US Presidents in History

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  • Started: 2/21/2012 05:00
  • Ended: 2/24/2012 17:00
  • Level: advanced
  • Entries: 34
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US Presidents in History
Contest Directions: Past Monday was Presidents Day in the U.S. We have so many past presidents that were great men and contributed much to the world we now live in. Although Monday was actually the anniversary of George Washington's birth, many businesses choose to honor four past presidents. Those highly revered presidents can be found on the $1, $5, $20 and $50 bills.
Let's mix the US History and US Presidents - take any US President and show how he could have served in the office in different times. Obama Crossing the Delaware river, Nixon invading Iraq - these are just some examples. You can also show private lives and hobbies of the "presidents out of their times".

Contest Info

    • Started: 2/21/2012 05:00
    • Ended: 2/24/2012 17:00
    • Level: advanced
    • Entries: 34
    • Jackpot:
    • FN Advanced 1st Place $5
    • FN Advanced 2nd Place $3
    • FN Advanced 3rd Place $2
    • FN Advanced 4th Place $1
34 pictures
  • Abe Lincoln the PC Gamer

    Abe Lincoln the PC Gamer
        • Uhhhh , you found the photo that i used also in this contest , Wax museum at its best to use , very cleaver. Very good photoshopping here hidden !!!
        • Go get 'em Abe! What's next, slaying vampires?!
        • Excellent skin texture used here, good to see all the latest gadgets before him its really tribute paid
        • Such a wonderfuul job can be seen here! Nice Background selection too
        • Wonderful Work LunaC =) i really like it ^_^
          Congrats on the gold ... Keep going =)
        • Such a lot of hard work here, amazing attention to detail by one of our Master choppers. Congratulations LunaC
        • Great job - well executed! Congrats on the Gold!
        • Freaktastic composition! and extra kudos for photo-realism!
          Congrats on the gold, Luna!
        • Been away a little while but I saw this and had to say congrats LunaC . . ! Really excellent chop . . . love it!
  • Andrew Jackson Band

    Andrew Jackson Band
        • Did you say Awesome, Awesome69 ???? LOL
        • Well done...merge is rough in spots but it has a nice feel to it...good job.
        • I knew those two were hard core rockers! Looks great!
        • kinda blew the masking on Adams's head, and since all you did was add heads, that's not good.

          Also, are they a No Limit Records Hip Hop Duo, like in the poster, or are they a rock band like in the rest of the pic?
        • Excellent work, but why a smoke is coming out near guitar, great work on the beer bottles lying behind good labeling
        • Everything is well balanced and good to watch simply super job done here......
        • You have no idea what i did on this chop Malcolxy , You might want to study more on Photoshopping , i put more into this photot them you think , yes the heads of the 2 pres's , the amp , the microphone , the beer the poster in the wall , the shading on everything , the effects on the end results . All i can say to you since you have no big entries in all contests is to study more my friend & do'nt judge on the negative when you can'nt show your own quality of work !!!!
        • laughing my arse off...makes me think of Obama singing on television the other night!
        • Very well done and who is this jerk Malcolxy ,he left me a smart butt comment too! Congrats!! Love it!
        • Well done Chili, I can see you put a lot of work into this, the poster alone would have made a great entry.
          The beer had a label you made up too. so many details to admire and the heads are beautifully done.
        • Hysterical!
          Congrats on the silver, Chili!
        • Been away a little while Chili just wanted to say congrats, great chop!
  • Ronald Reagan Portrait

    Ronald Reagan Portrait
        • Great blending of the face and the shadow is well casted beneath the chin
        • Nice one!! Love the facial expression. It's a perfect fit for this. Congrats Hobbit.
        • such a lovely blending of face, colours and brilliant choice of source pics. Congratulations!
        • Very well done Hobbit90 on the bronze !!!
        • I think the Gipper would like this one too!
          Congrats on the bronze, hobbit!
        • Been away a little while, just wanted to say congrats hobbit . . . very nicely done love the expression!
  • Abraham Lincoln Soldier

    Abraham Lincoln Soldier
        • Abe is ready to kick some a$$! This looks great!
        • Abe don't look like the kids do, but it's decent, and cool otherwise.
        • What i can comment on this!!!, its simply perfect! great look on his face
        • I knew this was yours because of the comment you made on mine. You're right about the wax figure. It brings a historic figure into the present better than colorizing an old photo. (Great minds think alike?)

          Congrats on TWO trophies. Well done!
        • Congratulations Chili, so real. I don't know what our new self appointed critic means about the kids faces, they are in perspective and look great.
        • Great stuff, looks like a real photo of Abe.
          Congrats on the wood, Chili!
        • Congrats again Chili . . . Abe's making a comeback!
  • Bill Clinton on Bikini Patrol at the Beach

    Bill Clinton on Bikini Patrol at the Beach
        • nice even found a pic where the girl had a little more bounce to the ounce for Monica. I like it.
        • Again both were together, very funny LOL
        • One of my faves. Hillary's facial expression is just right for this situation.
  • Grover Cleveland a N.Y.C. Fireman

    Grover Cleveland a N.Y.C. Fireman
        • Nice merge, at first I was thinking Teddy Roosevelt.
        • hue and brightness are a little off, but awesome job otherwise.
        • Cleveland looking awesome in this job, its perfectly matched him great one
        • Really clever and the sad expression on his face is so right for this image.
  • American Politics in the Future

    American Politics in the Future
        • Funny! Great work with the lettering too.
        • Scientology Network!!!! it amazing great concept used here to represent in the polls
        • Thanks Steve, eric, raj and balodiya
  • Bill Clinton as Washington

    Bill Clinton as Washington
        • nice melding of the 2 faces with Washington's nose.
        • The facial expression and the down body is perfectly matching Good
        • Thanks ericnorthend and thank you
          Malcolmxy,thank you rajeshstar also
        • thanks geriatric glad you think so also, some didn't lol but thank you all that did and left me good comment i really appreciate it
        • This is good Picasso, all your hard word recently is paying off. Well done.
        • Thanks AzureSky it doesnt seem like it at times with some of the votes
        • Thanks NewsMaster too bad not everyone thought,
          Wish people could vote fairly
  • Walking Five Dollar Note

    Walking Five Dollar Note
        • the main subject is awesome. The rest is not, really.
        • this is perfect, great work on wall and the currency seen here well done
        • Wow! that was creative thinking very smart work done hidden.........
        • I am still trying to figure it all out. Really clever, modern thinking here.
  • Founding Fathers Knock Out Obama

    Founding Fathers Knock Out Obama
        • This looks great! One of my favorites in the contest.
        • What a freaking expression on obamas face. wonderful
        • 1st rule of office, don't talk about office.
        • Knock out!!! this will be listed in the President's diary
        • Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa


          big class is in project MeLeHem ^^

  • Obama the Last Hero

    Obama the Last Hero
        • Nice concept, type and merge could be better
        • Doesn't need the cape, he can just use his big ears to fly.
        • would have looked better if you didn't mess up the head so much. The lighting is really good, though.
        • Great Movie poster, like the tornodo behind and funny obama in superman attire
        • Very Well Executed Great concept and nicely done super obama
        • Merge is OK, the head is obviously a caricature Malcomxy
  • Johnson the Circus Master

    Johnson the Circus Master
        • masking, hue and saturation...needs work.
        • Good to watch the Lighting out there
        • I don't agree with our self appointed expert, this image is great, I think Lyndon John looks great!
  • Reagan Obama and Clinton Signing the Declaration Of Independence

    Reagan Obama and Clinton Signing the Declaration Of Independence
        • Very funny expression seen in Obama's face, not able to understand what Bill is reading
        • Very good, Mundo is on the way to 6,000!
  • George Bush Crossing the Delaware Eventually

    George Bush Crossing the Delaware Eventually
        • Great work, looks like a classical painting. nice lighting effect
        • dam anyone3 but him is a 10, bus nice work
  • Sergeant Obama on D-Day

    Sergeant Obama on D-Day
        • Nice concept the retouch is a little rough.
        • Yes I had to get it in before the deadline.
        • The skin tone, the background color and the uniform is perfectly matched here good work
        • detail: WWII flag was 48 stars... became 50 only as of 1960. Thus, Obama is American-born, without contest!

        • Obama the Gentleman Nice Color effects
        • General Pepper, I had enough trouble finding the flag badge, didn't think to remove a star. Don't agree that it is rough though kennyb.
  • Presidential Salad

    Presidential Salad
        • Fun chop...
          Clinton's white wig is cool!

        • I like that you added so many, but Carter, and a few others look freaky, and not in a good way.
        • LOL see the hairstyle and facial expression of Bush very funny and great work with the Flag and the golden bird nice like it
        • Bingo such a wonderful and great characters out there
        • Very good I love it, I don't think any of them look freaky.
  • The Peacemakers with Richard Nixon

    The Peacemakers with Richard Nixon
  • George Washington Playing with Photoshop

    George Washington Playing with Photoshop
        • skin tones don't match, but I love it anyway.
        • good to see this one pc is for chopping and another is to submit entry Ha ha LOL nice one
        • HA Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaa


          George in BC. 4.5 G

  • Washington Straightening Out Obama

    Washington Straightening Out Obama
        • OMG Fail... now what in next frame ha ha ha hit him
        • Haaaaaaaaaaaa



          DC. Groeg
  • Constitutional Presidents Obama and Clinton

    Constitutional Presidents Obama and Clinton
  • 70's Barack Obama in the White House

    70's Barack Obama in the White House
        • If it was racist it wouldn't be here, because we do care LoL
          ...but it is cool
        • Great noise effect, looks like a antique photograph
        • Racist? Nah...looks like a typical womanizing President.
        • well, it was supposed to look like a sh*tty polaroid, and it found itself near the back of a pretty unimpressive pack, so I'd say it was a massive failure on all fronts.
        • Removing the noise would have made it look more like a polaroid.
  • Abe Lincoln Guest Star in Star Trek Episode

    Abe Lincoln Guest Star in Star Trek Episode
        • its funny to see him in this episode very clever job
        • Who is the guy in the background, it doesn't look like Captain Kirk. I wondered if he was another president?
        • Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

          a haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

          at 900 year old of LIncorn hihihi
  • Tricky Dick Portrait

    Tricky Dick Portrait
  • Bill Clinton Meets Elvis

    Bill Clinton Meets Elvis
  • Bearded Meeting with Abe Lincoln

    Bearded Meeting with Abe Lincoln
        • Nice, this looks like some freaky organizations member
        • LOL good to see all the bearded members together
  • JFK at Yalta

    JFK at Yalta
  • George Washington Knitting

    George Washington Knitting
        • Haaaaaaaaaaaaaa hahahahahahaha

          deep seen nice tone of U

  • Reagan Singing

    Reagan Singing
  • Eisenhower the Astronaut

    Eisenhower the Astronaut
  • FDR Presidential Candidate 2012

    FDR Presidential Candidate 2012
        • That is a crazy miss-mosh, I'll give you that.
        • so cute doggy and like that pink tongue well done
        • HAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa


          My My uncle Luutwell to me ^^
  • Richard Nixon Caught by Wife

    Richard Nixon Caught by Wife
        • Not a bad concept, photomerge could be cleaner
        • good one, should have been better with the color-tone matching
  • Gerald Ford with a Ford

    Gerald Ford with a Ford
  • George W Clinton

    George W Clinton
        • Good work, better if you reduce some red color over the face, it would look so real
  • George W Bush Old Portrait

    George W Bush Old Portrait
34 image entries
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