World Turtle Day

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  • Started: 5/21/2009 15:00
  • Ended: 5/24/2009 17:00
  • Level: advanced
  • Entries: 34
  • Jackpot:
  • FN Advanced 1st Place $5
  • FN Advanced 2nd Place $3
  • FN Advanced 3rd Place $2
  • FN Advanced 4th Place $1
World Turtle Day
Contest Directions: This upcoming Saturday, May 23, is World Turtle Day. Established by American Tortoise Rescue in 2000, World Turtle Day is aimed at bringing world's attention to turtles, and helping them survive and thrive. American Tortoise Rescue encourages people to dress up as turtles on World Turtle Day and to save turtles caught on highways.
To celebrate World Turtle Day at Freaking News, photoshop turtles any way you wish. Examples may include - showing how the world would be different if turtles ruled, merging turtles with other animals or people, including turtles in paintings, etc. We will allow any type of turtles, even the human-created ones from cartons and movies (like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles).

Contest Info

    • Started: 5/21/2009 15:00
    • Ended: 5/24/2009 17:00
    • Level: advanced
    • Entries: 34
    • Jackpot:
    • FN Advanced 1st Place $5
    • FN Advanced 2nd Place $3
    • FN Advanced 3rd Place $2
    • FN Advanced 4th Place $1
34 pictures
  • Aquarium with Strange Bunnny Eared Turtle

    Aquarium with Strange Bunnny Eared Turtle
        • Satirical and clever!
          Love the contrast between the turtle-hare smile and the surprised look on the man's face!
        • it's fantastic one same always my friend

          [Edited by User on 5/24/2009 5:33:17 AM]
        • LOL, reminds me Monty Python in the way you did the eyes. Nice job!
        • HA! Very cool the turtle's face expression
        • If we don't sabotage KIR, he'll go to lightspeed and we never find him again in the vastness of the space/time continuúm

          Or is it Hitspinner?mmm..

          [Edited by User on 5/24/2009 2:37:15 PM]
        • I knew it!
          The little turbit just farted" gave you away.
        • !!!!!!!!!!!!!



        • Wow, thank you for the votes. I didn't comment much; working on a big one that is sucking out my time and brains. Hmmmm, so not commenting seems to have given me some stealth ability... ahhhhh I get it now LOL
          I just got to refrain from leaving the little blurbs in author's comments and I'll be like "Mystery Man"?
          Impossible, ya'll know I can't shut up!!! Hahahahahahaha
        • hitssssss congratulations..the guys expressions great seeing that cute little guy!!
        • Yep, your talkiness oftentimes lets me know it possibly could be one of yours.

        • Congrats HS This style of character is really appealing. Hope to see more in the future.
        • Thanks, you will see more. I'm a chopaholic like the rest of ya'll. My heart has always been in cartooning, charactature and children's art and even more so since I'm entering my second childhood LOL
          Thanks again for the votes
        • Your work always amazes me and I really love all of them. My work is really to laugh at, just asked Newsy his comments are always lol. You people are light years away from me and the programs I use. If it wasn't for the nickle I'd have stopped a long time ago. The years ahead I hope our children still have something to laugh at.
        • Beautiful work. congratulations mr. Hits!
        • WOWOWWO Congraaaaaaaaaaaaaats on the winner I knew that was you
          coz it's really amazing one keep going my best friend
        • Congrats on the win, Spinner, the mystery man!
          Hey, HoHouse you do put nice satire that often makes me LOL. Just keep working on your technique and you will also receive many WOW comments!
        • Sorry, I'm late. Wow HS, super job. I love the turbit's expression, and the charactature. The overall image is indeed golden. Congratulations!
  • Bat Turtle

    Bat Turtle
        • it's was better with low bats and blue color but it's still good work
        • I like the edit, though I liked the dark before too.

          Either way still an amazing piece of work.

          How do you make all those shatters?
        • Work of art. Looks like a real movie poster
        • did you change things half way through the contst? I thought you added the left bottom cornerlight?
        • rain congrats))) everything you produce is clean timeless .. and powerful great chop..
        • Honestly, I did not think this was yours. I thought it was way up to par but Kratos has confused me lately LOL I was sort of leaning towards the turtle island as yours but really was uncertain. I'm going to stop guessing. Congrads on the silver Rain, great chop! The work is excellent
        • Thanks all I edited this pic several times and still was not that happy with it, but glad you folks liked it.

          Lesson: too many spices spoiled the turtle soup.
        • Congrats Rainman it's better than first one fantstic work
        • Every time I look at this I see more details. superb quality chop. congrats
        • Attack of the silver turtles!
          Congratulations, Rain!
        • na na na na na na na na Batturtle! Very interesting image Rain. Nice morph of the smaller creatures, congrats!
  • Full Metal Shell Turtle

    Full Metal Shell Turtle
        • Funny, creative and quality work. See the big size!

          I will be looking twice a those tortoises on my next
        • fantastic,very creative.i love the "born to hide"quote on that turtles shell.
        • This is brilliant on many levels. Besides the flying turtles and the turtle skull, the "born to hide" sign and the turtle shell helmet is what really sells this image for me.
        • It was my first attempt of bringing colors together like mr Funkwood does so wonderful. I dunno if i did a good job on it but i'm working on it.
          The picture is not very interesting i think. A weird square composition too. Made a bigger one(see link below), but i decided it was too messy and decided to go with the first one

          With so many great entrees i'm suprised it got this far.

        • Jere/Jere/Jere!



          (3 cheers for de bronze)
        • jeremix congrats!i like this version too ,,
        • Pretty close to Funkwood, Jere. It has a degree of ambient dusk like he's employed before.
          It's a top plate chop! Congrads on the bronze
        • Congrats Jeremix Liked the helmet the most.

          Now which one is Pyle?
        • Congrats jere on bronze that was great entry like it alot
        • 3 words:
          Jere Jere Jere!

          Congrats neighbor!
        • Just checkin in. Nice chop Jeremix. I like the depth of the colors and contrasts of this piece. Congrats on winning the bronze!
  • Fantasy Turtle Island

    Fantasy Turtle Island
        • Looks like the work of someone I know...
        • Creative work. Reminds me the ancient legend that the earth is based on the giant turtle (or was it 3 giant turtles?)
        • The way you made the tree seem so alive, playing with lights. You are a freaking genius sometimes.
        • This was a wonderful entry, krato. Congrats on the wood!
        • Yep, sure is a goodie, Rain content and quality if you ask me. I do love this style of fantasy art, reminds me of Pablo Rohrig, German artist of the fantastic.
          Terriffic job Kratos, you keep me guessing.
        • thanx for all great comments and for all votes and thanx for rainman coz ( I got the idea of rainbow from his design )
        • Kratos the fantasy man did it again!
          Wood congrats, man!
        • lol newsy thank you maybe next time will be better
        • This was a nice one Kratos. It has a fairytale feel to it. Congrats on the Woody!
  • Turtle Love in the Forrest

    Turtle Love in the Forrest
        • Don't rush dear, let's go slow...

          [Edited by User on 5/25/2009 2:56:28 AM]
        • Turtles can't really do it, can they? LOL Really funny chop
        • hahah hitspinner .. I don't really know about that
          nice work
        • that is how they really mate, of course, without the rose

          [Edited by User on 5/25/2009 2:09:08 AM]
        • I thought this image was amazing. Great job, keep them coming.
  • Lizard Riding on Turtle

    Lizard Riding on Turtle
        • Impressive it is. Love the bubbles - they create the sense of underwater motion
        • I think if AZ run it through his mistery denoise, contrast trickbox it would be perfect. It just needs that littlebit of sharpy shinyness to live a fulfilled life.
        • jeremix i know,, i see more to it,,i just cant add what i dont know how to do..this was a turtle on the sand..
        • Wow! In that case, bravo! It was a tactical error not to post the sourcepics.
        • I loved it. source was on sand?? Yeah... post source, that helps me decide many times if the chop is a card trick or the chopper actually pulled a bus out of his/her a.... LOL
        • that was amazing premememre
          I like it
        • Awesome chop Pree, love the pow factor. Such a clean, clear and colorful image.
  • Earth Turtle Shell

    Earth Turtle Shell
        • Me too. I was pretty sure this was headed for the top three. Very well done
        • This is a great image. It stands out as a work of art, I love the colors and textures. Suprised it wasn't in the top 3.
  • Came Turtle

    Came Turtle
  • War Tank Turtle

    War Tank Turtle
        • nice one but you put more shadows here
        • The shadows efffect was intentional, exactly the way that I do
        • Clever work. This is what they call "slow death"!
        • carái véi...panela é foda! De zero a dez, 1 nota 3 e 2 notas 4 num trabalho deste...puta que pariu, é pra desanimar qualquer um!

          [Edited by User on 5/24/2009 5:50:48 PM]
        • "carái véi...panela é foda!" ....pardon me!

          Sometimes it's just the way the vote goes, don't let it reflect on what is a good image.
        • Pois é "Kellie", ainda bem que percebeu que a indignação não se refere ao resultado em sí, mas sim a um ou outro zé mané que posta por aquí, e que certamente anda muito mais preocupado em derrubar os outros do que apresentar seu próprio trabalho.

          Aos premiados, todas as honras, é claro, nada contra eles. Mesmo porque certamente não partiu deles essas notas indecentes.
  • McDonalds MacTurtle

    McDonalds MacTurtle
        • I eat turtle. It is flat out delecious if preparred right. I love the humor LOL
        • Great to see you entering again Scorpio!
  • Dangerous Turtle - Jaws Movie

    Dangerous Turtle - Jaws Movie
        • cute,definately must be a snapping turtle
        • Ohhhh thanks for the laugh, I cracked up!!!!!
  • Turtle Tap Eating Grass

    Turtle Tap Eating Grass
        • This chop rocks
          It is amazing texture work. I recall this source as perhaps one Kratos used, one of his early entries but considerably different.
  • Volkswagen Turtle

    Volkswagen Turtle
        • Excellent turtle shell texture work on the VW!
        • I miss a driver i think. Some overheated cartoonish caricature to give it a feel of excitement that the race is about to start.
  • Swarm of Turtles

    Swarm of Turtles
  • Turtle Lane Drawing

    Turtle Lane Drawing
        • Cute drawings. Almost coming from the children's books!
  • Turtle Nevermind Nirvana Album

    Turtle Nevermind Nirvana Album
        • My son bought this when it came out and... I never got over the effect of the original cover! LOL.
  • Spider Turtle

    Spider Turtle
        • Somebody warn JerryLambert to avoid this thread!!
        • lol, no way! I set him free and he mutated.
        • Hairy, but think the shadow is a bit strange.
  • Turtle Crossing Guard

    Turtle Crossing Guard
        • Two things:
          1) it's twistedly impressive
          2) must be see in full view
        • Love the high wave effect, the different perspectives of those boats. It looks epic.
  • Turtle Burger

    Turtle Burger
  • Giant Turtle on the Beach

    Giant Turtle on the Beach
  • Real Turtle Wax

    Real Turtle Wax
        • The concept has a merit. I wish the container had cast some shadows though
  • Giant TurtleTransporting People

    Giant TurtleTransporting People
  • Turtle Head Snake

    Turtle Head Snake
  • Turtle Shells Soldiers Helmet

    Turtle Shells Soldiers Helmet
  • Tiffany LampTurtle Shell

    Tiffany LampTurtle Shell
  • Hillary Clinton Riding a Turtle

    Hillary Clinton Riding a Turtle
        • I wondered who did this, it's a super cool idea and wish I thought of it. Totally goofy HH, you always make me think or laugh!
  • Turtle Shell Mask

    Turtle Shell Mask
        • Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.

          Or not.
        • Now this is what I call "thinking outside the sheII"!
  • Flying Turtle in the Sky

    Flying Turtle in the Sky
        • Flying pigs is no longer the coolest thingy. Flying turtles is.
        • Jerry! The dang thing looks like it's really flying. In reality... ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh like a frigging stone LOL
  • Desert War Turtle with Gun

    Desert War Turtle with Gun
        • Fair concept.
          I wish the gun was a tad sharper.
  • Turtle Snail

    Turtle Snail
        • Ha..Turtles are already slow. Tursnail must be super slow.
        • I like the concept.
          The snail shell is a tad blurry though.
  • Turtle Mothership

    Turtle Mothership
        • Wonderfully stupid and so cute. I freaking love this! Twister, I love your sense of the ridiculous!
  • Evil Turtle

    Evil Turtle
  • Turtle Jedi

    Turtle Jedi
  • Turtle Wearing Headphones

    Turtle Wearing Headphones
        • Pretty cool. Is that a camera in the turtle eye? I like the headphones, but they should cast some shadows
        • The face is freaky hahahahaha
          This chop is a little inspiring in that I was trying to come up with a morph idea for a book cover and this is sending me in the right direction. Thanks
34 image entries
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This contest is fueled by the following news: The Trionyx sinensis turtle is called the "relict" because it is the witness of an era, when a different climate reigned on Earth. Prior to the onset of the Tertiary period, Trionyx sinensis was extensively found in the European part of Russia. In summers, the reptile preys on frogs and fishes and sleeps peacefully at the waterbed during winters. The slightest contamination of the rivers may make the turtle never wake up. According to modern taxonomists, there were about 300 species of turtles and half of them are on the verge of extinction. Some rare species were found not somewhere in the jungle but in Chinese markets! In southern China, the cult meal includes the following rules – you can eat anything that moves, the food must be fresh; if you can not eat something, then you simply do not know how to cook it. The turtle can be caught in a net, which is not at all intended for it. Chances are that, in this case, its death could go in vain – it is not even eaten. The Chinese have exhausted their stock of turtles and are now importing from other countries. This industry is well supported by Russian tourists, gourmets - they gladly order turtle soup without thinking that, the reptile was frolicking in the wild for five to ten years, not in the restaurant's farm. I met one such traveler in China - no matter where he went, first of all, he wanted to taste the local cuisine. Kangaroos, crocodiles, cobras, bears, deer, ostriches - it's just a small list of what he tried. In China, every second restaurant has an aquarium with live frogs, toads, snakes and of course, turtles. "I want this!" - said the tourist pointing at a skinny turtle of 50 cm in diameter. Soon, he was served a pot, with a full reptile floating in murky broth. He said "You could have served it chopped into pieces!" But he drank the soup with pleasure. Someone told me that the turtle was thrown into the boiling water alive ... After all, in China, it has long been considered perfectly normal to scoop out the brains of screeching monkeys and remove the skin of coiling snakes. Turtles do not know how to scream but it does not mean that they are stupid and even deaf, as Darwin thought. They can hear, especially low sounds and turtles have good eyesight and can smell. Those, who are familiar with the screaming frog in death agony, will never ever forget those screams. But, the turtle keeps mum and many feel, as if you can play with it, as much as they like. Does the brutal extermination of turtles by the Chinese indicate that the Chinese are sadists? No way! It is just about ignorance, rashness and the unwillingness to look into the future. The farmer does not care if he has eaten the last turtle of a rare species - all this is simply beyond his understanding. Note, that China, for whom I have enormous sympathy, in recent years, is showing more and more attention towards the conservation of the environment and educational activities. But, Russia in this respect, by contrast, is degrading. Here is a recent case - in Moscow, the long-awaited opening of the "House of butterflies" took place in the All-Russia Exhibition Centre. Previously, such unusual exhibitions could be witnessed only in major European capitals like London and Stockholm. On the first day, more than half of the live display was destroyed! Children seized the butterflies by their wings. Parents just did not find the time and desire to explain to the younger barbarian generation, that any creature, right from butterfly to turtle has as much right to exist as the human beings have. In ancient myths, the turtle was given very important role in the structure of the universe. Modern children's author Philip Pullman reminds us of this. Despite the desire to eat everything, from ancient times, Chinese and other people had a great reverence for turtles. Lot of legends and fairy tales are available on this symbol of longevity, wisdom and the steady movement forward. I saw a huge stone tortoise in the tombs of the Ming Dynasty, whose nose was especially polished - the Chinese believe that touching the symbol of longevity brings good luck. The most popular story about the shell-clad reptile is the story of the hare and the tortoise. Thus, in one old tale, the clever hare, made the water in a royal pool turbid, and no one could catch the rascal. Only the wise turtle had to cope with the elusive hare - it applied tar on its back, to which the hare sticks. In another well-known fable on the tortoise is where the he defeated the hare in a running competition with its perpetual teasing slowness. While the turtle slowly but surely moved towards the goal, the hare was distracted by juicy carrots in the garden and talked with its friends. In the end, the tortoise came first reminding us all that the more hasty affairs, the worse the result and low performance speed. However, not all descendants of ancient reptiles are too slow. In the Fiji Islands, sea turtles are considered as a symbol of speed and good navigational skills and not in vain - for example, the leatherback turtle (Dermochelys coriacea) with a weight of 600 kg and 2.1 m length can easily swim at 35 km/hr. Today on World Turtle Day let us remember these amazing reptiles – did you hurt any of them? No matter how beautiful the fairy-tale characters such as tortilla or Tortoise, on the back of which rests our Earth, it is much more interesting to see and touch our turtles. And while we're at least caring very little about conservation, we will have the opportunity.