US Presidential Seal
Contest Directions: Presidential hopeful Barack Obama spoked on Friday in Chicago from a podium which spotted a seal mimicking the U.S. presidential seal. The eagle on the seal had Obama's O campaign logo instead of a shield, and said in Latin "Vero possumus" (Yes we can), instead of classic "E pluribus unum" (Out of many, one). The seal also had Obama's web site address on it.
Design any seal mimicking U.S. Presidential seal. For example - think what seal famous companies, celebrities, politicians or even cartoon characters would have. Can we design it? Obama says "Vero possumus" (Yes we can).
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  • Bush Presidential Seal

    Bush Presidential Seal
  • Flying Pig Seal

    Flying Pig Seal
  • NSA Seal

    NSA Seal
  • U.S. Homeless Security Seal

    U.S. Homeless Security Seal
  • NSA Seal

    NSA Seal
  • CIA Seal

    CIA Seal
  • Oil Seal

    Oil Seal
  • US Progress Seal

    US Progress Seal
  • Seal for Endangered Species Rescue

    Seal for Endangered Species Rescue
  • Archer-Daniels-Midland Seal

    Archer-Daniels-Midland Seal
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This contest is fueled by the following news: Symbols of the President of the USA: The President of the USA has a personal seal with the image of the modified State Emblem. Initially, the stars in 3 rows (1885) were represented above the bald eagle and by 1895, the bald eagle held a motto ribbon in its beak on the seal of the President of the USA. On bronze colors an external ring of the press it is written: "THE SEAL of the PRESIDENT of the UNITED STATES" is mentioned on outer circle, having a tan field. The modern seal of the President was approved by President Harry Truman in 1945. For materials, refer to books by R.S.Patterson and R.Dugalla “Eagle and shield” (1976) The appearance of the emblem of The President was authorized by the Order (Executive Order) number 10860 dated February 5, 1960: “Chapter 1. Emblem of The President of the United States has the following look: SHIELD: It is divided by 13 white and red stripes and the head of the shield is blue. The shield is located on the chest of an American bald eagle clutching an olive branch in the right foot and a bundle of 13 natural color arrows in the other foot (NOTE: usually the arrows are of a white color); The bald eagle holds a ribbon in its beak and the ribbon has the motto "E PLURIBUS UNUM", done in black letters. CREST: Golden “Rays of glory”, 13 white clouds an eagle behind it and gold "glory beams", and a constellation made up of 13 silver stars are found above the bald eagle. The entire thing is surrounded by white stars in the form of a circle; one of the ends of each star is directed from the center of the design. The number of stars conforms to the number of stars in the canton of the flag of the USA and is established by Article 1 Chapter 4 of the Code of the USA. Article 2: The seal of the President of United States consists of an emblem surrounded by the words: “Seal of the President of the United States”. Article 3: The banner and flag of the President of the United States consists of a dark blue rectangular cloth, sizes and proportions of which conform to those accepted in military and naval rituals. (NOTE: traditionally 52 x 66 inches). It pictures the emblem of the President of the United States in a white color.

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  • Started: 6/26/2008 18:00
  • Ended: 6/29/2008 19:00
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