Underwater Houses

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  • Started: 8/17/2007 06:00
  • Ended: 8/19/2007 06:00
  • Level: advanced
  • Entries: 13
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  • FN Advanced 1st Place $5
  • FN Advanced 2nd Place $3
  • FN Advanced 3rd Place $2
Underwater Houses
Contest Directions: Australian Geographic magazine sponsored an unusual project - the construction of an underwater house where aquanauts may stay for weeks without leaving. The first underwater mission was successfully completed by a trained aquanaut and lasted for 13 days. The 8 by 10 foot under-sea home is constructed from the metal parts and maintains healthy air pressure and oxygen levels to recreate living conditions in the atmosphere. The special chambers supply oxygen to the room, and filter out the carbon dioxide produced from breathing. Last but not least, this sea house has a supply of food in the fridge and is equipped with a bathroom.
Photoshop underwater houses one way or another. Show how humans would live underwater, but your entry must include the underwater house somewhere in it. What housing construction elements will be needed to maintain a good life style underwater? We will also accept partially submerged houses in this contest.

Contest Info

    • Started: 8/17/2007 06:00
    • Ended: 8/19/2007 06:00
    • Level: advanced
    • Entries: 13
    • Jackpot:
    • FN Advanced 1st Place $5
    • FN Advanced 2nd Place $3
    • FN Advanced 3rd Place $2
13 pictures
  • American Gothic Painting Underwater

    American Gothic Painting Underwater
        • I normally hate this damn picture...but well done on changing my mind
        • Solid work turning the famous painting into the underwater lifestyle - this couple make great divers.
        • Beautiful work, Junka. Adding to my Favorites.
        • wow. how do you do that? great job!
  • Underwater Suburb with Amphibious Cars

    Underwater Suburb with Amphibious Cars
        • good thinking on the car. futuristic. just the corals looks a bit big.
        • Decent work. I would consider adding bubbles from the car exhausts gor extra effect.
  • Girl Swimming in an Undersea City

    Girl Swimming in an Undersea City
        • Really good attention to light, shadows, and perspective work. But what I like best in this entry is how you distorded the city view giving the feeling of water above it.
        • with what happen right now on our global warming, i think this can real happen...i don't wish. well done.
  • Little Home Under the Sea

    Little Home Under the Sea
        • One of the best in the contest. Excellent choice of the sources and superior underwater blending.
        • blending and execution is great. fullview is much clearer. well done.
  • Whale Swimming Past a Submerged Church

    Whale Swimming Past a Submerged Church
        • This has certain mistery feel to it - what secret these dark waters hold?
  • Sea House Covered in Shells

    Sea House Covered in Shells
  • Turtle Swimming Over an Underwater Town

    Turtle Swimming Over an Underwater Town
        • Job well done, but I wish I could see the face behind the bubbles.
        • nice entry, whats with the hair on the turtle?? underwater is a bit too distorted too i think.
        • I reduced the distortion on the village and added a new bubble free face. The link to the full size shows greater detail.

          [Edited by User on 8/18/2007 11:54:33 PM]
  • Old House Underwater

    Old House Underwater
        • I think it's done fairly well, especially considering this is your first underwter try. I like the flowing papers, but I think the motion lur on them is a bit overdone, as underwater they can not move as fast as in the air.
  • Sharks Circling a Nuclear Underwater Home

    Sharks Circling a Nuclear Underwater Home
        • I like how you did the above water and underwater parts combined in one entry. However the "house" part needs more work, especially the part sticking above the water.
  • Submerged House Under a Rainbow

    Submerged House Under a Rainbow
        • Source animation shows how much work into this entry, but I wish you could show some underwater construction too.
        • Wow---I love the "Making Of" animation. Could you do a tutorial on how you created the animation?
        • i also love the animated gif...tutorial please!!

          as for the image, why the graffitti? and rainbow?
        • I love the making of, make a tutorial please

          However whats with the graffitti and the rainbow? and maybe a bit more of the house underwater would have been nice
        • very very god
          I love the making of

        • as others I think that the tut it's amazing, but your entry are not underwater. Obiouslly you did a fantastic job.
  • Teenagers in an Underwater Classroom

    Teenagers in an Underwater Classroom
        • Interesting concept. Kids may surely like such schools better.
  • Shark Swimming in an Underwater Mansion

    Shark Swimming in an Underwater Mansion
  • White House Floating in the Ocean

    White House Floating in the Ocean
        • Decent technique, but the house looks a bit like a miniature model I think. I wish there was more underwater concept in the entry too.
        • took me a moment to see this was crashing waves rather than ice flow..
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This contest is fueled by the following news: American students have already carried out series of experiments with their "Bio-coils" in closed premises with people inside. The experiments showed that the concentration of carbon dioxide in the room sharply increases and oxygen decreases but shortly after sometime, the concentrations of both oxygen and carbon dioxide normalizes and then remain stable for quite long. Even though carbon dioxide remains somewhat high and oxygen a little bit low, their content should be approximate to initial pure air. However, experiment on the land and for duration of ten hours is one thing and under water for 10 days is altogether a different thing. Uncomplicated set-up of the house BioSUB: Couch, bio-photo reactor, bio-toilet. Exercise bicycle (also a current generator) can also be called elegant. Cut-out in the carpet indicates the place "Door". Godson's Manhole-free confinement place: Container of length 3 m, width 2.4m and height 2.2m. Hatch, which is covered by semitransparent plastic, is located at the center of container's flooring. Inside the container simply Spartan set-up (Will be discussed in detail below). Energy: Many power sources are envisaged. Main power source Set of solar panels on the shore and a cable is connected from panels to the underwater house. Auxiliary power sources: Modified bicycle generator, on which the owner of the house shall exercise and from methane fuel cells. Drinking water: Drinking water is supplied to the underwater house through the equipment of company Air2water, which directly generates water from moisture in the air of premises. Let us add that the experiments for habituation of people in closed systems with complete or almost complete autonomous with respect to water, oxygen and food do not surprise anymore for long. For the first time, such experiments were carried out by scientists even at the beginning of space era in USSR and USA. It is true that exclusively water plants were used as absorbers of carbon dioxide and supplier of oxygen in "Tinned cans", "Flying onto Mars" (No other electrolyzers or chemical absorbers) about such things we don't remember. Experiments with long-term habituation in underwater houses were also tried many times. Main thrust during those experiments was on underwater life (with high pressure in "Flat", for example and regular journeys of trials from submerged house to nearest aquatic world and back) and life support was provided through supplies from shore. Thus, even today any new experiment, done in this area of knowledge, is considered highly valuable. Well, Lloyd is intending to share his experience even during the testing: His underwater house is equipped with computer with internet (telephone connection with a command on coast). Biologist planned to take series of lectures and video conferences directly from the seabed. Nevertheless, it is necessary to mention that internet and technology are second passion of Australian only after diving.