

While Argentina lost the 2014 FIFA World Cup to Germany, Argentina's Lionel Messi was awarded the Golden Ball, as the tournament's best player. He also got four Man of the Match awards through the tournament - more than any other player. Messi is a fantastic footballer and his role in getting Argentina to the finals is indisputable. It was a very close game too, "the German machine" could only beat Argentina in overtime (and just compare this to Germany beating Brazil 7:1).
Photoshop Lionel Messi any way you wish. Many thanks to Wanderer for the themepost.

Viva, Germany!
17 entries - contest ended 7/17/2014

This Sunday we continue our freaking experiment with provided source images. Today's photo comes from the 2014 FIFA World Cup final game between Germany and Argentina. We congratulate Germany with winning this World Cup and becoming champions for the fourth time! The 2018 FIFA World Cup is scheduled to take place in Russia.
Photoshop this photo of Mario Goetze with Thomas Muller celebrating the Germany's winning goal against Argentina.

Moon Landing Hoax
4 entries - contest started 7/22/2014 8:00:00 AM

July 20 marked the 45th anniversary of the moon landing, when Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin turned a new page in space exploration by landing and walking on the moon. To commemorate this 45th anniversary, Discovery channel published a set of rare photos from the Apollo 11 mission. There is a growing number of people, however, that consider July 20 to be the anniversary of the moon landing HOAX, especially in the light of the 2009 NASA statement that all original recordings of the moon landing (and that's over 700 boxes) were erased by mistake. Well, not to worry, folks, Freaking News is here to save the world yet again.
Show any evidence that moon landing was a staged hoax. (Some examples could be showing the "uncut version" of the moon landing photos, showing it was a staged photo set.) Many thanks to alfie1977corona for the themepost.

Degas 2014
9 entries - contest started 7/21/2014 8:00:00 AM

July 19 was the 180th birthday of one of the most famous French artists - Edgar Degas. He is regarded as one of the founders of Impressionism, even though he more preferred to be called a realist. Degas started painting seriously very early in his life. Obsessed with painting, he turned his room into an artist studio by the age of 18. His father - a wealthy French banker - was originally against Edgar's love for art and wanted him to become a lawyer instead. At the age of 21, Degas dropped out of Law school and went to Italy for three years where he copied the works of Michelangelo, Raphael and Titian. Degas talent flourished under the guidance of his first teacher Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres, whose first advice to Edgar was "draw lines, young man, many lines..."
To mark the 180th birthday of Edgar Degas, show how his paintings would be different if he created them nowadays - e.g. including modern elements in his works, making them promote and endorse products and services, including celebrities and politicians in his art, hiring Degas to do movie posters, etc. Many thanks to pcrdds for the themepost.

Remembering James Garner
16 entries - contest started 7/20/2014 8:00:00 AM

American actor James Garner passed away on Saturday. He was 86. While he's had many solid roles on the big screen, Garner is best known for hit TV series "Maverick" in the 50s, and "The Rockford Files" in the 70s. Come to think of it they are almost 20 years apart! His biggest passion outside of acting was car racing. Garner is yet another Hollywood icon we've lost in 2014. He will be missed, and his legacy and his movies will stay with the generations of fans.
To pay tributes to James Garner, photoshop him any way you wish.

Picture of the day

picture of the day

Thomas Muller
7 entries - apprentice contest ended 7/19/2014