Year of Rat
Contest Directions: 2008 is a Year of the Rat. Being the first sign in the Chinese zodiac, rat is a natural leader and conquerer but is also considered a protector of wealth and bringer of material prosperity.
In this contest you are asked to photoshop rats in one way or another wishing a Happy New Year 2008. Since rats and mice are very similar we will also allow any entries with mice in this contest.
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  • 2008 Cheese with Rats

    2008 Cheese with Rats
  • Happy Year of the Rat

    Happy Year of the Rat
  • Spiderman Rat

    Spiderman Rat
  • Year of the Rat Party

    Year of the Rat Party
  • Chinese Year of Rat

    Chinese Year of Rat
  • Rat on a Beach

    Rat on a Beach
  • Rat in Champagne

    Rat in Champagne
  • Happy New Year Rat

    Happy New Year Rat
  • Happy Year of the Rat

    Happy Year of the Rat
  • Happy New Year 2008

    Happy New Year 2008
  • Happy New Year 2008 Chinese Rat

    Happy New Year 2008 Chinese Rat
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This contest is fueled by the following news: As per the Eastern horoscope, the forthcoming year 2008 is the year of the Mouse (rat). The rat is the first sign of the Chinese zodiac. As per the eastern calendar, the Year of the rat starts the 12 years cycle. People born in the year of the Rat are charming and highly friendly, smart, flexible and clever and noticeable, have a luxuriant imagination and time sense. Understanding the rats is not simple, because they are very contradictory and special. Rats are social and fascinating, but seriously they are very much interested in their own things and problems, like to throw words around, but their personal problems are kept secret. Some of the rats may commit rash hasty steps, but preserve a stainless reputation. The year of the rat (mouse) – characteristics of the sign: This sign symbolizes wealth and success. People who were born in this year are unreasonably economical, punctual in spending funds, some times genuine and very economical. Their character is kind, open and forgiving. But relations with friends and known people may be saddened with extra critics and the straight forwardness of discussions. People of this sign are quiet tempered like children and violent, and may roughly splash their emotions over smaller issues. High intelligence, purposeful, the ability to earn money and the saving of it, frequently this makes them very rich and successful people. In love – serious and well based. They are outstanding lovers, which are capable of beautiful and confirmed steps. They rarely fall in love. Many people among the representatives of this sign are single lovers. If not their infinite egoism, attraction to the external newness and changing of scenarios, their family relations might be ideal. The best joint love partners for the rat are the dragon or monkey. Year of the land mouse 2008: As per the subtlety of the East, the animal horoscope says that the Mouse – Rat is a good sign and it promises wealth and success. How to celebrate the year of the land mouse in 2008 The basic colors for celebrating the year of the Mouse (Rat): white, gray, mustard and silver. Single shade dresses are better. Color prints are not desirable. Peculiarities of the New Year table for the Year of the Land Mouse in 2008: It is desirable to prepare many dishes, decorate the table with fruits and different types of cheese. The sign of the Rat (mouse) as per Chinese horoscope. Symbolic aspects: In east, rats are interpreted in other way than in the West, where its negative tendencies are related. In India, the rat is considered as an animal-vehicle of the elephant headed God Ganesh, who is the god of learning, in Japan, as a life partner of the wealth God. Here as in China, the absence of rats in the house and yard is considered as an alarming sign (this is similar to the expression, as per which rats vacate the ship before being submerged). When a rat bites, then "it counts the money" and in China the miser is called a "money rat". In Southern China, it is treated as a cultural hero, which brings rice to the people. From the other side of China, rats are often considered as demons, for example, as the masculine likeness of feminine fox spirits. Intellectual aspects: Depending on the elements, there are "different" Rats: Land Rat (year of birth 1948) – they are practical and reasonable; Iron Rat (Year 1960) – will and fascination; Water rat (Year 1972) – calculated and artistic; Wooden Rat (Year 1984) – quick temper and hard working. "Grown up Water" – this is the strong and complete, boiling, powerful flowing water, that’s why astrologists assign to the person-Rat (Mouse) liveliness of behavior, freshness and cheerfulness of the soul (like water) - fussy, controversy in work, ability to “sharpen the stones” by their un-noticeable but painstaking work like water. Water, at the same time is dark and capable to hide any secrets. The basic features of the character of a person born in the Year of the Rat – as per the Japan horoscope calendar (Mice – as per Vietnamese version) – in the eyes of surrounding people they look sympathetic, social and joyful. However such impressions are illusory. A fussy, uneasy nature is hidden beyond the fascinating appearance and enlarging character. This shortfall will be put down by a huge effort of will by the Rat. It carefully hides its concern from the people and skillfully retains their personal secrets from outside eyes. The Years of Rat: 1972, 1984, 1996, 2008 and others are correlated with the "red character" – the years will be fussy and uneasy, containing continuous potting, from attempts to made everything accurately and clearly. The nearest "Rat" year, the year 2008, for the Land Rat – this will be the year of "persistent", fights and work, as the mouse is very hard working and practical! It starts from the 19th of February. On the eve of the year, for rats, it is favorable to buy any hamster (rodent) – or put in the corner of the room, at least symbolically, "food" for mice, wear Mickey Mouse masks or watch cartoons with his participation.

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  • Started: 1/1/2008 06:00
  • Ended: 1/3/2008 06:00
  • Level: advanced
  • Entries: 11
  • Jackpot:
  • FN Advanced 1st Place $5
  • FN Advanced 2nd Place $3
  • FN Advanced 3rd Place $2
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