Remembering Spock
21 entries - contest ended 3/3/2015

American actor Leonard Nimoy died in Los Andeles following a long battle with a lung disease (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease). Nimoy was best known for his iconic role of Mr. Spock in the Star Trek series. Doctors said the lung disease he had is a result of Nimoy's heavy smoking for decades. He stopped smoking over 30 years ago, but his lungs were already damaged. Millions of Star Trek fans mourn his death today. Nimoy's last tweet was on February 23: "Life is like a garden. Perfect moments can be had, but not preserved, except in memory."
RIP Leonard, you will be missed. To pay tributes to Leonard Nimoy, photoshop him any way you wish.

News in Pictures, February 23 - March 1
10 entries - contest ended 3/2/2015

Create images of something that happened in the news during February 23 - March 1, 2015. The submission span for this weekly "News in pictures" contest are open for the whole 7 days - Monday through Sunday, followed by a day for voting (next Monday). Now you can chop and submit news as soon as it happens, without waiting for a weekend. News in Pictures contest now has double jackpots: 1st place: $10, 2nd place: $6, 3rd place: $4, 4th place: $2.
In the Creator's Comments, it is mandatory to link to a news story. You should use this format to make a link: [URL=""] news title[/URL]
Keep the BLACK as is, replace GREEN with the link, and replace the RED with the news story title.
( Themepost image credit: Reuters )

Kissing Travolta
32 entries - contest ended 3/1/2015

John Travolta raised some eyebrows at the Oscars when he unexpectedly hugged and kissed Scarlett Johansson. Photoshop John Travolta kissing and/or hugging people, animals, or objects. Remember to keep your entries Safe For Work. Many thanks to Wanderer for the themepost.

Eyeglasses in Art
41 entries - contest ended 2/27/2015

The first eyeglasses were invented and made in Italy around 1280, and while their popularity grew, the first artwork that depicts sunglasses appeared only in 1352. It was a portrait of Cardinal Hugo of Provence at his writing desk, painted by Italian master Tomaso de Mondena. The reason why eyeglasses were very rarely used in portraits was that on the design side they were quite bulky and ugly. It was not til the 19th century that eyeglasses became stylish, modern, and popular so much that people liked to be photographed and painted with them. Let us show how famous paintings would look if characters there were depicted with eyeglasses (modern or antique). Please note that we focus on eyeglasses with lenses, not sunglasses. Please refer to the themepost example by Mundo.

Freak Show
27 entries - contest ended 2/26/2015

It's the Freak Show time of the week... Get your whips ready and get the freaking circus started! In this contest you can photoshop and exhibit anything you wish (standard site rules still apply). This is basically a weekly exhibition of your creative works with no "contest restrictions". Many thanks to anavrin2009 for the themepost.

Emma Watson dating Prince Harry
21 entries - contest ended 2/25/2015

Hermione Granger has been secretly dating Harry after all... Prince Harry. Apparently the couple have been dating for a while, but so secretly that the news broke only now.
Show any evidence that Prince Harry and Emma Watson are dating. Examples include: showing where they might be going on their secret dates, their romantic photos together, etc.
Our weekly Freak Show contest (which should have run today) has been rescheduled for Monday :)

Performing Gymnast
27 entries - contest ended 2/24/2015

The uneven bars is a relatively new kind of gymnastics. It is a purely feminine sport that originated from men's parallel bars in the 50s. The upper bar is set at 8.2 ft (250 centimeters), and the lower bar is at 5.6 ft (170 centimeters).
Photoshop this photo of American gymnast Shawn Johnson performing at the uneven bars any way you wish.

Half Animals
0 entries - contest started 3/3/2015 8:00:00 AM

Google Street uses panoramic technology to make photos. Unfortunately this technology does not work well on moving objects, often creating freaks like this half cat.
Create half animals by reducing their length and number of legs, similar to the themepost by lucianomorelli.

Renoir 2015
18 entries - contest started 3/2/2015 8:00:00 AM

February 25 is the birthday of a French artist Pierre-Auguste Renoir who was a leading painter in the development of the Impressionist style. Renoir is considered a celebrator of beauty, and especially feminine sensuality, and it has been said that "Renoir is the final representative of a tradition which runs directly from Rubens to Watteau". Renoir was born in a working-class French family. During his childhood years, Pierre-Auguste worked in a porcelain factory where his drawing talents led to him being chosen to paint designs on fine china. He then started painting hangings for overseas missionaries and decorations on fans before finally deciding to enroll in art school.
Photoshop any painting by Pierre-Auguste Renoir to include some modern elements in it. Think of product placements, celebrities, modern architecture, and even sci-fi features, etc. and show how Renoir paintings would be different if he painted them in the modern days. Note: If you use any of Renoir's paintings with "nude subjects", please cover them up with bikini before submitting. Many thanks to Evirio for the themepost.

Freak Show
17 entries - contest started 3/1/2015 8:00:00 AM

It's the Freak Show time of the week... Get your whips ready and get the freaking circus started! In this contest you can photoshop and exhibit anything you wish (standard site rules still apply). This is basically a weekly exhibition of your creative works with no "contest restrictions". Many thanks to berdulano for the themepost.

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