Contest Directions: Delcambre town in Louisiana is introducing a new law which forbids wearing any outfits in public that reveal underwear parts. The law proposal was signed by the town council as a measure to stop underwear exposure by wearing saggy trousers - a fashion growing popular among young people, especially hip hop fans. Such law adds underwear to the list of offences with a fine of $500 and up to six months in jail. Judging by Britney Spears accidents, the singer really needs to stay away from Louisiana.
In this contest you are asked to add any type of underwear to characters of art works (paintings, drawings and statues) of your choice. Think about dressing people in paintings in underwear, or undressing the dressed characters to reveal their underwear. Bikini, bathing suits, and swimwear is also considered underwear within this contest.
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This contest is fueled by the following news: Underwear always was a subject, which stirred the minds of mankind. In due course, it has changed and transformed. But, one thing remains unchanged: Underwear is a cult of entire mankind. Initially, underwear was positioned exclusively as a hygienic part of ladies wardrobe. Later on, it acquired shade of femininity and sexuality. Women are ready to part with significant portion of their salary for the pleasure of possessing stylish lingerie, which drives any man mad; or the bra in which the breast looks mind-blowing. It is necessary to note that the linen reciprocates women. Line has become convenient, graceful and is available in any color and models. Today, women feel confident and sexual, if they wear beautiful lingerie beneath the suits. Considerate difference can be noted between the yesteryears lingerie and present-day lingerie. More likely, our ancestors recognized only the functional qualities of the lingerie. Lingerie helped to hide the figure imperfections. Lingerie originated many centuries back and was found even in ancient civilizations. In Ancient Egypt, women wore thin shirt-type attire on shoulder-straps, which started below the breast leaving the breast open. Development continued in Ancient Greece. Here, the modest ascendant of the contemporary bra appeared. Greek women tied elastic leather strips below the breast and the strips were lifted and breast was emphasized. Later on, the Romans expanded the leather strip and equipped with laces. Thus, first corset has appeared. Even in the second century B.C, women wore the corset that supported the breast from below, so that the breast seductively peeped out of the drapers. In XVII century, church bans were published prohibiting the manufacture of elements of lingerie. However, decrees could not force the women to wear corsets and belts, which transformed them into elegant beauties. And only at the end of XIX century, women understood that, it is necessary to wear lingerie not only for figure correction or hygiene but also for appearance. In fact, at this point of time, the "Lingerie" replaced the less romantic word "underwear". For decorating the lingerie, women started using laces, embroidery and various die-stamping methods. Trousers, finished with flounces and silk strips gained wide popularity. At this time, way of living of women has changed a little bit. Freedom and hobbies for women were noticed. Riding a bicycle, for example, forced the women to choose such clothes which are comfortable during bicycle riding. Then, modern types of trousers were manufactured. Trousers quickly acquired place in the daily wardrobe of women owing to the practicality and universality. As far as men are concerned, for a long time, men did not use the linen. But, having appeared, it quickly caught up & made up for lost time. At present, varied range of men's underwear can be found. Men's underwear is divided into several main types, which are to be distinguished in spite of external resemblance of few underwears: Swim wear - Swimming trunks and Hawaiian shorts, meant exclusively for swimming exercises. Regular men's underwears: Night wear - Pajamas, men's nightgowns. After lounge, the situation is lamentable - For the last 100 years, nothing new in this field was created. But, constantly something new comes up for grabs in regular men's underwears. It is necessary to note that changes took place for the better. Shorts, briefs and "swimming trunks" had become worthy alternative to "boxers". But, having replaced the older models, they expanded with such a speed and practically have become "common". So, hardly you'll find somebody wearing them and admire. After "swimming trunks ", boxers type of shorts are very popular. It is not simple trousers with flower and cucumber patterns. Modern day "boxer" shorts are made from soft knitted fabric. Sometimes, "Boxer" type of shorts are made from elastic materials, for example, with combination of "Lycra" - then the shorts tightly fit the body and remind "Cyclists". If you happen to wear something similar, then you can bravely remove the pants in public places: It is practically impossible to make out whether the dress is underwears or outer clothing. In men's underwear sector, "Minimalism" is symbolized by shorts of type briefs. If a man does not have a well-shaped body as that of Greek statues, then briefs is not the best choice. Even more radical variant is the string type shorts. String type shorts are not suitable for daily-wear but the item is irreplaceable for special cases. In addition, string type shorts oblige their owners to have distinctness at appropriate places. Both men as well as women have wide choice of underwear. It is necessary to understand, what exactly suits you. Express your individuality through underwear. Even though nobody can see the underwear, be assured that people around will notice a change in you.

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  • Started: 6/14/2007 06:00
  • Ended: 6/16/2007 06:00
  • Level: advanced
  • Entries: 17
  • Jackpot:
  • FN Advanced 1st Place $5
  • FN Advanced 2nd Place $3
  • FN Advanced 3rd Place $2

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