Witches Warlocks

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  • Started: 10/29/2008 17:00
  • Ended: 11/1/2008 18:00
  • Level: advanced
  • Entries: 20
  • Jackpot:
  • FN Advanced 1st Place $5
  • FN Advanced 2nd Place $3
  • FN Advanced 3rd Place $2
  • FN Advanced 4th Place $1
Witches Warlocks
Contest Directions: Old legends tell us that witches gather twice a year when seasons change - on April 30 (the eve of May Day), and the second time on the eve of October 31 - All Hallow's Eve. Both times witches arrive to their parties by broom. Folklore tales say that witches then transform into black cats (and into other forms) on Halloween night to approach unsuspecting people and cast spells on them. It is said that to see a witch you have to wear your clothes inside out and walk backwards on Halloween night - then at midnight you will see a witch. According to folk-tales, warlocks ride pitchforks rather than broomsticks - which are considered purely witches "female vehicle".
Photoshop celebrities or politicians as evil witches or warlocks. Try to give them the attributes normally associated with the their craft - long hooked noses and chins, warts and pointy hats, dark clothes, amulets, etc. Here's a good example by AZRainman.

Contest Info

    • Started: 10/29/2008 17:00
    • Ended: 11/1/2008 18:00
    • Level: advanced
    • Entries: 20
    • Jackpot:
    • FN Advanced 1st Place $5
    • FN Advanced 2nd Place $3
    • FN Advanced 3rd Place $2
    • FN Advanced 4th Place $1
20 pictures
  • Hank Paulson the Wizard

    Hank Paulson the Wizard
        • Great chop. Thanks, we can't lambast this dunce enough to suit me LOL
        • I think FREAKING AWESOME!!!! would describe this well....
        • It's got that Mobius, Heavy Metal mag thing about it
        • Somebody's been overusing the sharpen more filter again!

          You're Cleaning House Rainman!
        • Thanks all

          Actually didn't use the sharpen filter for that fx, it involves pumping contrast on specific ranges.

          [Edited by User on 11/1/2008 7:38:23 PM]
        • Congrats x2 on some more excellent chops! almost 3 dimensional.
        • Congratulations on the gold and silver, Rain!
        • You are so darn good and this is a heck of a good entry.They should have a even more advance contest for you and some others to do but, you'll still take the wins.Have to say, I love your work.
  • Dick Cheney the Evil Warlock

    Dick Cheney the Evil Warlock
        • love the scratches on his head. Yah, it does look like Tom Brokaw!
        • He doesn't look mean,... he looks diabolical.....good job
        • Another quality pic and another congrats. I it would seem have a long way to go
        • ... .. great chop!(of course)..lol congratulations !
        • Thanks all, roasted hog will be served for Thanksgiving this year.
        • I smell bacon! and silver too! congrats.
        • Wow! all that's missing is the lipstick!
  • Madonna the Witch

    Madonna the Witch
        • The skin texture, the eyes, the hair color, the gloomy shadow & light work... to sum it up - it's a top job!
        • congratulations funk shes very pretty )))!
        • Congrats Funkwood, nice work
          Must be the Marylebone Kabbalah Koven.
        • Great work Funkwood! It's a masterpiece!
        • Thanks everyone!...and special thanx to rainman for showing me his skin texturing technique.
        • Congrats on a killer chop. You've got that eerie greenish-yellow overtone down to a science. great texture to boot.
        • Would have won any other competition! Excellent chop!
        • Man, I wondered how you did the skin texture - you learned Rain's secret!
  • Halle Barry the Witch

    Halle Barry the Witch
        • Fantastic work here - full view is Halloweenly beautiful!

          Love how you did the crystal ball reflection of the walls and the fingers!
        • Congrats KIR Crystal ball must of been made in Arizona...lol
        • Congrats KIR. Nice to see you back again and congrats on the woody, Halle is known to do that to guys.
        • Wood for KIR, - congratulations, and welcome back, bud!
        • Thanks all, it's fun to be back choppin but nothing's getting done around the house again? Whatever
  • John McCain Warlock

    John McCain Warlock
        • The lower right part of the image is a bit too dark. Otherwise, fantastic work!
        • I like this, right down to those wispy hairs on his nose.
        • That skin cancer getting a bit out of control...lol Nice work
  • Sarah Palin the Witch

    Sarah Palin the Witch
        • Freaky and hilarious!
          All the witches use her glasses design this Halloween too!
        • Maybe add a tiny McCain peering out from that gap in her teeth...?
        • One heck of a very cute entry. I like her but, this is tooo cute.
        • You did a great job on this chop. I thought it was top 3 material as soon as I saw it. It still is. Now the critique, the one thing that possibly could be improved is the black tooth, some shading to look more like the inside of the mouth would have made this perfect. LOL!
        • The Coup D’E tat of the United States Press

          Red 'X' Society·Wednesday, March 1, 2017

          by Tracy Mapes

          SACRAMENTO,California--In America, it has long been held that there is a sacred bond between the United States Government, and the People of the United States.

          That bond is the unbendable document called the Constitution of the United States, and, as I am about to embark, this bond has been broken by the Corruption of Our Central Bodies of Government, Executive, Legislature, Judiciary, Agency, and the Press.
          This means that while Americans have been kept busy with the non-essential, info-tainment of the Press, both Print and Broadcast, these bodies along with all key positions in the Government of the United States, have been subverted and replaced with loyalist Felons and Street Prostitutes as legitimate Journalists, Political Appointees, Judges, and even Entertainment Personnel.

          This means that along with the Silent Subversion of the 1st Amendment of Our Constitution, a facade of disinformation has cloaked the atrocity with unfounded fears of the necessity to increase the National Security risks assessed to convince the Citizens of the United States that loss of their personal freedoms, restriction on travel, and the production of “Fake News” in warranted to maintain the Secrecy of the Criminal Enterprise Our Government has become.

          I became aware of this situation in quite an unconventional manner.

          As I have described over the past 8 years, to United States Government agencies including the Department of Defense, Department of Justice, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Congress, the United States Senate, and News Media alike, without material response, I met over 150 Pimps, Prostitutes, and Individuals involved in criminal acts in the related to the before mentioned street crimes on the streets of Sacramento, California during the late 1980’s and early 1990’s.

          Since my involvement with these persons over a 7 year period, 2 of the persons involved in narcotics use and prostitution have become Presidents of the United States of America.

          With the addition of a First Lady, a Supreme Court Justice, State Senator, City Mayor, and County District Attorney of Sacramento, there are nearly 150 persons that have been placed, appointed, hired, or infiltrated into the Newsrooms of America.
          One could look at this as a miracle of some great proportion, but in fact, the pattern sings of racketeering, espionage, and the criminal manipulation of All Avenues of Control and Command of the United States Government and the Media.

          And, after engaging in the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America ...I find this UN-Acceptable!
          The Red ‘X’ Society was formed as an Idea, to redress this wrong, and hold those accountable for this Horrific Tragedy of United States Government Miss-Management, and urge All Americans to display the Red ‘X’ until this matter is resolved in accordance with the written word of the U.S. Constitution.

          Red 'X' Society
  • The Olsen Twin Witch

    The Olsen Twin Witch
        • She's the skinny one!

          This One was very Clean! ... I Bump You Up! ^^^^^^

          [Edited by User on 11/1/2008 6:36:32 PM]
        • Bwhahahha
          The one with the wart fetish?
        • I can see the Olsen twin here, but now sure which one of the two either
          Good job.
  • Mr Bean Warlock

    Mr Bean Warlock
        • Cool work for 15 minutes! He's a warlock!
        • The heck with work. This is more important!

          [Edited by User on 10/31/2008 6:03:46 PM]
        • I sympathise. My computer froze and by the time I hit the "submit button" -- it said "ended". I could cry.

          Great picture, though!!! Wow. All it needs is a tiny bit of tweaking round Bean's head.
        • Actually I want to Add some more texture to his face and more work on wrinkles on his face and his custumes. But LOL... No Time
        • Hey, you can still edit the image before the voting ends!
        • Hey, Patty, submit your image to "Freak Show" contest which will run this Sunday. Good chop should never get wasted!
        • Hi Krish, read this thread and join like us
        • Hey you skorp.... What's up.. where r u man. How is life going on.

          Thanks to everyone for your votes and Commnets.

          Thanks newsy, but i don't have time to edit the pictures, My life is like busy bee.
  • Charlize Theron the Witch

    Charlize Theron the Witch
        • Well, some witches are cute!
          Good job
        • I know some pretty beautiful witches

          Just like this pic...lovely.
  • Barack Obama the Warlock President

    Barack Obama the Warlock President
  • Boogieman with Horns

    Boogieman with Horns
        • LOL, I sold the horns when gold hit $900.
        • L0L 900!!! I am impressed!!!AZ, you are the wheeler dealer! What chump did you find to buy gilded asparagus shoots?
          How much you want for the castle? I realize the market is crap right now and you'll take a heavy loss but since you made a killing on the asparagus shoots, that falls right in to the latests craze on redistribution of wealth!
          What do ya say, we have a deal? Bwhahahahah
  • David Letterman the Warlock

    David Letterman the Warlock
        • Looks like Gollum from Lord of the Rings!
        • Yeh I was thinking some sorta Goblin myself.
        • LOL Peg!
          He definitely looks like a funky egg-head warlock

          [Edited by User on 11/1/2008 9:31:41 AM]
  • Christina Aguilera the Vampire

    Christina Aguilera the Vampire
        • Freaky! What's the name of the original girl?
        • True, it's her!
          Man, the double pupils freak me out!
  • Barack Obama the Demon

    Barack Obama the Demon
  • Madonna the Witch With John McCain in Her Pot

    Madonna the Witch With John McCain in Her Pot
  • Desperate Housewives Witches

    Desperate Housewives Witches
  • Satanic Bush Family

    Satanic Bush Family
  • Steve Jobs the Warlock

    Steve Jobs the Warlock
        • You may want to adjust your brightness on this to see the masking that needs attention around the apple/hand & leading to the face.
        • Apple and snake around it is a superb touch!
  • Oprah the Witch Cat

    Oprah the Witch Cat
        • Serious cat witch! She talks about serious issues
  • Lynda Carter the Green Witch

    Lynda Carter the Green Witch
        • I suggest you read one of the tutorials on colorization - there's plenty of them on the web.
        • Okay... I thought the Color Replacement Tool was a good Idea... I guess not...
        • Here's one example Krypto, there's a couple more on that site also, not the way I do it but pretty easy
        • Thanks...
          I have an account over at www.worth1000.com, too. I'll take a swing at those colourisation
          tuts again some time...
20 image entries
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This contest is fueled by the following news: A witch is a woman practicing magic. In the Middle Ages, a notion was formed that a woman becomes a witch by entering into an agreement with the devil. It was attributed that witches took part in Sabbaths on mountains (mainly — Walpurgis Night), copulating with demons in the form of men (Incubus) and sacrificing babies in order to avoid the onset of Doomsday. Similar superstitions led to the rise in the mass prosecution and execution of women who were considered witches, from the end of the 15th to the middle of the 17th centuries. This period entered into the history as the Witch Hunt in Western Europe. The treatise "The Hammer of Witches" - The Malleus Maleficarum (Latin) or "Hexenhammer" in German) - written by German inquisitors Heinrich Kramer and Jacob Sprenger in 1486 has served as the twist-type trigger for mass legal proceedings over so-called witches. "Wicca" is a religion for witches. The view of the Slavonic people towards witches was different; Witchcraft (secret "knowledge" and other abilities) in itself was not considered a crime and legal action against witches were taken up only after accusing someone for inflicting concrete harm to a claimant. The injuriousness to witches was attributed to Christian preachers. Since olden times, witches (knowledgeable) lived separately from other people. Thus, it was easy to collect knowledge (by observing their nature). And it is important to note that only those people approached witches who really needed help. For simple people, witches were esteemed gods (particularly for this reason, the witches were not disturbed without a valid purpose). And for preachers, aspiring to spread Christianity by all means, witches were a real harm (after all, witches could help people and what could preachers oppose? Not only Christian missionaries but also apologists of "priestly" paganism competed with witches, not giving them time to consider themselves unique bearers of the will of the gods. The folk classification of witches: In folk tales, witches were divided into two categories – "from birth" and "scientists". Born, natural or "from birth" a witch appears, if someone successively gives birth to seven girls and without a baby boy in between or is the representative of a third generation of illegitimate girls or is simply the daughter of a witch (depending on the region). A born witch could be born to a mother who, being pregnant, prepared festive evening dishes and accidentally swallowed a piece of coal or when the child was in the womb, the mother was cursed "in that minute". A" Wise" witch collects supernatural forces from other witches or from the devil, in general, from evil spirits. The major difference between the "Born" and "Wise" witches is that the "Born" witch can sometimes correct inflicted harm but the "Wise" witch will never do it: "the wise witch is worse than the born witch". The initiation of witches: The witch studied with another witch or even with a devil. Folk narrations link the terrifying rituals such as, for example, trampling icons, reading the prayers the wrong way and throwing over a knife in the "initiation" process of witches. The senior witch can also wash the student with magical broth, immediately after which the student flies out through the furnace onto the streets and returns back as a witch. But, conclusive training comes to an end on Bald Mountain. Most frequent appearances of witches: In rural life, a witch can enter any situation and do harm: it can cause hail, various diseases and even death by making whirlpools on the fields; steal stars from the sky and cause solar and lunar eclipses. Witches often fly. Witches use brooms or besom for flying. Witches apply some liquid or use special cream on their wrist and fly through the furnace. In Ukrainian mythology, the aim of flying is to go up high to Bald Mountain near Kiev, in German mythology — Broken, in Italian - Beneventsky oak. Here, they celebrate their Sabbaths, i.e., wild banquets and report to higher evil spirit. Usually, the Sabbaths are organized in the first week of every month or on the eve of a holiday. Sometimes, it is considered that when the witch goes on such Sabbaths, only her soul departs and the body remains in place. If the body of a witch is overturned, then the soul cannot enter the body anymore. After death, witches, like vampires, can also rise from tombs, especially if they experienced some injustice in their lives for which they wish to take revenge. Witches can command the weather and can delay rain and cause drought. Recognition of witches: Water tests (dunking) were mentioned even in the ancient Hindu book "Manu". Indistinct instructions were also given in Avast. The description about dunking is also found in ancient German traditional law and in legislation. The idea of this test was, probably, that water as a pure element shall refuse to accept people who serve an evil spirit. In Western Europe, witches were keenly chased and burnt - the first witch burning took place in Toulouse in 1275. In the west, suspicions about relations with evil spirits, back-off from correct religion, i.e. the so-called apostasy was the main reason for the prosecution of witches.

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