Vintage Photo Montage
Contest Directions: Long before Photoshop, in the beginning of the 20th century, photographer from Kansas William 'Dad' Martin started creating photo montages of his photos and sold them as postcards. Martin used just photo prints, scissors, glue, and pencil to create realistically looking photo hoaxes for his postcards, and they sold like hotcakes. During 1903-1909, Martin's photography company, which originally had just 5 people, and was located on a quiet street in Kansas, sold more photo postcards than most famous photo studios in New York.
Take any vintage photo (up to 1950) and photoshop it any way you like (keeping a vintage feel to it). It's OK to add any modern objects and characters to vintage photos, as long as you keep the original vintage style of the photo.
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  • Three Stooges

    Three Stooges
  • Obama Campaign Poster Leaked

    Obama Campaign Poster Leaked
  • Vintage style

    Vintage style
  • Bill And Monica Play With Cigars

    Bill And Monica Play With Cigars
  • Passin' Train

  • Dita von Teese vintage

    Dita von Teese vintage
  • Young Hillary

    Young Hillary
  • Home Boys

    Home Boys
  • Not so bad !

    Not so bad !
  • Vintage Little Rascals

    Vintage Little Rascals
  • Belle Epoque

    Belle Epoque
  • Bruce and Demy get married

    Bruce and Demy get married
  • Familiar Faces

    Familiar Faces
  • Lunch with King Kong

    Lunch with King Kong
  • Barack's Picking Boogers Again

  • old photo of Grandma

     old photo of Grandma
  • Paradise

  • Confirmed! (Just kidding).

    Confirmed! (Just kidding).
  • Who's Car Is That?

  • Hollywood

  • Old Photo of Marilyn

    Old Photo of Marilyn
  • Old Photo

    Old Photo
  • Vintage Photo

    Vintage Photo
  • The Real American Gothic

    The Real American Gothic
  • Unkown Picture

    Unkown Picture
  • Lady Ga GA

    Lady Ga GA
  • Dust Bowl

    Dust Bowl
  • Love the Keurig

    Love the Keurig
  • Schumacher in 1928?

    Schumacher in 1928?
  • Gene Tierney 1940 With Coke

    Gene Tierney 1940 With Coke
  • Indiana Jones in Belgium Army during WW1

    Indiana Jones in Belgium Army during WW1
  • The Lady who would be Queen!

    The Lady who would be Queen!
  • Hollywoodland

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